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Monday, February 15, 2010

They Moved It!

Y'all, I am ever-so-grateful to the men and women who worked tirelessly this past week to dig us out from under the blanket of snow that carpeted our little town. With 45 inches on the ground, even snow plows couldn't do the job. (Seriously, one got stuck in a snow bank just a block away from our house.) When I saw two tractors and one front-end loader scraping our neighborhood streets yesterday afternoon, I about stood up to give them a standing ovation.

Because - if they hadn't showed up - the Tongginator would NOT be heading to school tomorrow. Seriously. Our streets really were THAT bad.

As I said, I felt so! very! grateful!, I almost ran out to give those most amazing public servants some coffee. Oh, yes I did. But before the coffee maker even started dripping caffeinated manna, the Tongginator came running into the house, yelling at the top of her lungs, "Daddy says you need to come outside! There's something you hafta see!" And so I went outside.

Anyone wanna guess what I saw?


Well, y'all, remember the pile of snowy what-knot? Those three oh-so-gracious, overworked and underpaid public transportation employees took care of it. Oh yes, they did. It no longer sits on the street in front of our house.


Because now it sits in our front yard.

Total Tongginator Disbelief

Happy Valentine's Day to me. I mean, WHAT a romantic view.

The husband said it took all three tractors working together to lift Tonggu Snow Mountain. And that it broke into four pieces before they dumped it right on our sidewalk. One of the guys commented on the pile of snowy whatnot block-of-ice-that-it-became and asked the husband, "what did y'all do? Pour water on this thing?" Umm... no. It just ended up that way. But thank you for asking. And thank you for dumping it in my front yard. I'm so! very! excited! that I'll be blessed with its presence for the next two months, since - for some strange reason - it doesn't seem to want to melt.

Needless to say, while I did grudgingly say thank you to the men for their hard work, I didn't give them any coffee. (I know!!! I am so! very! petty!) And I can't help but think back to the many gracious comments y'all made about our home when you saw the last photo.

after over 75 inches of snow in less than two
months, you'd think this pile would look bigger

So what do you think of our house's curb appeal NOW? And I'm taking bets as to what date it will completely melt. Seriously... I will send a small gift to the person who gets the closest first.

I'm thinking... April Fool's Day. What about you?


Buckeroomama said...

They're really going to let it sit there and wait for it to just melt away?! Really?

Kiy said...

Amazing. Honestly, I didn't think they could to that to private property. Really. Wow.

As to when it's going to melt ... It better be gone by March 14th because I am heading your way on the 15th and I want NICE (well, relatively speaking) weather. The kind that melts yuck like that!

Good luck. Wow.

Kim K. said...

I'm throwing out March 17th...hee hee. I don't envy your snow mountain. I think you need to build ski lifts too.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am going for March 21st.......

I think we have more heading our way:(

Hope y'all had a Happy Valentine's Day and a Happy CNY!!



Briana's Mom said...

I cannot believe they are not going to do anything to help you get rid of that huge block of ice! Ridiculous!

I'll say it will melt by March 8. Fingers crossed!

Krista said...

I'll guess March 23rd.

The tongginator is getting tall, huh? Has she grown recently?

Chris said...

How attractive!!!

Maybe things will warm up in your part of the country and you won't have to endure the sight of that...er...snow mountain much longer!

I really hope it is melted way before April Fool's day!!!

Oh the joy of winter!!!!!

happygeek said...

That is a big snowpile. However, that is the amount of snow that was in our backyard all winter when we lived up North.
So, based on that experience, I'm saying Mid-April:).

Elouise82 said...

March 20th. No particular reason, just trying to throw out a date that hasn't already been taken!

AwesomeCloud and family said...

I grew up in NH and massive blocks of ice-snow that didn't melt until April were completely normal. I think you've just worked yourself up to an emotional frenzy over this thing. Oh well, it makes good blog drama. However, it's still just snow, and therefore temporary by nature, and April Fool's Day isn't a very long time from now.

blackbelt said...

It's called SNOW. ;-) Honestly, this is what other people in other parts of norther-western US contend with. Those blocks of snow-turned-ice stay at the mall practically until summer. Real snow. That kills all those nasty germs and bug eggs. Aaaah.


jen@odbt said...

You had me going...I really thought Mount TM was gone. Argh. So now what you start doing -- moving pieces of it, one day at a time, into your neighbor's yard or back into the street once the freezing temps are gone.

Denise said...

Hate to say it, but I don't think that these piles will go anywhere until mid April or so!

Kids went back today...forecast for an inch or so for tonight...ugh!

The Source said...

Oh my GOSH! How MEAN of them to dump that nasty, messy glacier in your YARD! I would have been out there pelting them with ice balls. What if you run a hose from your kitchen sink out to the iceberg and then run the water as HOT as you can...maybe you can make a dent in it?

