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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pouty Plies

When y'all are catering to your husband's every need on Father's Day, please say a prayer for Tonggu Daddy. Because 1) he has the notoriously unsentimental Tonggu Momma for a wife and because 2) our former favorite dance studio scheduled the Tongginator's dance recital for Father's Day afternoon.

Can you believe that?!!?!?

Poor, poor Tonggu Daddy, sitting through two hours of torture for just six minutes of fatherly pride on the one holiday dedicated solely to daddies. Especially since the World Cup continues this weekend. And Tonggu Daddy is a huge fan. Alas, he will be watching gaudy sequins shimmy when all he really wants to do is watch Italy versus the All Blacks.

(We're big fans of the Kiwis.)

Things might feel easier if just one member of the family felt thrilled about the dance recital. But no one does. Actually, that's not fair... the Tongginator is so! very! excited! about her dance recital, but not for the reason y'all might expect. Goodbye Cha-Cha Girl who kept the audience in stitches last year; hello blase first grader who constantly moans "ballet is BORE-ing! When is it OH-ver, Momma?" Stab your mother in the heart, why don't you, Tongginator?

(I may be a klutz, y'all, but I danced my way through childhood.)

(And quit yer laughing. I didn't say I danced WELL; I just said I danced.)

The Tongginator will no longer be dancing after this weekend. I promised her that the Absolute Last Time she must ronde de jambe and pliƩ is during said dance recital. Mean momma that I am, I made her stick it out through the end of the year, but this is it. It's all over after this. Sniff. During the dress rehearsal, the Tongginator actually POUTED while perfectly executing the dance steps in her routine. I suspect she will cheer during Sunday's curtain call.

But the Tongginator is obviously not a mini-me.

And - for whatever reason - the girl has no taste dislikes ballet and tap.

So there it is. This is the absolute last time I'll see Absolute Cuteness on stage. I seriously don't know if I can take it, but I shall endeavor to hide my broken heart from the Tongginator, and to embrace her new True Love. Which is Girl Scouts.

Which means camping.

Which means bugs.

Which means Tonggu Momma secretly ain't happy.

But the Tongginator is. Of course. Because there's no ronde de jambe-ing in the woods. Or in a tent. Or with the bugs.


(In other news... if your name is Gwen, I wrote you a really long response, but it keeps bouncing back, saying that your email address is invalid. Can you contact me again?)

(And still other news, y'all... watch The View this morning, even if - like me - you usually don't. Because one of my fellow writers from Grown in My Heart, Kristen Howerton, is gonna be on the show today.)


bbmomof2boys said...

We have a double header baseball game starting at noon on Sunday but I guess baseball isn't quite as bad as a dance recital! BUT I did tell the guy who scheduled it that he should have started later as people do like to go to church!

I'm sure TD won't mind seeing his princess dance though I'm sure he groaned inside just a tad...


Mia_h_n said...

I'm sorry you'll have to live without Tongginator ballet in your life ;)
I don't see anything mean in making her stick it out for the year/season. It doesn't hurt to learn that if you've made a commitment you can't just quit - and sometimes in life you have to do stuff that's BOREing! :)

I'm curious to see if she'll make you love bugs ;p

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

seriously who decided on a recital for Father's Day?!! YIKES! But, I am sure it will be lovely! So sad your girl isn't going back to dance. We went to our niece's recital last weekend and loved it.

And, the Tongginator's costume is so cute.



Tonggu Grammy said...

Oh, she'll be on stage in the future --- just not performing ballet. And her love of Girl Scouts comes BEFORE she has experienced camping without amenities. I suspect that she'll discover that she likes Girl Scouts, badges, activities and NOT camping in the woods with bugs and a smelly bathroom. TM, did you forget about THAT part of it?

Aus said...

I'm sure that TD will LOVE seeing his princess on the stage (we secretly do!!)

And scouting is GREAT -

But hey - our Brianna was actually invited to join the competition dance team and turned it down - she dances because it's fun! I'm good with that!

And finally for T - dance like no one can see you - sing like no one can hear - and love life doing what ever it is you love best!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

At least she hasn't decided she wants to take up figure skating. My mother could tell you all about huddling in a wool coat in a freezing cold ice rink to watch your daughters trip and stumble - er, I mean glide and leap - across the ice. She knit a LOT of sweaters during those years - knitting was the only thing that kept her hands warm!

So of course I'm going to introduce my daughters to it as soon as possible. Naturally. We should all share in our mothers' pain, right? Maybe someday the Tongginator will be moaning over having to go on a Girl Scout trip with HER daughter, and you can secretly rub your hands and cackle in glee.

Yep, I'm all about sharing.

Love Letters To China said...

Your daughter sounds just like mine regarding ballet/tap/jazz. I couldn't stand hearing her complain about the boredom every single time she would get ready for practice. She told me she hated it and didn't want to dance anymore. Well everything seemed to changed once the recital came and went. Now she wants to only take ballet lessons... no tap/jazz. Hopefully this attitude will continue when classes start in the fall. I too made her continue until the end. No quitting after I had to spend way too much money on costumes for the recital! ;-)

Kristin said...

