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Monday, May 17, 2010

Favorite Adoption Songs

A couple of months ago, Kim K. won my little Guess When The Pile Of Snowy What-Not Will Melt contest, so I sent her a small gift, including a music gift filled with favorite songs that are getting us through this marathon wait to adopt from China (it will be four years next month - gasp).

One of my all-time favorites isn't very well known, since it's kinda difficult to find in the states, but I absolutely love the song 寶貝(Bao Bei) by Taiwanese Indy artist 張懸 (Deserts Chang) from her My Life Will... album. I first heard it about two years ago while watching an adoption video created by a family who adopted from Taiwan. And I totally contacted the blogger to find out more info, then tracked down a place that sold the CD. Because I fell in love with this song. I mean, it's a childrens lullaby, sung beautifully and in Mandarin... what's not to love?

(You can find this song on I-Tunes by searching "Deserts Xuan." And no, I've not been paid to say that.)

To learn more of my favorite adoption songs as well as other popular choices, most of them not China-specific, check out my post Favorite Adoption Songs at the group adoption blog Grown In My Heart. And I just might send a little music gift to a random commenter who shares his or her favorite adoption song that didn't make my list.

Cuz we've still got a long ways to go in our wait.

And music always helps.


heather said...

That song is beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing it and your list. Can't wait to check them out (a lot of them are new to me)!!

Denise said...

Great list over there! Thanks for sharing. A song I just found, though not really about adoption , is Let Me Love You by Third Day. Obviously it is about God wanted us to love Him, but I so identified with the adoption correlation. After all our children go through, sometimes they have a difficult time trusting that our love is for real. Happy Monday~

Denise said...

You got me thinking and I ran over to my adoption list on my I Pod. And again this song is not about adoption, but I listened to it a lot while waiting. He Gave Me You by Sierra "A miracle is what His love will do...He gave me you." And my other favorite is He Knows My Name...version by Tommy Walker. Ok, need to clean house...now!

Tonggu Grammy said...

This is beautiful and I'm going to itunes to download for my new ipod given to me by my wonderful children and grandchildren. Wonder who that could be?????

Laurie said...

It's not specifically adoption related, but I LOVE the Michael Card song, "Sunrise of Your Smile." I posted the lyrics on my blog nearly two years ago - http://babystepstohannah.blogspot.com/2008/05/14-months-yesterday.html . Turned out, that was my girl's birthday.

Patricia/NYC said...

Wow!!! What a BEAUTIFUL song!! And what a lovely voice she has!! I MUST get this song!! LOVE IT!!

Thanks for sharing, TM!!

Heather of the EO said...

Once again, you are such a great resource. Thank you for sharing the tidbits that buoy people along in their journey.

Stefanie said...

Great list!! Wow!!
My ABSOLUTE favorite, shared with me by our mutual buddy Lisa from the old Motherlode, is 'I Belong' by Kathryn Scott.
It's based on Romans 8:38-39...

Holly said...

I used to have a list of songs that made me think of our adoption experiences. But in a fit of despair and depression one day, I got rid of them all and my memory is shaky and I don't know all of the names or artists anymore.
One that I still can NOT listen to without weeping is Broken Road by Rascal Flatts (sp?). It was written for a lover, but it is very applicable from the viewpoint of an adopted child as well.
Also, Selah's new song..Unredeemed.
Again, not what you might consider an adoption song, but perfect, in my opinion, nonetheless.

Andrea said...

Our favorite album that filled our hotel room in China was Slugs Bugs & Lullabies by Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame (also adoptive parent). The song Beautiful Girl is my favorite, but LeighAnna sings Bears at the zoo still.

And more favorites:
-Dancing with Orphans by Danny Oertli
-This Good Day by Fernando Ortega
-I Can't Wait by Sara Groves (from Station Wagon)
-Little Girl and Coming Home by Nathan Clark George

And of course, Merry Christmas by Third Day that describes their wait for their daughter in China taking so long.

Kris said...

i have always said that music frames the chapters of my life. thanks for sharing this gem.

here is a list of some of my faves that i listened to while waiting (not so typical really):

Wonder (Natalie Merchant)
Show You Love (Jars of Clay)
China (Chris Holmes, no, not at all what you think)
Something About You (Five for Fighting)
Stolen (Dashboard Confessional)
It Looks Like Love (Josh Rouse)
Heaven (Live)
Hanging By A Moment (Lifehouse)
Love & Some Verses (Iron and Wine)

Leah said...

Great song. My favorite is Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks.

Mom2Four said...

Ok, since you already have SCC's "When Love Takes You In" on your list, I'll have to add these two:
Celine Dion "Because You Loved Me" and
"Somewhere Out There" from the movie An American Tail. This was the song that came to my mind as I held my DD on the night of her birthday looking up into the sky. It made me think of the mom's waiting for their little ones as well as the mom's who had given up their little ones.

American Family said...

I love that song. It doesn't hurt that I could *almost* understand enough of the words to figure out what it means. I found a link with english and pinyin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rgm_N1qRCQQ

My favorite songs that remind me of adoption are Lullabye by the Dixie Chicks, Calico Skies by Paul McCartney and You Can't Hurry Love by Diana Ross.

Anonymous said...

I really identify with one of Skye Hardwick's selections, "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman. It's such a beautiful song.

