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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snOw My Lands

We are still alive, despite the second blizzard. But I know y'all don't really care about the husband and I. Sure, sure, you SAY that you care, but I know why y'all are REALLY checking in today. You just want to know if the stupid cat is okay.

And possibly the Tongginator, too.

Well, the Tongginator is doing fine, although she is going a bit stir crazy. Yesterday was such a gray and damp day, we didn't go outside at all. We made do with arts and crafts instead. Lots and lots and LOTS of arts and crafts. Unfortunately, we'll be doing many more of these in the coming days... we found out yesterday afternoon that our district canceled school for the rest of the week. That's a lot for this fired-from-using-a-glue-gun-momma to take in.

following the directions on the last page of Dragon Dance
by Joan Holub... thankfully, no glue gun was required

what, like YOUR dragon puppet doesn't wear a
necklace and have rainbows and flowers on it?!?!

The Tongginator also created a list of ten things she could do that don't involve watching television nor pestering Momma 24/7. (Which sounds terrible, I know, until you remember that in the past four weeks, the Tongginator has attended just three full and six half-days of school.) Her much-needed list includes all manner of important tasks, including - and I quote - wear jewelry, smell Doggy and pretend it's my birthday at school.

Ah, the important things in life.

As for the stupid cat , she was fine as of midnight last night. I am heading out to shovel the deck... AGAIN... as soon as the storm stops. Which it hasn't yet. But to reassure all y'all who belong to POTTA, here's a brief glimpse of Molly during the height of the storm last night. I don't know how y'all feel, but she looks pretty darn comfortable to me.

the "heated" feral cat house, which is solely (okay, okay,
somewhat) responsible for our $400 electric bill this month

do you think those icicles make her look fat?

I have so many real posts stirring around inside my brain (some even adoption-related!), but I don't have time to write them. I'm too busy shoveling and entertaining the Tongginator and shoveling and washing snow clothes and shoveling and... well, y'all get the picture. Please bear with me this week as the Tongginator is off school until at least Tuesday. Therefore, my posts will be pointless, whiny, self-centered and vapid until then.

Well, maybe after then, too. I mean, it is ME we're talking about.


Michelle said...

I can't believe your district has cancelled that much school in the last four weeks! Of course, your area has gotten SO much snow this year that it's unbelievable. I hope the end of the snow is in sight.

T did a great job with her dragon puppet - necklace, rainbows and all! I hope you can pass the day today without having to pull out the dreaded glue gun. We made potato heads yesterday and I got the glue gun out, but you know I love that crafty stuff. :)

Aus said...

I think your posts are cool! Love the T and cat updates - and at least we get to see the cat's face! As for whiny - we're doing the same thing with cancelled school and kids with cabin fever real bad - on top of jet lag and trying to unpack from almost 3 weeks in Asia ... nuts might be a good word for how we are feeling! The only 'down time' I'm getting is going outside once a day to play with my snow thrower! (Ya know - guys / loud / powerful / use gas / machine time!)

Hugs - hang in there -

aus and co.

epin said...

Hope you, your family, and Molly stay warm and safe. The winds are crazy right now where I live, and I truly hope that we do not lose electricity.

prechrswife said...

So, how many weather days are built into your school calendar? At this rate, it will be year-round school. Hope you don't go too stir-crazy!

Anne said...

You'll be all shoveled out by this weekend, right? With huge arm muscles to show for it?

jen@odbt said...

I'm just about that desperate to start crafts and I don't really care for them. Enough already!?!?! Hope your power stays on during this blizzard - I can't even see the neighbors' houses across the street.

Jboo said...

Hang in there - spring is on the way -- or so I hear! What a cute cute cute kitty cat!:)


Sarah said...

I figured you'd be on the verge (of some form) check your email, if you haven't already. I sent you something for your parental enjoyment....because I don't think Tongginator would get WHY it's so funny.

Anonymous said...

We're FINALLY getting the storm! I'm thrilled! I watched it go from empty skies, to a few flakes drifting around, to full-blown blizzard out my window, and I'm giving a happy sigh. A little easier for me to do, since we've been missing most of the really fun stuff you guys have been getting all winter.

The Olympics are starting on Friday - maybe if the Tongginator sees all the fun stuff you can do in the snow, she'll start to want to play in it some more! And if not, at least it'll give her something to watch that's not the Food Network :)

bbmomof2boys said...

yes...those iscicles make her look fat!!!

