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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Wasn't a Luau

So y'all would think that the Tongginator's last two days of kindergarten would be super low-key, right? Umm... no. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Take yesterday for example: I drove the Tongginator to school. I drove her home. And I didn't actually leave school all day.

So what kept me so busy?

We had a party. Er... I mean a Culture Day. A CULTURE DAY! Because we aren't allowed to have classroom parties in our school district. So if Random School Board Member or Administrator just happens to read this blog, be aware that yesterday was a Day Of Cultural Learning. We had a luau learned about Hawaiian culture. Actually, the children really did learn a bit about Hawaiian culture - REAL Hawaiian culture - but only because my momma stopped in for another one of her famous guest teacher days.

Despite all attempts to thwart, Tonggu Grammy managed to shove some True Culture into our little luau Hawaiian Culture Day.

She taught them the Hawaiian alphabet.

She taught them to sing several Hawaiian songs, as well
as the Polynesian song "ipo i tai tai ye" that every Hawaiian
child knows. (And yes, those hand motions go with the song.)

She even danced alongside them during that humiliating
myna bird song that I can't remember the name of. AND
she played the ipu (a gourd drum) and the pūʻili (split bamboo
rhythm sticks) for them while she sang. She's a saint!

We, on the other hand, embraced the Tourist Culture of Waikiki. Because we could. And because this was a party Hawaiian Culture Day. The children made tiki totems. (I know, I know.) And they tasted several Hawaiian inspired foods... you know, canned pineapple (did y'all know that FRESH SEMI-FRESH pineapple costs almost $8 on the east coast???), taro chips, sweet bread, banana chips and coconut sorbet. Completely authentic foods. Heh. Well, at least they marked their tasting charts as ono (delicious) or 'a'ole, mahalo (no, thank you). And yes, the children kept using ono to mean "I didn't like it" as in "Oh! No!"

Actually, the momma in charge of the food called last week to ask me for some realistic, yet authentic snack ideas. I gave her two... but she nixed them. *sob* Can y'all guess what I suggested?

*insert long dramatic pause*

Poi. And Spam. The momma didn't think those were very good ideas, especially the Spam. You know, considering the fact that there are two Jewish children in the Tongginator's class. Oops. My bad.

We also played the ever popular Tacky Tourist Relay. Because really... what else says Last Day of School more than this?

The Tongginator loaded down for the relay.

This little guy took a bit of a tumble in his rush to win the
race. (He's the younger brother of this little gal, so it was
wonderful to seem him grinning from ear to ear yesterday.)

Even Ms. Confetti got in on the action.

A Klassy look for one Classy Lady. Thank you, Ms. Confetti, for a wonderful year. You've spoiled us... I know the Tongginator will never again have a teacher like you.

I mean, just look at how well you rock that grass skirt.


Aus said...

Wow - mahalo for that post! I've had the blessing to work with a number of guys and gals from the Islands (well - OK - they are with NCIS so they really aren't natives, but still are assimilated into the culture!) It's a cool place in the world!

and glad to see how much fun the kids had!

hugs - aus and co.

Kim K. said...

What an awesome way to end the school year. PS. Your mom rocks BIG time.

happygeek said...

No classroom parties? Your school board sounds like such a happy bunch. What's next? No smiling between 8 and 4?
Looks like y'all had fun anyway.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Grammy is fantastic! Sounds like a great day even though there are "no classroom parties"! Why not? Party poopers!


Cheri said...

I agree, what a way to end a memorable year! The Tonginator is going to miss Ms. Confetti. You, your mom and Ms. Confetti make a great team for the Tonginator! :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Yes, Mahalo! The end to a fabulous year with Ms. Confetti! I am sure she'll miss y'all as much as you'll miss her ;)

Hmm...Waikiki Beach...here I come!!!

Anne said...

Fun, schmun! Education schmeducation! What is up with that nasty brown excuse for grass at Miss T's school? It's only June -- it can't have burnt yet!

