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Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Won???

Last night I had the Husband draw a name for the My Story Lifebook template give-away sponsored by Kristen. You know, so none of y'all could get mad at me... instead all you losers can turn your anger on HIM.

(Might I suggest - in today's comments - congratulations for the winner and creative ways to torture the Husband because he failed to pull out your name?)

This time I wasn't tacky - I actually PRINTED OUT your comments rather than scrawling names on small slips of paper. And I double-folded all of them so that the Husband couldn't cheat. Although actually there was no danger of that, seeing as how the Husband can't keep any of y'all straight anyways. I sometimes chat on the phone with three or four of my blogging buddies and he can't even remember THEIR names. (He's such an engineer.) Instead, he has nicknames for them. Lisa? Is "the Garlic woman." Marcie is "the heart lady." And another anonymous blog friend because I-am-not-sure-she-wants-everyone-to-know-her-home-state? Is "the one from Alabama."

(And Lisa? You should not in any way take offense with your nickname. Because the Husband calls garlic one of the four Goodness Ingredients. Just so you know.)

(And oh-anonymous-one... you actually have a new nickname now. I'm sure you can guess what it is. But it's still a surprise around here, so I'm not breathing a word of it for another 12 days.)

Anyways, here goes... photographic evidence that I cheated you if you lost and that I adore you if you won.

I promise yours is in there. Even if you can't see it.

Isn't this bowl just beautiful? Oh wait...
the drawing. Sorry, I got distracted.

Who is it? WHO won???

It's BCS from Lilacs in Bloom, an adoptive mom to two children
born in Haiti! Congratulations, BCS! (And can I just point out
that this is proof positive - yet again - that I love Canadians.)

BCS, send me an email so that I can connect you with Kristen. Then my part in this will be done, and Kristen can take over. Congratulations again!


Jamey... said...

Hmmm, I'm still stuck in the second sentence where you call us all "losers". I'm trying to decide if you mean --those who didn't win-- or if you're name calling because you think that we have anger issues that we're just dying to take out on your husband...

Jamey... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Byrd's Nest said...

Great job hubby!!!! Yay for the winner!!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

HOORAY!! Congrats to Kristen:)

No offense taken on my nickname.... I think I love garlic as much as he does, so I actually kind of like the name. I have had one or two nicknames that really were not funny....one imparticular that started in junior high. One of those bad moments that everyone happened to witness and it stuck with me. I still have a few friends that bring it up on occasion. It is kind of funny now, but not at the time.

Hope you have a great weekend~


harding swing said...

Congratulations to Lisa! And my, doesn't your DH have a hairy hand? Guess we know it wasn't really you pulling the winner out, huh, TM? :) :) :)

Now on to do my DD's life book, which should have been started 5 years ago.

and to pester your Alabama blogger (cause I know who she is) to see what surprise she has coming in 12 days!!

Jboo said...

Oh wow -- great giveaway -- sorry I missed getting in on it as I KNOW he would have picked my name, right Mr. T???

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Sharie said...

I saw my name in there. I guess I'll have to look Kristen up on my own - but a mom with two certainly needs help more than I do:)
Only 12 more weeks of school WHOO HOO!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Gosh TM, you make me laugh! Between calling people losers and your husband being an engineer, (Seriously? mine too...they live in a world of their own don't they?), and then proclaiming your love for Canadians!

Well we sure love you too!
Jill :)

Carla said...


So...how to torture your Dh since he didn't draw MY name...hmmm....so many ideas. ;)

Learning Together at Home said...

Canadians? Well what's not to love. ;) Congratulations to my fellow Canadian winner - makes the loser comment a tad sweeter. LOL! Great give away TM.

Kristen Fitzgerald said...

Congrats to the lucky winner, BCS!
I look forward to working with you.
Thanks so much to Tonggu Momma for hosting this little giveaway! Have a great weekend everybody!

BSC said...

I just came back from a weekend camping trip and found out I won. Thanks so much!!! Wahoo.