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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday, Tongginator Style

Well, it didn't start out like any other morning. The Tongginator woke us up with, "Momma, where is my birthday shirt?" Now y'all know I am not exactly a morning person, so my rather eloquent response to THAT question was "huh?" And that's when the Tongginator explained, for the first time, "Momma, E from Mrs. M's class wore a shirt that said 'I'm the Birthday Girl' when she had her birthday last week. Where's my shirt?"

Um... yeah... about that...

One temper tantrum and several "get your act together" comments later, the Tongginator shaped up with her new and improved attitude. She gratefully opened several gifts from relatives, plus one cute gift from Dory, Marlin and the girls. She donned a dress that did NOT read "I'm the Birthday Girl" and we headed for the bus stop after breakfast.

the "I'm Obviously NOT a Birthday Girl Because Nowhere
Does It Say Birthday Girl On My Dress" ... with her Doggy
(and Wanda? I SO thought of you when I found this dress)

And yes, she announced her birthday girl status to every! single! person! we crossed paths with. She also refused to acknowledge me unless I addressed her as "Birthday Girl." As in, "Birthday Girl, have a great day at school." And "I need my goodbye kiss, Birthday Girl." And also "Birthday Girl, I'll be by school later to drop off the cupcakes." As the bus disappeared around the corner, I was left wondering the exact weapon of choice for my brand-new super-heroine dubbed Birthday Girl.

Lit candles? Unending amounts of wrapping tape? A helium voice?

A couple of hours later, I brought special birthday treats to school, as promised. Ms. Confetti and Class sang the birthday song to the Tongginator while I passed out napkins and cupcakes. Well... actually... Ms. Confetti and Class Minus One sang the birthday song to the Tongginator. Minus One did not. He just sat there. And the Tongginator glared stared at him. After their American-Idol-Audition-Rendition was over, the Tongginator announced indignantly, "Mrs. Confetti, Minus One didn't sing! He's supposed to sing 'happy birthday' to me! It's my birthday! He's SUPPOSED to sing!"

Hel-LO embarrassing parenting moment.

And yeah, the Tongginator learned An Important Fact of Life yesterday... and that is that some people? Do NOT sing in public. You know, the ones who sound like the worst of the worst during American Idol Auditions week, only they actually realize they sound that bad? In other words, people like me. Anyways, back to the embarrassing parenting moment. What would y'all have done during that split second of time?

Because I? Basically just sank through the floor. And then crawled away.

As the children devoured their sweet treats, Ms. Confetti and I chatted for about 15 minutes, talking touch math (greatest! teaching! method! ever! created!), the lunchroom incident from last week (we're all good) and Ms. Confetti's wedding dress. Yes, y'all, Ms. Confetti is GETTING MARRIED. In July. In the Washington, DC area. Outside.

Well, I thought she was smart.

Except she DID meet her future husband at church. During an ASP missions team meeting. So maybe she's still smart, but with an odd desire to sweat while wearing a wedding dress.

I so enjoyed our conversation, I didn't realize how much time had passed until Ms. Confetti began herding cats kindergartners out the door and down the hall to Art Class. Which is also when the Tongginator realized The End Was Near and that Momma was walking out the door, never to be seen again... or, at least not until four o'clock. She absolutely, unequivocally, positively burst into tears.

Of course. Now wasn't THAT just the icing on the cupcake of my day?

Because I made my birthday girl cry. Twice. Alas, I bucked up and followed the advice I used to deliver to parents of sobbing kindergartners: keep it brief, keep it positive and walk out the door without looking back. Yeah. That was easy advice when I... umm... wasn't actually a momma. I? Am such a hypocrite. And a know-it-all.


I spent the remainder of the day running errands, getting my hair cut, catching up on chores and chatting with this lady. She called because they experienced a blizzard, y'all. And knowing that I've recently lived through two, she thought she'd call for some sympathy. Except... she lives in the deep south... which means that her definition of a blizzard falls somewhere around the "there's so much snow we can't actually see grass anymore!" camp.

Ahem again.

When the Tongginator came home from school, she ate her snack while I read your sweet comments to her (thanks so much, y'all!) and then finished her homework before we ran out to get pizza, which she requested for her Birthday Girl Dinner. (I know! I was expecting an over-the-top need for beef bourguignon or something. I got off easy, even though it WAS organic pizza.) After dinner, we played her brand-new game of Qwirkle. And then she headed off to bed.

