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Friday, February 12, 2010

No Glue Gun Required

Just so y'all know, we haven't just been whining and shoveling, shoveling and whining this week. We've also been crafting. Because what else is one going to do with a five-year-old when stuck at home for eight straight days? The snow plows made it down our street late yesterday afternoon, so we hope to actually leave the neighborhood today! Y'all cheer with me: hooray!

a "welcome spring" variation of this autumn craft

a Tongginator version of this craft, with
make-shift supplies due to the blizzard

all three Chinese New Year lanterns

using Chinese New Year foam stamps ... step one

step two (Oriental Trading Company is now
sold out, but AJ Panda has them in stock)

the final product, Tongginator style

the final product, Tonggu Momma style

starting our egg carton Chinese New Year dragon
(the paint was still drying when I wrote this post)

a simple Valentine's Day "card"

How have you been keeping busy this week? Help me out, y'all... we still have four days until school begins again.


crazymommy said...

Love all the crafts you made with your daughter and thank you for the link shoutout! ;)

If you still have some time to kill, maybe make the lion head craft with her. Both my children love that craft project and have been lion dancing every day since we made them.

Last but not least, Wishing you and your family a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year!

Kim K. said...

Looks like you've really been getting-your-craft ON!! Very fun. Have a great weekend.

The Source said...

Some of these look sort of fun. I like the olympic torch one and the hands around the globe.


This snow collage is cute, too. Probably won't keep the Tongginator busy for very long, though, it looks fairly simple.


Or how about a chart to keep up with the medal count? She could keep up with China and the US.

This site has lots of printable and online games with winter themes.



And this one has several neat ideas...a paper yo yo, Chinese New Year drum, puppets, kites, and more.

A science experiment for all of that SNOW you've got lying around.


Make some ice cream!!

Make a "lava light" in a bottle. A little messy, but fun.

Cool look at colors inside a black magic marker:

And several more science things to do:

Ok, my brain hurts. Have fun. We're supposed to actually have a few flakes down here today. We'll see if it really happens!!

The Source said...

Oh well...I thought I was doing it right, but my links didn't show up as links. Darn. Maybe if you get bored enough you can copy and paste???

happygeek said...

Is my go-to.
Things we've been doing:
playing school: Spud recreates th entire K day, complete with calendar time and centres.
PBSkids.org: The best webiste ever
boardgames (my baby is a gamer)
q-tip painting. (skip the paintbrushes, use q tips)
Making french toast (they do most of it with me supervising)
popcorn parties (they LOVE to eat popcorn and watch movies)
cutting up magazines- then using the pictures for their store (mommy is the #1 customer)
obstacle courses through the house
cleaning (they both LOVE to "help" dust and wash windows, it teaches the basics and then I go fix it later)
Youtube (the salsa twins have a SUPER playlist)

JBH said...

OMG - you are an amazing momma! I'm put to shame...

Seems like the previous commenters loaded you up with tons of good suggestions.

Just wanted to add my admiration for you:-)

blackbelt said...


Mama King said...

Wow! It looks like you and little T have been busy! You put me to shame. Thanks so much for the link! The lanterns all look great. We are going to have to check out some of these links. Have a great weekend and Happy New Year to you and your family. May it be a lucky one!

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

I love all the crafting! We are big crafters in this house! Love everything!!!!

Mama.The.Dragon said...

Nice crafts TM! And your photos are crafty too!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Y'all have been busy.....and so CRAFTY!!!

I just got done printing out a few CNY crafts for Sarah to do this weekend:)

Happy CNY!!



Aunt LoLo said...

My GOODNESS, y'all have been gettin' your crafty on!

Hrm...ideas...heh. Usually, I start baking. LOL Cookies are always in season!

Myrnie said...

Somebody's getting fancy with the camera! Cute pictures :)

We made pink glittery playdough the other day- I posted the recipe yesterday on IWW. I think she'd like it, and the glitter doesn't get all over :)

Lisa said...

