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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bus Stop Pajamas

Thanks y'all so much for your well wishes yesterday. I would email you back, but I'm too busy... umm... well, let's just not go there, shall we? I WILL say that it could not have happened at a better time. Because I have absolutely! no! control! when it comes to all things chocolate and cupcake and pizza and... you get the picture.

Actually, that's not completely true.

I DO have self-control when the consequences are high enough, but obviously I don't consider going up one size in clothing all that high. Spending time... er... you know... well, THAT is high enough. So I didn't eat any birthday sweets on Saturday. Or on Sunday, for that matter. In fact, I didn't eat much of anything either day.

Or yesterday, for that matter.

All hail saltines and ginger ale.

But it's not ALL bad. Because my three day fast? Made watching the Oscars oh-so-much-easier. Seriously. There is nothing like no! real! food! for over 72 hours to make one feel equal to all of the size zeros and twos parading down the red carpet. Not that I have a complex or anything. Because I don't. I'm actually one of those women who believes beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, ages and colors. I am very much comfortable in my own skin. And I hope that you feel the same.

I have Tonggu Grammy to thank for that, I think.

I am not, however, comfortable in my own clothes. Because they are pa-the-tic. Or at least they were pathetic until last month, when Dory took me under her wing. But that's a story for tomorrow. Suffice it say that, while I don't have a Dolce hanging in my closet, I'm also not wearing pajamas to the bus stop anymore.

Actually, that's not completely true.

Because I wore pajamas to the bus stop yesterday... and not just during the morning. Then again, I'm not feeling great, so I believe I have a good excuse, although I'm not sure even the super-sweet Dory would agree. Thank goodness our bus stop remains split in two (because of the snow and covered sidewalks and a main road with psycho drivers zipping by too fast). Otherwise my new friend Dory, who remains at The Real Bus Stop, might have seen and then been forced to express her displeasure with my choice of bus stop attire.

Apparently she has some type of problem with pajamas. Or at least people who choose to wear them in public. And - apparently - most people have a problem with pajamas in public. Who knew?!?! Thank goodness Dory is around to help me learn these things. Because I am one who actually wore beach t-shirts and mens' boxer shorts to high school, often with bare feet. (Seriously... I did. But I promise that I have an excuse: it was Hawaii. Hawaii, y'all! And I was just copying my big sister anyways.) And when I taught school? Yep. You know the look. (What can I say? The kids like those kinds of clothes.)

But about a month ago, the husband and Dory ganged up on me. So now I have a wardrobe... a real one, with a little black dress and non-mom jeans and sweaters that actually fit AND that don't display apples or birdhouses or whatever. Surprisingly, despite my hatred/ fear of shopping, the entire process was actually quite painless. Well, mostly painless. And yes, y'all will hear the whole story tomorrow.

At least, you will if I can stop... er... you know.


Buckeroomama said...

Glad that you feel better. Whenever I get a stomach flu, I look on it as an opportunity to "lose weight" --hehe. Gotta find the silver lining... :)

Sherri said...

My husband hates my "teacher clothes". I can't help it. I'm still drawn to them. I need a Dory.

Anonymous said...

When I was at college EVERYONE wore their pajamas to all their classes. I used to be so jealous, because I almost always had to go to work afterward, and couldn't be all comfy like the rest of them.

Congratulations on your new wardrobe, especially the non-mom jeans. If I had my way, I would burn every pair of mom jeans ever created!

Dawn said...

Glad you're some better and hope you continue to improve. Wish I had a Dory to re-do my wardrobe. Does she travel??? LOL

redmaryjanes said...

I need a little shopping spree/make-over. Anyone want to intervene on my behalf???

Desiree' said...

Glad you are feeling better. Does Dory hire out?!?! I still wear jammies and my bathrobe to the bus stop, however no one can see them because I throw my husbands long coat on!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Please tell me Stacy and Clint came to your house! Actually I would be terrified to have anyone survey my wardrobe. I know it's mostly bad but all people see is the 5% that is good because that's what I wear outside the house. Glad you're feeling better. I was offline yesterday too getting to know rice and bananas and wishing I had cable again to watch Jason and Molly's wedding.

Patricia/NYC said...

Glad you're feeling a little bit better! Looking forward to that wardrobe story...WITH PHOTOS please!!!

I just bought new rain boots & I am so excited about them (yes, it's the little things)...but not excited enough to want it to rain! ;)

Holly said...

I am no fashion guru so I will spare you my advice.
Well in regards to clothing that is.
My advice is call your Dr. and order some Phenergyn PRONTO!
It works!!! Makes you tired, but works.
If you are still feeling puny girl...do it.
I can't stand to well...you know!!

Sharie said...

I used to get laughed at for dressing up too much. NOW -
Winter = cords and a turtleneck sweater and colorful scarf.
Summer = khakis, black t-shirt and beaded necklace.
I would prefer to wear jeans daily, but it's not allowed at work:(
I have no creativity when it comes to dressing myself. Amelia ALWAYS looks cute though:)

Aus said...

Sorry - not a lot of input here - I'm a guy that thinks garanimals should come in size 40's....but - you could get a laptop - then no matter what (or where) you are doing you could still type...I'm just sayin....;)

hugs - aus and co.

LucisMomma said...

Hope you are feeling better by this afternoon.

And I happen to like sweaters with birhouses and apples....the younger set (the 30-somethings) at our church had a Christmas party where they wore "tacky clothes." I hated seeing their pics on facebook because it looked like the girls (anyone younger than I am is a "girl") went shopping in my closet.

jennifer said...

Glad you're feeling better. I had to get some fashion help when my 3rd boys was about 3. I had no idea what was even in fashion anymore. You always feel better when you love the clothes you're wearing!

Aunt LoLo said...

So happy to hear you're feeling (mostly) better. (And I personally believe everyone gets at LEAST one "Pajama Day" a week. It's like a free pass.)

And...also really, really, REALLY happy to hear that none of your sweaters have apples, or birds or...whatever on them anymore. *grin*

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

So happy to hear you are feeling better:)

Amen to being comfortable in your own skin!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow's post:)



Patty O. said...

I hope you are feeling better!

My old college roommate wrote a blog post about how wrong it is for people to wear pjs in public and I was just baffled at her vehemence. I mean, yes, I do occasionally wear mine to the grocery store. In fact, I am still in mine at 4 pm. Of course, I just wear sweats to bed, but still. I so need a makeover...