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Monday, March 15, 2010

Anniversary of a Birthday

Y'all, today is a great day. Because today? My daddy the Colonel is 62 years old. Yes, y'all, he can now officially collect social security. Not that he will... because that would mean that he is old and he is NOT old. He's simply celebrating the twenty-third anniversary of his 39th birthday.

And yes, he makes the anniversary comment all! the! time!

He used to celebrate the anniversary of his 29th birthday, but that stopped sometime in his early fifties because people started to laugh at him. He got away with it until that point because he truly DID look young. (And yes, I hate to admit that.) About fifteen years ago, he and my then college-aged sister went out to dinner one night. And the hostess? Tried to seat them at a "nice, romantic table near the back."


My sister is still recovering from that one.

And when people see a photo of my sister on her wedding day? They often remark oh-so-cautiously, "wow... I didn't realize her husband was... umm... older." He's not; he's actually a couple of months younger than her. And that guy in the photo? Is my dad.

But of course my dad is humble about all of this.

*cough, cough*

Turning 62 should knock him down a peg or two. Because we'll be ribbing him about collecting social security all year. And if that doesn't help, perhaps my momma beating him on the head might do the job. Because Daddy? I seriously hope you didn't forget your anniversary again this year.

(You didn't, did you?)

You'd think a guy that got married on! his! birthday! would remember, but it seems that this fact still manages to escape him some years. He's had 28 years to work on remembering, but - unfortunately - we never know until the 15th whether or not he managed to recall the blessed event.

It gives whole new meaning to the Ides of March, doesn't it?

Please wish my daddy a happy birthday and my momma a happy anniversary (you know, in case the Colonel forgot this year). And yes, I feel so very blessed to have parents that are both alive, still together and happy after all of these years.

That? Is by far the greatest gift my parents have ever given me. Thank you especially, Tonggu Grammy, for not killing my Daddy when he forgets y'alls anniversary.


Buckeroomama said...

Happy birthday to the Colonel and happy anniversary to both him and Tonggu Grammy!! :)

Aus said...

That's some great stuff - Happy B-day Colonel and happy anniversary to both ya'll!

And yeah - you're blessed to have them around...mom was 47 when I was born which would make her a happy 97 were she still around (and would put Dad at an even 100 if he were still here!) And I miss them only about every day!

hugs - aus and co.

The Source said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! And a happy anniversary of the birthday to your dad! He doesn't look a day over 39.

bbmomof2boys said...

Ha! Love the anniversary of the birthday!

Happy Anniversary to your parents and Happy Birtday to your dad.

You are very blessed.


Elouise82 said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents, and Happy Birthday to your dad! I, personally, think this is the BEST time of year to celebrate anything (especially birthdays).

My mother is still celebrating her 39th birthday, and still getting away with it. When she, my sister, and I all go out, people think she's our older sister, not our mother. Which actually, we all think is pretty fun!

Dad, on the other hand, has heard the "cradle-robber" joke so many times he just rolls his eyes and doesn't even bother to correct people anymore.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Thanks to everyone. And, yes, he DID forget again for about the 20th time in 38 years, but who's counting? He has so many other good qualities that to harp on this one would be petty. He did ask as I handed him a card, "Oh, yeah, I guess it is. I guess we should go out to dinner????" We'll be eating at home, but doing it happily.

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary wishes all around!
We have an anniversary in March, too... and I'm the one that always forgets ;)
Hope your parents have a wonderful time celebrating!!

Georgia Peach said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Colonel!

And Happy Anniversary to Colonel and Tonngu Grammy!

autumnesf said...

Happy and congrats to all!

Hold them tight TM.

LucisMomma said...

Happy Birthday to the Colonel, and Happy Anniversary to Col and Mrs!

My, TM--you are *young.* My DH (the Lt Col) turns 61 in a couple of months (yes, he robbed the cradle).

happygeek said...

Happy Birthday Colonel!
Happy Anniversary TM!
A long strong marriage is truly a gift you give to your whole family.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday, Colonel! And happy anniversary to you both!!

Wishing you both many more anniversaries!

Carla said...

Happy Birthday Colonel!!!

and Tonggu Grammy - Happy Anniversary!!! (from another person whose dh often forgets birthdays and anniversaries)

Patty O. said...

Happy Birthday, Colonel! And most important, happy anniversary to both your parents.

I have to admit it makes me laugh that he forgets his anniversary. And he DOES look very young, as does your mom!

Patricia/NYC said...

Happy Birthday, Colonel!! And Happy Anniversary to your parents too!!!

Wonderful things to celebrate!!

CC said...

Happy bday and anniversary! Your parents are pretty young!

Aunt LoLo said...

A VERY happy Anniversary to the Colonel and Tonggu Grammy! (And happy birthday, too, sir!!)

Myrnie said...

"Happy happy birthday Colonel dear,
happy days will come to you all year!
If I had a wish then it would be
a happy happy birthday to you from me!"

Does anyone else sing that song for birthdays? Happy birthday, and happy anniversary!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

aw, how sweet. and that mom of yours? brilliant. she managed to get a date that would be (mostly) remembered by her man and not lose a "gift" day in the process (you know, she still gets valentine's day, bday, Christmas, but SHE gets to buy one less gift). That woman is my (very young) hero. and your dad? I'm with him. Never thought I'd be one to lie about my age, but it's totally different when it's YOU that's getting a year older. . .Happy BDAY/ANNIVERSARY TONGGU FAMILY!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Birthday to the Colonel...and Happy Anniversary to both the Colonel and Tonggu Grammy!! Lots of celebrations going on over here:)

Tammie T. said...

You are a sweet daughter! Happy Birthday, Colonel and Happy Anniversary to your wonderful parents.I can tell you treasure them! :)

Sharie said...

I can't believe your mom lets him get away with it, but then again it is the anniversary of his birthday and I suppose that trumps their wedding anniversary:)

Suzy said...

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary TongguGrandparents.

I have to laugh about your dad being mistaken for your sister's date. It's happened to me and my son as recently as 5 years ago. I told my son it was only because we were in a movie theater & it was dark, but that wasn't the only place it happened. Kinda creepy but oddly flattering, too.

Wanda said...

Well.....happy, happy all around. So much happiness to celebrate!!!

Kayce said...

Lots of happiness today to your dad and your beautiful parents!! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

planetnomad said...

In Mauritania, it's normal for men to marry around 35 and their wives to be 15 to 18, somewhere in there. So when someone was asking about a certain teacher at our ENglish center, and didn't know her name but said, "You know...the one with the older husband..." we couldn't figure it out. Finally realized it was Karen, whose FATHER was visiting her!
Happy Belated Bday/Anniversary! What nice parents you have!

a little leprechaun said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!! Hope it was a wonderful day filled with joy and laughter!!

a little leprechaun said...
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