The husband says that after prayers, as she lay her sweet head on the pillow, she worriedly asked him, "Daddy, what if I wake up tomorrow and forget that I'm six?" I don't know, y'all... what IF?


Love Letters To China said...

So happy to hear she had an amazing birthday. She is such a "big" girl now! Loved the dress she wore to school... so pretty (I agree, Wanda would love that one!).

Aus said...

That was a pretty cool birthday - and as for the epm - why? I gave up being embarrassed by my kids a long time ago - but then again I'm a dad of 6 kids spanning 25 years - I haven't had any pride in a llllooonnnggg time!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Tongginator sounds like she celebrates her birthday the same way I do! I usually start announcing on my blog about two weeks in advance that my birthday is approaching, and inform my family several times a day that "they have to be nice to me, because it's almost my birthday." (That doesn't work so well when directed toward stubborn toddlers or teething babies, I've found.)

Happy, happy birthday to her! May she thoroughly enjoy being six!

(By the way, did I mention that my birthday is, in fact, coming up in less than two weeks? I wonder if I can convince my husband to get me a birthday shirt ...)

Stefanie said...

Oh word, what a DAY!!
If I'd have known, I'd have sent you our girls' birthday shirt... it is pretty cute :)
Happy Birthday, Tongginator!!

happygeek said...

Glad to hear she enjoyed her birthday.
Would have loved to know how Ms. Confetti handled the whole "he's not singing" incident. Because I can see that in my future.

Jill said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday Tongginator!

Dawn said...

I can relate... I hate it when someone refuses to sing Happy Birthday to me, too. And, of course, she wondered where her birthday shirt was - we've already learned from T that it's all about the clothes, baby!

And the what if? Right. LOL

Kayce said...

I think the birthday dress she's wearing is much better and more her style! Sure sounds like it was a fab day!!

The Source said...

I totally would have made up some ominous superstition about how it's VERY BAD LUCK if EVERY kid in your class sings "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl and wasn't it a relief that the little guy knew it and kept his mouth shut JUST for her! Now her wishes can come true! Whew!

Miss Tongginator reminds me of a certain twin in this house who used to get overly emotional on his birthday because...to much random sensory input and excitement! Only instead of crying he would block it all out by falling asleep. Try explaining THAT one to your guests.

I hope she had an awesome 6th birthday! Six is absolutely fabulous! If I were six, I would try extra hard NOT to forget it...however, since I have to be 39 all year, I'm choosing to block it out!

Georgia Peach said...

Six years old... my goodness time goes quickly.

I'm so glad to hear her birthday was special! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that you were required to introduce her as "birthday girl"! I must say that reminds me of a certain little person that lives in our house.

Kim said...

Sounds like "Birthday Girl" had a great birthday. I love her outfit, very cute! You can tell her that we were singing to her in Michigan :-)

Kiy said...

Happy Birthday, Miss T!

BTW, I found out when we recently celebrated a birthday in our house ... that the birthday shirt clause is written NO WHERE in the parenting handbook! It seems, it's in the grand parent's handbook as Poppi (the grandmother) gave one to our gal. Who knew?? I did tell my mom that she is officially in charge of the shirt ... from now until eternity! So, that means that TM is off the hook in this case. (Hope this info helped for next year.)

Cheers, and Happy Birthday again Miss T. Hope your day was everything you wished for and more!


Patty O. said...

Somehow I doubt she'll forget! She is so adorable. I love that she made you call her "birthday girl" all day. I think I may do that to my husband on my next birthday!

Logical Libby said...

I went to a kid's birthday party this weekend that was OBSCENE. I won't go into details, but the 4 year old honoree was wearing a tiara.

You got off easy.

bbmomof2boys said...

Ummmm....nobody seems to be saying anything about what a TERRIBLE momma you are for making your sweet newly 6 yr old girl cry, not once but TWICE!! What is the world??

I know nothing about a birthday shirt and I would appreciate it if your T doesn't say anything to my T about it.

On a serious note - I'm glad that she enjoyed her birthday. Little T turns 4 in April. Wow...its been almost 2 yrs since she's been part of our lives!

Oh...and the part about forgetting she's 6? Just tell her its okay if she forgets. I just had a birthday and told one of my friends I turned 39...my husband fell off the couch he was laughing so hard. What?? So, I forgot a few years, no worries!! (see T - its okay if you forget!!)


Carla said...