Summer said...

This list is great! Love them all! You must must listen to Jared Rehberg if you want to hear some of the most incredible adoption songs out there. Jared is an adult Vietnamese adoptee. He is an incredible storyteller who puts his struggles with adoption into beautiful folk songs. I especially like his tune "Somewhere in the Middle" because it shares his struggle with race and identity but also celebrates the beautiful relationship he has with his adoptive parents. He has released two albums (which are available on itunes) and many of his song are about adoption, Vietnam, birthfamilies, and the struggle of not knowing much about your past. I think his music will be a great resource to my children as they grow up and deal with these issues as well.

Danyelle said...

Fabulous list! This is just what I have been looking for!

Natalie said...

I second the Broken Road by Rascal Flats comment. While waiting for Hannah and since I've always thought that song acurately described our journey to become a family complete with infertility, miscarriages,and finally bringing our sweet baby girl home. Thanks for this post. I'm loving checking out everyone's songs.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Here's a beautiful Chinese song I was directed to one time by an anonymous commenter on my blog. She is a Chinese girl and she told me she heard the song in a grocery store, and it made her think of me I think it was the correlation between the shamrock and the fact that I'm Irish! It is very sweet!

I asked her what the song was about and she wrote the following...

Let me try what she is singing:

if you were the shamrock I wish I were the morning dew

if you were the white cloud, I wish I were the sprinkle rain

clinging to you, then I know
I will always accompany and next to you and how beautiful it will be

if you were the open sea I wish I were the ocean beach

if you were the light mist I wish I were the gentle breeze

snuggling to you, then I know
I will always accompany and next to you and how sweet it will be

Of course this is not necessarily an adoption song, but I still love it.

Here is a link to the song on utube...

I know a million people will say this, and I have a lot of songs that I love, but I will ALWAYS remember the very first one I ever heart, S.T.C. - 'When love takes you in'. It's still a huge tear jerker for me.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Sorry, I should also say that she didn't just feel it appropriate because I am Irish, but because of our adoption too. The chorus is lovely how it says this...

clinging to you, then I know
I will always accompany and next to you and how beautiful it will be

and this

snuggling to you, then I know
I will always accompany and next to you and how sweet it will be

It's so lovely.
I would put it on Lilah's China story video in a heartbeat. Which bring up the big bad reminder that I haven't made that video yet! I do have a beautiful album though! :)

Great list over at GIMH. Thanks for sharing.

Oh and another one, S.T.C. (Yes, I am a fan of his!!) is 'Miracle of the Moment'. I used this song on my blog when we finally, after 8 long months, finally got our travel approval.

I could type here forever about songs! :) Great subject!

Jill (again!)

Greg and Julie said...

I love love love "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas for the movie "Meet the Robinsons." I used that along with some other songs in our adoption video.

Sarah said...

I've told you before... but we LOVE this song in our house. Both versions... the slow and fast one. My little Hannah sings "la la la la la" to it. In a letter to her first mother, I wrote that it was our daughter's favorite song at that time. I hope that made her smile. :) I tried to teach it to myself and only got half of it down... not including all of the la la las!

Wanda said...

Love this Lullaby. Thanks for sharing.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a great song......and an AWESOME LIST!!

Let's hope you are waiting around here too much longer..... positive thoughts:)

Hope you have a fabulous week!


Amy said...

That was beautiful! I could have listened to her all day.

When we were waiting for DD there was one song that my son asked to hear over and over again. He would always use it to start talking about his sister. I have no idea what it was called, or who recorded it. I contacted the person whose son is in this video, and she didn't know either. Someone else had made the video for her.
Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLrTA7Rooks&feature=player_embedded

If anyone knows the song (the first one), I'd love to know what it is.

Mandy Park said...

Kiss the Kids by Sol Flower. I am a KAD. This song brings me to tears each and every time I listen to it. The video is a must see as well.

Tracey said...

Thanks for this resource, TM. I don't think this one has been mentioned yet: 12 Angels: Adoption Song by Liz Woodworth. This is an artist from my own state of WI and these lyrics remind me of my daughter. "She makes music when she breathes", "Worthy of two mothers, she follows her heart", "The greatest gift, the greatest unknown, the greatest sacrifice", among many others. Love it.

Oh, and thank you so much for your blog. It's a valuable resource, seemingly nonjudgmental, and brings humor. I appreciate it.

Suzie said...

Love the song! Thank you for the list. I've been trying to keep track of songs that I might want to use and this will be a great resource.

Alison said...

My current fave is not so much of an adoption song - but it is "Black, White, Tan" by Nicole C. Mullen. It reminds my girls that it doesn't matter what coor we are or that we are not the same color, because God's love is Black, White, Tan.

Aunt LoLo said...

Beautiful!!!!!!! But it would be better in Cantonese. ;-) Cause then, you know, I'd know what it was saying. LOL

Kristi said...

I've been out of town and am therefore DREADFULLY late with this song suggestion, but I really, REALLY love 10,000 Angels by Caedmon's Call. Seriously, google the lyrics and think about them. Beauty from ashes type of song. I get lost in thought every time I listen to it!
And I'm leaving this page open to listen to your favorite song in the morning when the music won't bother any of my sleeping angels. Most of the time my TINY house doesn't bother me. But when I can't listen to music late at night it does!