How long do the temps usually stay below 40 up there? I'm guessing it'll melt as soon as it hits the 50's for a couple of days in a row?? But I have no clue when that would be. ALL of our pitiful little snow is gone now. It took a day and a half for 6 inches to be completely gone. Ugh.

JBH said...

That's a crazy story! And I thought my neighbor's situation was bad: she lives on a corner lot and her son comes to shovel her snow - only he was greeted by a 6 ft. high snow mound on the corner sidewalk! He actually was chipping away at it to make a path for the pedestrians (god bless him).

I'm guessing your pile will melt by April 3.

Patty O. said...

I don't know. April might be a bit optimistic.... I was thinking August. Wowsers! It's got like major super powers: snow that grows and not only doesn't melt, but freezes harder than before. Good luck!

But on the bright side, it's perfect for a dangerous game of King of the Mountain!

pickel said...

Oh, I think they read your blog

LucisMomma said...

Funny, funny. I spent a long tim eof my life in Idaho, the snow pile sounds kinda normal. I'm guessing April 5th at 4 pm.

And, please let Williamsburg know that my family needs it to be NOT FREEZING by the last full week of March. Because we will be there with a homeschool field trip. Wait--maybe I should not be asking Snow Queen of Virginia that!

Truly, though, I'm sorry they put that ugly mess in your yard.

Holly said...

I think you should have a contest...how many buckets of HOT water will it take to melt that mountain of dirty snow?
Just an idea :)

Debz said...

I am Canadian ;O)

With about 2" on my front lawn.

Wanna borrow my unemployed shovels ;O)

March 20th! If I can hold my breath that long ;O)

Aren't we nice sharing a good ole' fashion winter with our U.S friends ;O)

Enjoy! Tee hee

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

at this rate, my money's on June 3rd. Of course, there could be a hurricane that blows it off sooner based on what we've seen of this year's weather so far. In that case, all bets are off.

autumnesf said...

First week of June. Especially if it gets all black/brown and yucky...that insulates it.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Rachel, you are funny. TM's birthday is 6/3 and that would make a wonderful present.

And Debz, maybe we can share and send a little more of this white stuff back up north of the border so that you won't need to suffer from snow envy. LOL!

Wanda said...

Could it get any worse? The unbelievable thing is your driveway is bare.. But I can see the pile on the other side so that's some good shovelling.

My guess is March 10th.

With my sympathy.

Cavatica said...

I think you should thank them. Look at all the blog mileage you are getting out of this! Cup half full, remember. Well, in this case, ummm, yard.

I say April 15 and I might need to run down and drop ice cubes on it. And just to keep the tradition going, I'll have my cats vomit on them or something. Isn't the thing full of dog poop?

a little leprechaun said...

Hey! I have been in a funk and have missed reading your posts. They always make me smile - this one was with no exception! Love Mt. T!! I'm going with March 26th. THAT is ALOT of snow! Good luck with it!

(((Big Hugs!)))

Michelle said...

I'll go with March 25. I am guessing you are getting hit again today like we are. No school tomorrow. And a 20 car pile-up not far from here. I hope T gets to go back to school one of these days!!

Annie said...

They did NOT do that, did they???? Maybe you could pour their coffee on the snowy whatnot, then it might melt:) I have to guess March 30th (my Mom's bday)!!

thegypsymama said...


And believe it or not, I laugh WITH you, not AT you, because we are in the same boat.


wenjonggal said...

"Blackbelt said: Real snow. That kills all those nasty germs and bug eggs."
She is so right. I come from Saskatchewan, and now Montreal, and I can't tell you how happy we are to not have all the nasty bugs half the world has! ;D

I say May 3 for the block of ice. The snow will be gone before april, but the block of ice can last and last and last. May 3. (though it will be much smaller before that!)

wenjonggal said...

Autumnesf is totally right too... it will look like a block of concrete, and that black goop will insulate it. :) I am tickled to see at least a couple have suggested June. I can lend you our shovel too... here in Montreal we haven't had any real snow (ie more than a dusting) since Jan 3. We are just living in salt dust and dirty crushed gravel instead of snw balls and snowmen. I envy you.

Janet said...

I'm guessing.....April 5, since that's our anniversary.

But I personally think your beautiful mountain is a lovely addition to your front lawn. Your very own ski hill. I know how to make it even MORE beautiful.....put some food colouring and water in a spray bottle and let your daughter go to town. My kids love to "colour" the snow. Of course, you may have to look at it for a month or two. And coloured snow can get old pretty fast. But it would SURE give the neighbours something to talk about.

Suzy said...

If the fire marshal comes to check the closest hydrant on a day above freezing, see if they can hose down Mt. Tonggu... OR! Put an ad on Craig's List to pay someone $20 to haul it off or safely & creatively get rid of it. If the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

Aunt LoLo said...

April 15. ;-)

Cindy said...

April 3:) and it want last forever you will have theprettiest lawn this year!!