Well, since she's willing to go out into the "white stuff" now, try filling a couple of spray bottles with water / food coloring to "paint" the snow! Its a blast, but wear your grungy snow things or cover her with a poncho over her good coat! :)

Also bring in a large tub of snow for some play! Add some toys, bury some treasures for her to find....have a dinosaur dig!

Sidewalk chalk and bubbles on the shoveled sidewalks...it really can work! Create a picture garden! The colors tend to be more vibrant on wet ground too!

Hide-n-seek in the house or invite the neighbor kids over to play!

Balloon volleyball! :)

Gymnastics class with Mommy ~ bed jumping, obstacle course in the hallway, wheel barrow, jumping jacks, etc....gets the wiggles out!

And my fave....baking cookies of course! :) Make some Tigers! grrrrrrr....

Hope you guys get some relief soon!

Patricia/NYC said...

Great crafts!! Love the lanterns!
OK...so NOW is the time to do the "tracing body mural"....I posted about that sometime last spring I think? And you emailed me telling me you will definitely do that on a rainy day...ok, let's make that a snowy day! ;)

Trace TG's body while she's lying down on craft paper...get out the paints, aluminum foil, craypas, whatever & let 'er rip! ;)

Have fun!!
Our "blizzard" was an embarrassment! A big ol' nothin' here in the city. When I was little, they called is SNOW! ha!

LucisMomma said...

Wow! I am so impressed. Those are all wonderful crafts. Tongginator, you did great! So did your mama.

Sarah said...

You can always get together with a certain snow baby and take turns body slamming him in the snow. Just a thought....

Asianmommy said...

How cute! I love those stamps.

Patty O. said...

Wow, you guys are creative. I wish I could say we are the same over here. My kids did make valentines, but they are mostly just hearts I cut out that the kids smothered in paint and glitter.

Of course, we are not snowed in, which I think is ironic considering I live in the Midwest and you don't--you don't typically get this much snow out in your neck of the woods, do you? Hope you get out of the house soon!

Super Mommy said...

Okay all your whining this week was totally worth reading, just to get to this post LOL (just kidding)!! I love your crafts! Little Tongginator is talented, she must get that from you!

Wanda said...

Well....you're my hero. Can't believe you did all that stuff. Good for you!

Love all the crafts.

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Michelle said...

OK, seriously, I was crafted out after two snow days and one two-hour delay... and I love my glue gun! You have got to be worn out. These are all fabulous projects. My personal favorite is the paper bag trees. Those are so cool! I sure hope T can go back to school on Tuesday!

CC said...

We were stuck in our home last year due to our freak snow storm too. No fun.

But your crafting is looking GREAT! Love the tiger masks and the stamping job!

Holly said...

Wow TM!! Standing O for you girl!
I never pegged you as a crafty type!
You are a mystery! :)
Love the crafts. We just got 2 inches of snow...Tony and the big 2 kids are out playing in the backyard at 11 o'clock at night loving it...b/c well, you know, it probably won't last!
I hope it doesn't interrupt our CNY party on Sunday!
We are hosting and have some surprises for our friends :)

The Gang's Momma! said...

I am such a slacker. I have done NONE of this craftiness. NONE. And after our rockin' Olympics International Feast last night, I don't plan to now. :) We are working on memorizing the Olympics schedule instead . . .

Buckeroomama said...

Wow, that's lots of crafting going on there!

Josh came home with a similar lantern from school the other day, which was haphazardly squished inside his school bag! :( I'm loving the stamp art you did! :)

Dita said...

Geeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz.....I'm gonna go retire my glue sticks and crayons and construction paper because you have just shown me that my crafting skills are in the loo!

Wow, are these some FABULOUS goodies!!!

You are getting very resourceful by Day 8!

a little leprechaun said...

Great crafts!! Hope you had a great Chinese New Year!! Don't you love AJ Panda?? I haven't bought anything yet, but I've got a wishlist going! ;-)

Have a great week!