Sounds like a GREAT birthday to me! Well, except for the crying part...twice...but the rest? Just like a PERFECT "I'm 6 now" birthday.

and you forgot THE most important part of our "blizzard" the snow? It was gone after 10am. Totally gone.

thanks for chatting, although it is a little strange to think there actually MIGHT be someone out there almost like me...if not a little scary. ;)

Super Mommy said...

I forget I'm a 40-ish girl sometimes too, but I soon remember when I realize I can't do the things I used to, or my body doesn't look like I'm in my 20s anymore! How would you'd answer that?? LOL

I cannot believe you made your daughter cry ...twice...on her birthday, sounds like something I'd do!

Note to self...buy the girl a "birthday" shirt for next year ;0)

Mei Ling said...

I LOL'ed so many times throughout this post.

And the word "birthday" is starting to look like not a real word anymore... XD

jen@odbt said...

She is too cute! I agree with TG - everyone should be singing happy birthday. I demand the same thing of my day except no one can mention age ;)

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to the Tongginator! I hadn't read your post from yesterday yet, so I didn't know! But a great big Happy Birthday to her!!!!!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

:) That was all cute and funny!

I guess you'll have a shirt for next year! ...right?!

Happy Birthday sweet T.


Diane said...

Awww. What an honor- I share a birthday with little T! Hooray for me! I so wore my Birthday Girl shirt yesterday. Oh- and my tiara. Oh- and I only put my scepter down to open my gifts. Boy are my hands tired.

Clare said...

Happy Birthday Tongginator!! You are a fabulous six year old!

a little leprechaun said...

Sounds like a great birthday!! Cupcakes at school and pizza for dinner?!?!? Doesn't get much better!!

Could I send her a cape?? Or is it not the same as a 'Birthday Girl' shirt??


Cavatica said...

I think the bigger concern is what if she wakes up tomorrow and you forget that she's six. Really. I can see now that we got off really easy, however six is only three years away and things can change a lot. Hmmm. As I often am when I read your blog... I am very afraid.

Colleen said...

I like how you celebrate!!!!My Addison's birthday is tomorrow. I forgot treats today for her class...I know, bad mommy bad mommy...I recovered by running to get some very fast LOL and we don't have a birthday shirt either LOL

Aunt LoLo said...

I have this long-standing theory that birthday girls (and boys) are a little emotional. LOL I threw a lot of birthday temper tantrums through the years. ;-)

I know I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS T!!!

Annie said...

Glad she had such a great day, even without the Birthday Girl shirt. I, um, have one for my girls, BTW!!!! Hehe!!!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to the Tongginator! It certainly sounds like an interesting day but fun ;-) day!! I am hoping we get through our day without tears!

Sarah's birthday is tomorrow 3/5. We have it all planned out Auntie Barbie is meeting us at the Children's museum, then it's lunch and then we have an evening family party. But now MY sissy has called and she fell while walking her dog and because of that her TMJ is bothering her... are ya following me? I know- I'm not sure how the two correlate either but I'm sure my sister knows?

If ya knew my sister you would get it. Of course she fell the night before we were getting together that's just who she is... BUT i will guarantee she'll be at the dinner(with no TMJ problems)- we are going out to her fav restaurant and serving chocolate cake for desert. Now are ya following me!

I should just put up a sign "SISTER for SALE"!

Mahmee said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet lovey girl.

Wanda said...

Wonderful birthday escapades!!

And....ahem.....oh yes....I began to covet that little black and white number even before I saw that you had thought of me when you bought it. So....is it in the mail?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the day, but tell Miss T HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! And that her dress is actually waay prettier and cooler than a boring old "I'm the bday girl" tshirt.

When the twins turned 5, Ilsa woke up and ran into the boys' room shouting, "Wake up Abel! We're 5!" It's a fond memory for me.

LucisMomma said...

The biggest "aww" came when she said she might forget that she's six. AWWW!

Happy birthday a little late, Miss T. Hope your weekend is snow-less!

And I think her weapon of choice as BIRTHDAY GIRL ought to be a blow gun that shoots pink cupcakes.

thegypsymama said...

*Sigh* I just heart her sooo much! Happy Happy day to you both!

Kristi said...

So glad after forcing our newly turned three year old to sit at the table to eat her cupcakes yesterday that I'm not the only one who had a few "birthday momma" snafus!
I so missed your blog while I was in China and am stealing a minute here and there to read all the escapades from the past three weeks!

CC said...

Birthday as only the Tongginator can do it.