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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bits of Business

Have y'all heard about the Scarlett Thread Women's Day give-away? It ends tomorrow, so you might want to pop over to check it out.


"Ideas for Change in America" is a crowd-sourcing competition that empowers citizens to identify and build momentum around the most innovative ideas for addressing challenges our country faces. The 10 most popular ideas will be presented at an event in Washington, DC to relevant members of the Obama Administration, and Change.org will subsequently mobilize its full community to support a series of grassroots campaigns to turn each idea into reality.

Right now, this idea - one near and dear to my heart - has fallen to fourteenth place. Do y'all want to know what holds the number one spot right now? Legalizing marijuana. Seriously, we - as adoptive parents - are allowing weed to be more important than our children. I used to think this topic didn't apply to me because I adopted from China. No matter what I do or what US laws state, the Tongginator will probably never learn the legal names of her first parents. Claudia changed my mind, y'all... I read this and realized that I should and must care about whether or not adoptees are denied their civil rights. Because my daughter is an adoptee. And I love her.

Adoptees have a civil right to their own birth certificates. It's time to change laws.


I'd love it if y'all would thoughtfully consider signing the petition in support of the Internationally Adopted Child Immunization Waiver or Exemption bill, which would give children adopted internationally time to become up-to-date on their immunizations. As it stands, some children are receiving up to eight vaccines in one day during their stay in Guangzhou.

Yes, I realize that immigrants must be up-to-date with their shots before entering this country, but they have control over how and when they will receive those shots. As of today, parents who adopt internationally have no control over the time frame, since they receive their children less than two weeks before the medical exam. They are also unable to select the doctor who will administer said shots. Eight shots in one day? Is absolutely insane.

And that's all I can say about that.


Climbing down off my soapbox now. You're welcome. And now I'd love to know what topics y'all feel passionate about? And why?


Sherri said...

It's only been 3 years since we adopted Mia. Things sure have changed. I have always had the choice with our pediatrician about how quickly to proceed with immunizations. I guess this policy came into being after Mia's adoption.

That's crazy.

Football & Fried Rice said...

Signed it!!

happygeek said...

Being a Canadian I won't be able to sign your petitions but I will say "You go girl"

Debz said...

I guess I don't have a say in it either but totally agree with happygeek.

I still think you missed a calling....just saying.

Jennifer said...

I signed the petition! My husband and I are considering adopting, so your post just opened my eyes to some issues that never would have crossed my mind!

wenjonggal said...

Lots of great links and causes, thankyou.

I am boggled that American adopted children must get all their shots in China before coming home... I am still getting Big Boy's shots updated and we've been home from China (to Canada) for over 2 yrs. He didn't get any shots in China, just checked out, weighed, and a prescription for cough syrup. We got his vaccinations done mostly 1-4 months after he'd been home, two in one day was the most. Your poor poor babies.

And I agree with you re the birth certificates... it is SOOOO bizarre to have a "BIRTH" certificate saying I gave birth to him... it belies everything known and unknown about his life and mine. Total fabrication. If adopted kids' are fabrications, how about the validity of anyone else's? Rewriting history. It is crazy.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Eight shots is way too much of an assault on their tiny, most likely already-compromised immune systems (in my humble opinion)! Great info! (I had no idea about that marijuana thing...frightening!)

thegypsymama said...

Oh my gosh, I have such strong feelings about this!! I mean, it's just crazy on so many levels. My oldest was born in South Africa - to me - and received all the necessary immunizations. Then we moved back to the States. And THEY MADE HIM RE-DO THEM ALL!!!!! Just because the timeline that they follow in South Africa is somewhat different that Stateside - not inadequate or questionable. Just different. My pediatrician confirmed that there was no true medical necessity, but rather a blanket requirement by the States regarding timelines. So, my two year old was subjected to the entire series of shots AGAIN!!

Words fail me.