My girls have mentioned Girl Scouts but I am not into creepy crawly little things that live in the great outdoors. Nor not having showers, etc. Yuck.

So....I told them we didn't have time for that plus soccer. Whew. Of course, they aren't signed up for soccer yet either. Hopefully this fall!

Enjoy the recital. Anna Grace didn't make it to the recital when she took ballet. She couldn't follow directions from her teacher so I yanked her from class after 6 months. Shocking, huh?

Football & Fried Rice said...

I have a feeling she will be BEGGIING to go back! moves like that? Cute outfits and all? How can she NOT do dance!?!?! Maybe that's me. *I* want to dance too. The little one? Not so much :)

And maybe you will embrace your love for camping somewhere along the way (in the form of an RV anyone?)

Suzy said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! HA! Camping!!!! Please handle this with more dignity than I did. Mommies throwing hissy fits are not just a bad example. They are a tad embarrassing after they are over. Camping! (snicker, snicker, SNORT!) Try to make some really gooood friends with other scout mommas. Camping is much more bearable with friends.

blackbelt said...

Our son, like his father, loves being outdoors and looking for bugs. His fascination with bugs is endless. His current obsession is TARANTULAS. He says they make excellent pets. Huh. For OTHER people.

Misty said...

yep, my man is all over the world cup as well. we visited our FIRST!COMMUNITY!GROUP! last night and the hosts had two little girls and i thought i saw my dh twinging a little for a bit o' pink in his life, but alas, after one girly meltdown he leans over and whispers i'm so glad we don't have to deal with THAT. heh. who're we kidding? my eldest is just as likely to don tap shoes as any girl i know!!

Myrnie said...

A dance recital on FATHER'S DAY?? I'll bet they scheduled THAT one without consulting a calendar first, eh? Bummer :(

Gwen said...

Good luck with Girl Scouts! Maybe she will decide (like many of us) that camping is way overrated!

P.S. I DID get your email (it came thru three times) so I don't know what's up. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

The Hickels said...

Not all of Girl Scouts is bugs and camping without amenities....it all depends on your troop. My eldest has been in a troop for 1.5 years and has only been camping for 1 night of it. There's lots of other fun stuff in scouting--crafts, projects, etc. Hang in there, TM! I am totally not into bugs and camping either.

autumnesf said...

I'm surprised you havent gone in for gymnastics with all the whirling/twirling and swinging going on. I keep meaning to try and find a class for MM. But we do the GS...and its fun. I was not a scout growing up so I am surprised at how much fun I always end up having. Even with the camping.

Sharie said...

We had recital last weekend. Amelia wanted to quit dance in March. I said wait a week - she still wanted to quit - I took her in and made her tell the owner (last year's teacher) herself, during her class thinking that once she saw her friends she'd change her mind - no dice.
Charlie gave her another week to think about it...FINALLY her idol, her cousin Katie talked her into going 2 weeks in a row - then she liked it again. Recital was to be her last time dancing too - then on the way home, "I want to keep doing dance." The girl can't give up the glory of the stage! Personally I'd LOVE for her to give up dance - I never did it (I was a Girl Scout 1st - 8th grade give me bugs and bats) and wanted to sit by my friend's husband who was watching a movie on his iPod...but alas Amelia realized there is a lot of ballet in gymnastics;)
Besides, recital is fun - despite the fact that when she wanted to leave rehearsal she screamed, "I hate dance, I hate the costumes, I hate the music and I HATE the stage!" This was less than an hour after her routine when she came off the stage yelling, "That was great!" ARGH!
I guess what I'm saying is, perhaps the Tongginator won't be able to give up the fame either.

happygeek said...

Well, a butterfly has to be out in her natural environment.

Christina said...

Awh so bittersweet! You never know, she may go back to it!

Jboo said...

Enjoy the recital!! Maybe she'd like hip hop!?! Have a great weekend!


Shawnstribe said...

poor TD:)
Happy Daddy's day
good to catch up

Annie said...

I was a dancer too - for a long time!!! I have waited til the girls begged to take, sooooo... They had their very first lesson Thursday!!! So cute!! I will post about it when I can. In the meantime, GIRLSCOUTS!!!!!! Really?? I don't do bugs well!!! Good for you for keeping quiet and embracing the bug!!!! HeHe!!!

Janet said...

Sarah HATED ballet too. She said it was TOO slow and TOO boring. So she took ONE YEAR, hating every minute. Then it was on to swimming. She has now settled down into piano, etc. I might put Jeane into dance. She seems to be the only person in our family with a semblance of grace. ;-)

Patty O. said...

That's crazy that they would schedule a recital on Father's Day. And I'm with you on the camping. So not a fan.

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, that little slide show up there? A-DOR-able!!

I'm sorry you'll be replacing ballet with...bug spray, but....you're a nice mama to let her switch. ;-)

CC said...

I'll miss all that dancing cuteness!

Kelley said...

Well, TM, you never know what life has in store. Maybe after a horrific camping trip with BUGS, the Tongginator will decide that dance wasn't so bad after all.

Oh how you make me laugh, the way you tell your stories!

And ONE DAY, you may have another little girl who will briefly indulge your dancing dreams...who knows? :)