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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buried in Snow

This may well be my last! post! ever! because I expect to be buried alive, under five feet of snow before the night is out. Yes, y'all, we are expecting another 10 to 20 inches today because three feet of snow? Just isn't enough. Why settle for snow drifts as high as my shoulders? I mean, if we're really trying to prove something, we need piles that tower above my head. Just today, I lost the Tongginator for a second when she fell through the snow and disappeared from view. It took two junior high schoolers to help her ice-climb her way to the top again.

On the up side, at least the Tongginator is finally going OUT in the snow. She's becoming numb to its less attractive qualities... namely, its temperature.

Which is COLD.

I really don't mean to whine, but y'all - seriously - us Fake Southerners are just NOT used to this. I mean, sure, we get snow in Maryland. We get a lot of snow if you compare us to more than half of the United States. But DC snow? Melts within three days. All the time. ALWAYS. And rarely does more than a foot fall at one time. This new trend of blizzards every four to ten days? We just aren't prepared for it. We only have so much freezer space for food. We only have a limited number of gloves and hats. And we only have a certain number of school snow days before the children will be chained to their desks until the Fourth of July. Which just seems downright un-American if you ask me.

I feel like I should start learning the words to the Canadian national anthem.

Our total snowfall this winter adds up to about 65 inches. Mind-boggling. If another 20 inches falls on our little town tonight, I seriously don't know where the snow plows will put it all. Maybe they could dump it inside my favorite local grocery store... the roof collapsed earlier this weekend from the weight of three feet of snow. Pray for us, y'all. Pray that our power stays on. That we don't run out of food. That our roof holds up under the weight of yet another blizzard. That Molly survives the cold. That the Pile of Snowy What-Not does not increase too much in size.

(I'm thinking of taking bets as to when it will disappear.)

And now, as payment for the tremendous amount of whining I just forced y'all to listen to, here is a rare shot of the Tongginator. Amazingly, she enjoyed the snow yesterday. I know! I couldn't believe it either! I think it's because we are now cycling through repeats of The Food Network line-up, but I could be mistaken.

borrowed snow pants, borrowed sled because the Tongginator
assured me - less than one month ago - that she would never, not
ever, couldn't possibly go sledding in the cold, cold, COLD snow

Now I'm off to write my obituary. Right after I finish watching The Day After Tomorrow. That is, if the power stays on.

*insert melodramatic sigh*


Kim said...

The sledding looks like so much fun -
I swear the snow pants make a big difference!

Now, our problem is that we don't own a sled! So far Maddie has been happy climbing the big hill piles, making snow angels and attacking us with snow balls but I might just have to break out an old cookie sheet for her to sled down a hill after this next bout of snow hits us. Yes, I've sledded on cookie sheets before, although I won't mention how many decades ago it was ;)

Aus said...

Hey TM - we're back!!!! It's only 6:45 and we've only been up for a couple hours - almost back to our time zone too! We're having snow storm #2 now - it will last until about 6PM on Wednesday - we're off school again today and likely tomorrow too. But it's all good here - Chase is a HOOT - and we're happy! Thanks for following along - and good luck when this next storm hits you guys!

hugs - aus and co.

HubeiMama said...

I do not know how you do it. I would have tunneled my way to Florida by now if I were you.

I hope this next round is not too bad. Or at least you keep internet/power if it is. Writing an obituary by candlelight and hand would be like salt in the wound, wouldn't it?

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH MY WORD....I really cannot believe more is on the way...... forget 4th of July, you all might be going to school until August 1st at this rate. I am sure you have never seen anything like it down there. I hope this storm doesn't pack the punch that the last one did.....

So good to see The Tongginator enjoying the snow.....looks like she is loving every minute of it!!

Stay warm....HUGS:)


The Source said...

Oh yeah...I'd totally be breaking the furniture down to use as firewood right now. How in the world do you stand all the COLD? And the wet? And the blinding whiteness? Couldn't you plug in the hair dryer and just melt it off your deck?

Krista said...

This Tennessee gal is having a real hard time living in Maryland this year. I just hope it clears up enough so that we can go to some CNY events.

We are all so DONE with the snow. Even the wee ones have stopped asking to go out in it!

Elouise82 said...

OK, even this northerner will stop snickering in my sleeve over how you soft southerners are all finally learning what REAL winter feels like ... because come February, even those of us who are practically Canadians start getting sick of winter.

Oh, and being practically Canadian, I do know the words to the Canadian national anthem. If you ever want to learn. We sang both the Canadian and American anthems at every single college hockey game I ever attended growing up. The first time I went to a game downstate and they only sang the American, I was confused and mildly insulted.

The joys of living less than an hour from the border. (Gives a whole new meaning to "south of the border"!)

autumnesf said...

I feel for you!!!!! I want to go back to Texas!!!!! Or Florida! I've done Iceland and Nebraska -- Why does the military keep sending us North when I am a Texas/New Mexico/Arizona kind of girl?????

Norah said...

Yeah, NJ is getting hit again tomorrow. Did I mention I don't do snow? This is our first winter at this house...this house with larger property, this house with a circular driveway on a hill. WHAT WERE WE THINKING?! The first storm we had this year, DH had to go to a doctor 2 days later because he said it felt like he had an alien in his stomach. Turned out he pulled a muscle from clearing out the SNOW. Evil snow.

Wade's World said...

Man, global warming is really messing life up, huh?

J/K. I'm praying for your family. Down here in Dixie we consider 1/2 inch of snow a major event, so I can't even fathom 3 feet of snow.

