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Monday, March 29, 2010

Resurrect the Resurrection Eggs

So what should one do when one receives a telephone call at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, asking one to lead children's worship on Palm Sunday? (I mean, other than freak out and roll ones eyes and wonder how in the world someone could drop the ball on such an important Sunday?) Y'all, I spent four hours on Saturday scrambling to come up with a 90 minute lesson plan for a dozen three- to six-year-olds.

And oh my lands was I ever filled with the Easter spirit while I did so.

(Just being honest here.)

(Because I am. Honest, I mean.)

With such a time crunch, I decided to go with the ever-easy Resurrection Eggs. Only none of the local Christian bookstores had any Resurrection Eggs left because - ya know - it was less than 24 hours before Palm Sunday. In total dire straights, I opted to create my own Resurrection Eggs from an assortment of supplies around the house.

For those of y'all unfamiliar with Resurrection Eggs, they are Easter Eggs designed to disappoint, then captivate even the youngest of children, since they are plastic Easter eggs NOT filled with candy, but with objects designed to help share the events of that Holy Week of long ago. One dozen eggs represent 12 events from Palm Sunday through Easter morning. They are a wonderful teaching tool that prompt children to remember the many events surrounding the week prior to Jesus' death and resurrection.

a dozen Resurrection Eggs ... and yes, it's important to number them,
y'all ... otherwise you'll be all out of sorts when sharing the stories
while dozens of pairs of little eyes stare at you, then away from you,
looking for trouble ... or for that candy they thought they were getting

I had to get seriously creative with my supplies, but I totally know that God understands. The first egg require miniature palm branches. Umm... yeah... I ended up creatively cutting bay leaves to look (mostly) like palm branches. And no, the children were not fooled, but we made it work anyways.

"Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people
waved palm branches at Him." (Matthew 21: 1-11)

I called four neighbors before I found the much-needed object for the second egg. Because - ya know - I have asthma and allergies, so it's not like I own any.

"Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet." (John 12: 2-8)

For the third Resurrection Egg, I grabbed some stale pita bread. Oh yes, I did. Then I realized just how stale that bread actually was, so I threw away the rest. I didn't even trust it for the birds, but I included it my Most Holy Palm Sunday Children's Worship Lesson.

"Jesus shared the Last Supper with
His disciples." (Matthew 26: 17-19)

I almost made myself look like an idiot with the fourth egg. Because it called for "thirty pieces of silver" and I threw in three quarters, totally not getting why most people use the smaller, less visible dime. Umm... maybe because three dimes equals thirty cents, TM??? It took my slow brain a minute, but I did end up making the switch.

"Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver." (Matthew 27:3)

I got my craft on for Egg #5... WITHOUT the use of a glue gun, since I've been fired from using them. If you can't quite figure it out from looking at the photo, I used florist wire and two toothpicks. And no, I have absolutely! no! idea! why I had florist wire in the house.

"Jesus carried His own cross." (John 19:17)

The sixth egg was easy, since all I needed to do was step out my front door with a pair of garden shears. And yes, I totally let the children pass this one around, too. Because I am all about tactile learning.

"Soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus' head." (John 19: 2)

The seventh egg posed a bit of a problem, since we don't have any Barbies in the house, so a miniature coat was a tough find. I ended up throwing in a pair of dice to help explain the phrase "cast lots." And yes, I showed the children what it meant. Just ignore the fact that God doesn't like it when we do, in fact, cast lots. It was for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, y'all.

"Soldiers parted Jesus' garments and
cast lots for His coat." (John 19: 23)

I explained to the children that the item in the next egg was much, MUCH smaller than the ones actually used, but a larger one would not fit in my plastic egg.

"Jesus was nailed to the cross and pierced
in His side." (John 19: 18, 33-35)

I found the item for the ninth item under my kitchen sink. And let's just say that it's a good, GOOD thing that my Resurrection Eggs did not need to pass a Health Inspection. Because... well... let's just not go there.

"They gave Jesus vinegar mixed with gall on a sponge,
but He wouldn't drink it." (Matthew 27: 34)

I sent the Husband to the store for item #10... because we didn't have any. Nor did we have any plastic eggs. Because - ya know - the Easter Bunny brings them when he comes. AND he's planning to stop by Tonggu Grammy's house this year, not ours. So thanks to the Husband for these plastic eggs and dried cloves, without which we wouldn't have been able to resurrect the Resurrection Eggs.

"Spices to prepare Jesus for burial." (John 19: 40)

I ended up finding a better stone on Sunday morning, so please ignore this pathetic and rather odd looking rock in the next photograph.

"The stone covering Jesus' tomb was rolled away." (John 20: 1)

Can you guess why I didn't take a photo of the twelfth egg? Maybe I just forgot. Maybe I didn't put anything in it. Maybe... HEY! I didn't put anything in it. You know, because the tomb was EMPTY.

"He is not here. He has risen, just as He said.
Come and see where He lay!" (Matthew 28: 6)

After thoroughly exploring the Resurrection Eggs, singing a few Easter songs and reading The Easter Cave by Carol Wedeven, the children all decorated their own paper Easter eggs. Then they lined up to share with me their favorite Resurrection Egg so that I could write the story sentence, then the related Scripture, on the back of their eggs.

And can y'all guess which one was the most popular? (Hint: There was only one boy in the entire group.) Yes, y'all... PERFUME won the day.

about half the group ... and dontcha just LOVE the Tongginator's skirt???

the Tongginator and a buddy, showing off the relevant Scripture

So y'all... what started as an oh-so-filled with the Easter Spirit drudge-fest became a joy-filled activity where I WAS, actually, filled with the Easter Spirit. Relevant Scripture spoke to my heart. And innocent, shining eyes and tiny listening ears completely changed my attitude.