Hang in there chick - cherry blossoms will be blooming soon!!


Jillene said...

It seriously has to snow 100 feet for them to cancel school here (I may be exagerating a tad bit but not really not too much). (0:

blackbelt said...

Hey, you stole that last paragraph from ME! (heh) Honestly, I just can't get all the thoughts out of my head and onto the keyboard!

Mahmee said...

Maybe we should ship you our little trampoline. That works for R during snow storm stir-crazies. Actually, just throwing a mattress on the floor for bouncing works too. When you are at war with the weather and have a very energetic kid, you just gotta pull out all of the stops.
Sooo...this is probably not the time for me to mention that we saw our first cherry blossom tree in full pink splendor here yesterday. Nah, probably not. ;-)
Seriously though...this is just crazy unbelievable. You all take care.

M3 said...

Oh man, I feel for you. I *used* to like rain. Now I think I despise it.

Briana's Mom said...

That kitty is too much!

You won't believe it, but Briana and I did the same dragon puppets yesterday! I have a post all ready to go for tomorrow talking about it.

Great minds think alike. ;)

Logical Libby said...

Whenever I hear about snowbound kids I always picture those wind up toys walking endlessly into walls.

And then I wonder why giving kids NyQuil is frowned upone.

Janet said...

Okay. I'm laughing just a liiiitle bit. 'Cause your post was so funny, that's why.

And yes, those icicles DO make her look fat. Some feral cat! A little too well fed to be completely feral....he he he....

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Since you asked, yes actually, our dragon puppets would have a necklace with rainbows and flowers. It would be sticking its tongue out too!

Does this sound familiar? "Go find something to do that doesn't involve ME because if you have to ask me the answer is going to be NO" LOL, not that I would say those things.

Tracey said...

Sorry to hear about all the snow you've been getting. Makes our recent storm in WI seem insignificant. My favorite part of this post was the T's list. I appreciated your link to the Smell Doggy explanation. My daughter, Whitney, has Dog. She fell in love with Dog when he arrived in the mail just after she came to the U.S. Dog looks floppy like Doggy, but is pink polka dotted. I first had to wash Dog after Whit got car sick all over him, yes, him. There was no choice, and I just hoped he'd make it out "alive." Thankfully, he did, and looked better than ever. Whit's obsession with Dog has waned a little, but he still gets smelly and needs a bath. Every once in awhile, Whitney shakes dog to life and smooshes her face in his. They seem to have some kind of mutual understandings.

Super Mommy said...

What a lovely dragon! Yes my girls' dragons would have rainbow-colored flowers and necklaces too...and probably earrings!

I'd be a bit stir-crazy by now too...chin up!

Laura L. said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. Glad to hear you haven't been buried alive yet.
What is the deal? Is it just me, or does the cat have a heart on her ear in the first picture?

Hang in there!

Mamatini said...

Okay, that first picture of Molly looks like she has a little heart on her ear! She's sending you a message!

Oh, and I don't know how you feel about makeup/kids, but I'm firmly against it for all but EMERGENCIES! And snowbound stir-crazies are EMERGENCIES!

We do this in the height of the AZ 115-degree summers (doesn't that sounds really good right about now?) when the kids are out of school and can't go outside.

SPA DAY! Haul out your makeup and nail polish and go to town. Bonus points if you let her do you! This goes over really well here, maybe because it is such a novelty. And it usually spawns a lengthy dress-up session that gives me some breathing room for a while.

Aunt LoLo said...

You're a good woman. School was cancelled today (NO JOY FOR US!) so I cashed in on the fact that BBJ thinks it's COOL to "help mom." So far, we've visited a quilt shop for fabric, hit up Trader Joe's for tofu, mixed up a batch of bread and started a batch of cookies. Right now, SJ is taking a nap while BBJ watches Howl's Moving Castle. I've still got to tidy up the house before my in-laws get here tonight...and hopefully get a start on cutting a quilt that needs be done a week from Saturday. EEEK.

Donna said...

I got such a chuckle out of looking at that dragon puppet. My girls also put those long protuberances on the eyeballs of everything they create (perhaps they're thinking "snail"?). But the tongue really makes this beast look especially menacing (hee hee).

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