Jboo said...

Fun!! Gotta love those culture days! :)


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Not a party. Got it. We have similar rules but it's supposedly in place for nutritional reasons (Only x # of parties/times you are allowed to eat off the "approved" foods list.) [sigh] politicians.

On another note: You really are gonna miss Ms. C! Those wonderful teachers truly are blessings!

Rhonda said...

Ms Confetti is a rock star...but your mom, your mom is a superstar!

Erica said...

Spam has quite the cult following in many Asian cultures (and cuisines), at least ones that the US has occupied:( It's embarrassing that this is our food legacy in some of these countries--meat in a can that never rots. What could go wrong with that?

You should see what the Koreans do with it...

The Source said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I wasn't surprised by the "no parties" rule, but down here they wouldn't have been allowed to eat the pineapple. Unless it was purchased and served to them in individually wrapped single servings. No foods that aren't factory sealed upon presenting to the children. That includes cute homemade cupcakes and big bags of chips. Things were a lot more fun 15 years ago when the oldest was in kindergarten.

Love Letters To China said...

Oh Kindergarten is so much fun! My daughter really had a hard time transitioning this past year into 1st grade. She was blessed with a wonderful teach too and missed her way of teaching. She would make learning fun without them even knowing it was being taught. It sounds like you have one amazing momma! Happy summer vacation to you...

Annie said...

Your Mom is just too cool!!! Love the pic of the little brother! I am so very glad he was able to enjoy the day.

prechrswife said...

Looks like a great end to a great school year!

Kristi said...

What a crazy ~ and fun day! I'm quite sure my very favorite part was the tacky tourist relay. I'll have to remember that one someday, hopefully I'll have a chance to use it!
And about the spam? Oy vei...

Amy said...

Tonggu Grammy can teach about First Nations AND do the hula? Tonggu Grammy rocks!! That is awesome:)

Canada to China and back! said...

What a great Part.....ahem "cultural day" :0) The end of year can be so fun, yet so very exhausting for us Mama bears!

Jennifer LB said...

You might want to pass on this website to your neighbor's. It's a foundation for pediatric cancer called Mira's Movement (named after my friend's daughter who died).



Briana's Mom said...

What a great party! Um, I mean, culture day - sorry about that. I love the tacky tourist relay - that is hilarious!

Nicole said...

HAHAHA! I forgot how popular Spam is in Hawaii! Why is that, I wonder?

Chris said...

I *love* your mom!!!

Is she for hire???? lol

We could benefit from a Hawaiian Culture Day in our neck of the woods!


La-La-Liene said...

Looks like the day was great. Seriously??? $8 for pineapple on the East coast? We can go to Sam's Club or Costco and get a whole pineapple for $3.00.

I would so love to get to Hawaii one of these days.

Sharie said...

Seriously - if I ever loose my job we are moving into your basement and Amelia is going to school with T - I don't care if she has to skip a grade - in your area she'd be in 1st Grade anyway:)
I can't imagine how fun that was for the kids - and Amelia would have ono for all those foods!

3 Peanuts said...

Ms, Confetti is so cute but seriously how adorable is Tongggu Grammy? Love her.

Chandra said...

Looks like fun!!! I didn't know spam was popular in Hawaii...learn something new every day :) but, why would you serve it???
We've got that silly rule about parties too. And I think someone else mentioned food that isn't pre-packaged, we've got that too. Of course one of my daughters is severely allergic to some foods, guess the rule is for her :) So now, they've just done away with school the day before any holiday...can you believe it?!?

Andrea said...

A mumu and all! Your mom rocks. I wish we could have taken our vacation to Hawaii instead of the "cultural" education our girls got in Orlando. Somehow I don't think Small World would fit your school board's definition of educational. ;-)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Thanks, y'all! Especially Jennifer... thanks so very much for that link. It will be passed on, definitely.