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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Help Tonggu Grammy!

Just a quick Saturday post asking for some help... my momma is heading up Vacation Bible School at her church this summer. You know, because she is crazy and loves to over-commit herself. Oh, and yeah, she also loves the Lord, and all that jazz. Blah, blah, blah.

(Oh, and Jesus? I totally meant no disrespect by that. Love you!)

The church's mission this year is for the Vacation Bible School's coin drive to bring in enough money to build a well near an Ethiopian orphanage bursting at the seams, and with no easy access to water. The well will not only supply water for their drinking and cooking needs, but also provide water for the many loads of wash created by a large children population.

Now, y'all know how my momma likes to Do Authentic. It can't be cheesy.

Only she will be doing cheesy in a couple of weeks if she doesn't receive some help from one of you. She needs the lyrics to Jesus Loves Me in Amharic, as well as any possible authentic Ethiopian children's games or folk tales. But most especially the words to Jesus Loves Me in Amharic. Anyone know anything? Anything at all? Or does anyone know someone else who knows them? Anyone at all? Please! help! her!

I think she'll have a heart attack if she doesn't manage to pull this off. Not that you need to feel guilty or anything if you can't help. Of course not. She'll just be lying there, prostrate on the ground, cringing in fear at the thought of teaching young, impressionable children some tacky, stereotypical, white version of whatever.

But no need to feel guilty. After all, she'll be dead anyway. From guilt. And horror. But she'll be dead.

So she won't feel a thing.


bbmomof2boys said...

YouTube link - all I had to to search for! Good luck TG!!



Tonggu Grammy said...

OK, so here are my woes. I tried searching on the internet AND even went to some translation services. 2 hours later my hubby finished deleting renegade files that had been placed in MY computer. It wasn't pretty! Anyway, no Amharic translation was available.

Carla, I just tried to access that site and it said the video is no longer available. This is NOT the first time in recent days something similar has happened.

I NEED Ethiopian people! Somebody help!

TM is correct. I will not live through singing something unauthentic even if I'm not the director of the whole VBS ---- only the mission portion of it.

Dawn said...

Contact the Ethiopian embassy - they'd probably help. We've contacted various embassies in the past for school-related projects and most people are proud of their country/heritage and happy to help.

Mamatini said...

Tonggu Grammy, I emailed a friend, but she worked the night shift last night, and it may be a while before she wakes up...

Dana @AdoptionJourney said...

You're cracking me up. I read your blog and find myself wanting to sound like you. But I'm just not quite as spunky and I don't wear my southern accent as proudly.

lin said...

Hi, the only thing I can think of is someone's blog, and she's adopted 4 kids from Ethiopia, including 2 older girls. If you're really desperate they may be able to help?

Chandra said...

My daughter is very involved in the Ethiopian community in out area, according to her sources you won't find anything appopriate for VBS. One suggestion was Amharickids.com .

LucisMomma said...

I would contact the Wycliffe folks--the ones who do Bible translations all over the world.


now going to watch Carla (mom2 boys)'s youtube selection. :)

LucisMomma said...

bbmomof2boys, You ROCK! Seriously.

cw said...

I just posted the request to the big Ethiopia Adoption yahoo group. If anyone has them someone there will- I will let you know what I find

Tonggu Grammy said...

Thanks, everyone, for your efforts! I tried sending out emails and comments to some of those that were suggested to me. I'm waiting, albeit impatiently. I am definitely loving this caring online community!!!!

prechrswife said...

Posted a comment earlier, but I don't think it took. I passed the link on to an old college friend who is a pastor and has a son from Ethiopia.

Carla said...

Okay, Carla's link from the first comment worked for me...hmmm....wonder how I can get it to Tonggu Grammy

Laura Lee said...

I have nothing helpful to add... but my heart has been warmed seeing strangers help each other spread the good news, in every language this is lovely. Hope you find everything you need!

Claudia said...

I know the lyrics in Ekegusii (a Kenyan language). Close enough, right? (JOKING! About the geography. I really do know those lyrics)

When you find them (as I'm sure you will) can you post them on your blog? Because they will TOTALLY to into our bedtime routine :) I can tell you that Jesus is Yesus. Helpful, no?

Mia_h_n said...

TM, you kill me!! :) But don't feel guilty ;)

I don't even know what Amharic is, even though I think I can guess, so I'm no help at all on this one.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Watched a great youtube video of a child singing Jesus Loves Me but I can't figure out the words in that length of time.

LucisMomma, I sent off an email to Wycliff. Why didn't I think of that? Dawn, I'm going to try the embassy tomorrow.

Thanks to all for the suggestions. Maybe by this time next week I'll have the words AND be able to sing them.

Aus said...

I'm really glad someone(s) helped you out - this kind of community really does rock! If all of that doesn't work - contact your local major University - I'm sure they'll have someone on staff that can help you out - I use UC all the time in my work, mostly for middle eastern languages - but haven't had them fail me yet!

Oh - and TM - please quit twisting the knife - it hurts! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Woohoo! Got them! Wycliffe Bible Translators found someone who had once had the words written on the wall of their home and used to sing to their fussy babies. The couple NEVER heard it sung in a church in Ethiopia. I feel so blessed to have found them! Now I'm going to try to decipher their attempt at phonetic spelling for me since Amharic doesn't even use our letter characters and the sounds are VERY different. Please pray for my efforts.