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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tongginator's Top 10

Despite the Never-Ending Sickness, I've been able to get out and about this week, which feels wonderful after way! too! long! sitting on the couch. Yesterday I saw the new momma who just adopted from Ethiopia... thanks y'all so much for your many, many wise words of wisdom. And yes, I think this may be the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. And no, I won't share much because this momma deserves her story to remain her story unless and until she is ready to share it.

But I would appreciate any of y'all who are the praying sort to pray for this family.

They really need prayer right now.

On another note, I was also able to spend every afternoon this week in the Tongginator's classroom. Which felt really, really nice after a two-week sickness hiatus. Especially since *rubbing hands with glee* this week's assigned activity involved me acting as secretary during the little munchkins' top 10 lists... you know, favorite food, favorite movie, favorite thing to do with mom and dad. Fun, FUN stuff.

Because we all know kindergartners are a riot.

Their answers were as typical and as unique as we would expect. When asked their favorite parts of kindergarten, the vast majority said "center time" or "recess," but two managed to go against the flow with their answers of "learning" and "math."

And no, the Tongginator didn't say either of those.

Because my social butterfly is all about flitting from person to person, chatting it up.

As I'm sure you already guessed.

While recording their answers, I discovered that Ms. Confetti's classroom housed two future race car drivers, two singers, one dolphin trainer, a cowgirl and a ballerina teacher, just to name a few. I also heard from one child who first announced he wanted to be "a snow man" when he grew up, but later recanted to say "I meant space man... SPACE man." I also listened as one boy confessed, "I want to be a cop, but my parents are afraid I'll get shot." But my favorite? Was a little gal who wants to be a vegetarian when she grows up.

You know, one who takes care of dogs and cats and stuff.

Like a doctor, but for animals.

A vegetarian.

When it came to "favorite things to do with your friends," their answers ran the gamut, with my personal faves being one child's "find caterpillars" and another girl's answer of "chase boys." Thankfully, that answer also did NOT belong to the Tongginator.

(And here's where her daddy says "whew!")

I also learned through these lists that the Tongginator and her little friend Kernel are not the only children with ties to the Asian-American community. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but six-year-old Kernel, who looks totally and completely Caucasian, is actually one-quarter Japanese-American. And yesterday I learned that another Caucasian student in Ms. Confetti's class has an uncle who is Chinese-American and several cousins who are, therefore, biracial.

Just an interesting side-note...

As for the Tongginator's answers during this little activity, they didn't cause even a chuckle. Probably because I pretty much guessed what she would say even before she shared them. Well, except for that last answer. Because I was totally expecting her to say Giada or Jeopardy! on that one.

Only it didn't happen.

Shocking, I know.


Kim said...

Kids are hilarious when it comes to talking about favorite this or that or what they want to be when they grow up.

Your top 10 is only top 8 though *tease* ;)

Aus said...

Yeah - what Kim said - you cheated us two!

As for the budding cop in the class - I won't belittle his parents concerns...but then again....he's (or she) is at greater risk getting in the car for the ride home!

And Dora - well - while you could do worse....still....the music, the backpack - and.the.MAP....ugh

hugs - (did you ever notice that ugh is hug spelled sideways?)

aus and co.

Kelley said...

Gotta love it!

bbmomof2boys said...

ummm...those are pretty normal...wonder what the other 2 say??


jen@odbt said...

I love that rainbow is a color!

Briana's Mom said...

How did I know T wanted to be a jeweler when she grew up? Ha! I'm afraid Briana would have said "when boys chase me." She always talks about a little boy (Ethan) chasing her on the playground. Sigh.

I like that her favorite color is rainbow. Perfect for jeweler.

I really laughed at the vegetarian answer!

Aunt LoLo said...


Do you remember...about 13 years ago, there was a commercial...it had a typical "ditzy blond", and she sat in front of the camera saying "And I don't eat meat...'cause I'm a Vet'renarian."


Eastiopians said...

So funny and cute. I am a SAHM with my girls, and Eva is 4. I should probably ask her these things so that I can remember this time in her life. I love the idea. I will go see what she says and post on my blog. Thank you for such a fun idea!

Buckeroomama said...

Rainbow is J's favorite color, too!

I just did a similar thing with J (inspired by this post!)... which I'll post next week. Heh.

Janet said...

Which is JUST why I loved it when I taught Sunday school to the four and five year olds. They are hilarious!

Patricia/NYC said...

A jeweler!?!? That cracked me up!!
I LOVE these exercises with 5 & 6 year olds!! Soooo funny, yet so very precious too!

Misty said...

i love that T loves foodnetwork! and jeopardy! :) and a jeweler. of course!!! i can't wait til my boys are older so i can hear what they might say for these questions!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

too cute! Kyler's kindergarten class did a mother's day book. They had to tell about their mom: age, size, favorite thing to do, favorite food, what she does, etc. Then, the class' answers were made into a book and distributed. it was hilarious!! I was 50 (?) years old but weighed 70 (?) pounds, so I couldn't be too mad! : ) Treasure those mementos, because soon enough, they lose that zest, that spunk. . .Maybe they don't lose it, but it appears much less frequently. . .[sigh]

Christina said...

I love that her favorite color is "Rainbow"! Too funny! I might steal this questionnaire to ask my kids for their blog!

Sharie said...

I am surprised she didn't say Oprah;)

Wendy said...

Don't you just love these? I am thinking about writing a book with all the hilarious slips of the tongue my students (first grade)make. Among my favorites this year: I was confidently told that November 11 was "Vegetarian's Day." Later in the year, while we were recording daily temperatures, one student proudly told me it was "28 degrees ferret height", and just this morning, my own kindergartner reminded me that "walking is good extrasize."

Tiffany said...

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and for your comment!!!!

Annie said...

I just love it when the teachers ask them questions like this!! It is just so cute and interesting and funny - except when they make me "a lot of years" old!! Hehe!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Must avoid the caterpillar child, but I can take the future vegetarian under my wing :-)

Suzy said...

I used to work with children, and one little darling was telling me about his weekend. He'd been on a trip to see Russell Bill, and I thought, "Oh. MY. THAT is a country name if ever I heard one." He went on to mention something about the Russell Bill Wal Mart, and I figured out he was talking about a town, Russellville.

Dita said...

Belly laughing, as usual!
Because of Winn Dixie? I'll have to rent that one!