But they tend to do that, don't they?


The Source said...

That is SOME skirt, Little Miss Tongginator! SOME skirt! Very lovely, ruffly, eye-catching and girlie! That's absolutely a princess skirt! No doubt about it! And oh so purple, too! I think I like that skirt even better than your NOT BIRTHDAY dress! Also, did you know that shade of purple looks even more stunning with your gorgeous hair!

I wish they made skirts like that in grown-up-mommy-size because I bet it's really fun to twirl in a skirt like that! Do they only make beautiful skirts like that for six year olds? Because I don't think that's fair. Moms like to wear fabulous things, too. If I had a skirt like that, I would wear it to the grocery store every week! Do you have sparkly shoes to wear with it? Or a dangly purple necklace?

Tonggu Mama? OK...who's been shopping at Dollywood?!

Kristi said...

Love the skirt!
But thanks for sharing the eggs and how you made them! I just may get creative myself this week. Or even have Kylie help me make them during the other kiddos extended nap time (keeping #12 for myself) and then do them on Sunday with my kids and niece and nephew (whom I meet in a few more hours ~ they are on the long haul flight from Tokyo right now).

Chantelle said...

Visiting for the 1st time from a link at Bushel & a Peck... Love your blog!! :) Your line "designed to disappoint, then captivate" had me laughing out loud!!! :) God bless. You did a beautiful job with the eggs!

Football & Fried Rice said...

I love your eggs!! I made a set a few years back, but ditched them last year for a set on clearance! My kids love them!

I LOVE the purple skirt - now why can't THAT come in my size!?!?!

Anne said...

You are so creative, TM! I love the bay leaf palms!

Patricia/NYC said...

Sounds like you did a GREAT job, but next time EMAIL ME if you're in a pinch like that!!!! I taught Kiara's Palm Sunday class yesterday & we made a "Tridium" faux stained glass mobile!

LOVE the resurrection eggs!! Thanks for sharing that!! I think we'll give it a go this week!

Annie said...

Very cool, TM!!! I am impressed:):) Oh and LOVE the skirt!!!!

Laura L. said...

Yay! I'm glad you posted about this. I've been asked to teach our preschool class on Easter Sunday. We have a set of Resurrection Eggs and I will include them in our lesson. I hadn't even thought of adding them.

Thanks for the idea. I think you did a great job coming up with all of the stuff. Your set is way cooler than the store-bought sets. ;)

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

you did a great job. . .your teacher background totally came through, I think. LOVE the skirt. If Kady saw that, she'd want one. . .but only in pink. [sigh]

Janet said...

You are one crafty lady. Well done, for a last minute lesson!!!!!!!

Georgia Peach said...

Resurrection eggs! GREAT IDEA!!

Tongginator...LOVE the skirt!

Suzie said...

AWESOME job on the resurrection eggs!!! I'm totally impressed with your craftiness :o)

Patty O. said...

I love the skirt. And this resurrection egg idea? Awesome. I am totally going to do this with my kids this year. I think I have seen this idea before, but had never used it since the kids were so young. We had a lesson tonight during our Family Home Evening (a thing we do in our church on Monday nights where we spend time with our family, play a game, have a treat and do a lesson, etc.) and talked about the true meaning of Easter, but I think this egg idea will go a long way toward helping them understand a bit more. Thanks for the idea!

BTW, I LOVE the bay leaves!

prechrswife said...

Great improvising on the Resurrection eggs. I think I almost like those better than the store-bought version. :-)

thegypsymama said...

Goodness, I just love this so much more than just buying them at the store. I can totally get on board with this idea! Bet my kids would love to help me find the items too!

You are brilliant!

Andrea said...

You had me at the bay leaves. I'm not worthy!

The Byrd's Nest said...

That is some girly girly skirt! I love love love it!

I am thankful you couldn't find the resurrection eggs...because these are WAY BETTER! Awesome job...and so much creativity...the children were so blessed to have you do this with them.

I love the "Happy" perfume...lol

Wanda said...

LOVE IT !!!! You were the right person to call. Well done!

Myrnie said...

1) Her skirt rocks my socks. She and Ernie could have some fun going through each other's closets and playboxes getting ready for Sunday School!

2) So is there like some newsletter or something where all the Christian religions except mine trade these awesome ideas? Because I just heard about resurrection eggs this year (and only heard about five from that source.) I just heard about the...advent wreathes? this year too. (Four candles in a table wreath and Christmas time...) Such lovely things! I'm sure the kids adored the lesson :)

Laurie said...

I am beyond impressed! The eggs were all just perfect, and you've inspired me to make, I mean, buy my own set next year. A GREAT lesson indeed!

Cavatica said...

That's a cool lesson. And WOW, what a skirt!

CC said...

We made our own REssurrection eggs a few years ago and have been re-using them every year. And they basically look exactly like yours (except my perfume is Jessica McClintock!). My kids love it because we do 2 per day for the week before easter and they get to trade them in for jelly beans. On Easter we hid plastic eggs, 3 of which contained clues about things such as "Jesus is the light of the world. Find yours on the bookshelf." Then hidden on the bookshelf were flashlights for each of them.

But it was totally in vain, because no matter how many times I asked them "So... what does the flashlight help you remember about Jesus?", they always said... "um... he's on the bookshelf?"

So much for that object lesson!