I would just die!

happygeek said...

Oh Canada
Our home and Native Land
True Patriot Love
In all our son's command
With glowing hearts
We see thee rise
The true North strong and free
From far and wide oh Canada
we stand on guard for thee
God keep our Land
Glorious and Free
Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee
Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Y'all got more snow than we will probably have this winter. Welcome honourary citizens!

Anne said...

If Elouise82 can stop snickering, I will too. (Because she's obviously much more gracious than am I!) Everybody now! "O' Canada! Our home and native land!..."

Turn it into an adventure, since it *is* a rare thing for you, and the T might not see another winter like this ever. Or, until she's grown and moves north after reading my blog and realizing she also must live in the wilderness.

Camp out in the living room under a canopy of blankets suspended by chairs... make sugar-on-snow with hot maple syrup (or fakey nasty)... bury a beach-ball in the back yard and play find-it.... make a snow-cave and pretend to be bears (take old blankets out to lay on in the cave)....

oh, and drink lots of Hot! Buttered! Rummmm!!!!

Annie said...

I think yall are looking at year round school at this point!!! LOL!! Glad the Tongginator enjoyed the snow. Lizzie tolerated it for only a bit when we visited in inlaws and was then too cold! There is NO fat on her little body to keep her warm! LOL!! Stay warm!!!

Cheri said...

I am speechless! So sorry you are getting hit again. Praying you only get 10 inches and you stay warm!

Desiree' said...

Have you seen the grocery stoers?!?! There is nothing left, not even bread. I am thinking The Shining. This is just crazy.

Jillene said...

Welcome to my world. I live in Utah. Enough said. I am glad that she is enjoying it. It really is fun to play in.

prechrswife said...

This southern girl can't even wrap my brain around the idea of that much snow. Looks like the Tongginator is having a ball, though. :-)

mommy24treasures said...

that is ALOT of snow! I am so ready for Spring. We have had some days warm enough to play out doors but not near as many as prior winters. The Treasures hae been looking at the blog at all our outings from last Spring saying can we go there? and there? and there? and I have to keep saying when it gets WARM!
We are tired of hibernating.

Laura L. said...

No way! So sorry to hear that lots more snow is headed your way. I think maybe Old Man Winter is a little confused about where he's supposed to leave all that snow. You've already had your share. He should just go away now!

I'm glad the Tongginator is enjoying the snow now. That's great. So good for her to get out and have fun, plus release some of that energy.

During our first winter here in MN, we had about 78 inches of snow total. We thought we might die. It has never snowed that much again since. Thank God. I remember the snow banks being taller than our 9 year old. He is now 6 feet tall. Hopefully we won't get that much snow. LOL

LucisMomma said...

What a great action shot of the Tongginator. My Guizhou girl loved what we had yesterday (it's all gone today! 2.5 inches totally demolished by overnight rain).

I do hope you keep your power--we've been there, done that with ice storms. Not fun. Especially when you have to "go to town" to get water in buckets to flush the toilets, because you are on an electric pump at the spring at the bottom of the hill. Oh, Glorious City Water that we have now!

Cindy said...

I might have to ditto the preacher's wife! I am from TN! and I think I might rather have the snow than all this rain we are getting:) We may have to build the Ark, pray for us down here too! can you come on board if we do!

Honestly I think you could write a best seller! you are so funny"))

Love you for you love the LORd and too you make me laugh, as well!
Have you alwayd BEEN this commical??
go to flicker sometime to cindylou3039@yahoo.com and you will know who I am as well!

Hope you do not have to write that ob just yet!
Maybe we will get to watch some programs too!

your little one looks lije she is having a blast too!

love you TM mom
have a showey snowy day!

Hope you can flush your toilets too! that isnot a glorious sight either is it!
your poor neighbor hood is fading away:(( ha ha! just a teasing!!

Andrea said...

We're getting snow here too. I'm thinking my kids will be out the rest of the week, then we'll be out of snow days for school. They'll be going until late June if that happens!

Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I must admit I have lurked at yours a few times:) You are such a wealth of knowledge for those in the adoption community. My husband and I have only been married a few months and are not yet 30, so we are not (as of yet) official members of the adoptive family community - but we will be some day!

Yes we are possibly getting 10-18ish more inches. I am a fourth grade teacher outside Baltimore, MD and we have been off of school the last two days - not much hope we will be back tomorrow either:)

Stay warm and blessings to your family, Ashley

Magi said...

I'm so sorry you're having all this snow. We're supposedly going to get hit by this storm, too. We've had much less snow than usual, but I'm not complaining.

Janet said...

The Geek beat me to it. I was going to teach you our national anthem. You are DEFINITELY an honourary Canadian after all this snow. Now you will have to start spelling some of your words with a "U"!


To name a few.

Patricia/NYC said...

Global warming? HA!

We're on target to get hit tonight into tomorrow...they've already closed the schools...that NEVER happens around here!!

pickel said...

you have gotten more snow that we have this year, by far! We're going swimming today, if we can make it through the blizzard we are actually having.

jennifer said...

LOL!!! I can't believe all the snow! They are actually saying we might be getting some snow Thursday! I hope not. I'm so tired of being cold. Us REAL southerners ;) like it warm!!

I'm so glad you're at least able to enjoy it now though!

jen@odbt said...

Hooray for TG getting out there to sled. Have to say though that my kids are tired of playing outside. Enough already! We have piles of snow that could rival yours. :)

Wanda said...

Here....let me help you.
"Oh Can...na....da, our home and (frickin cold) native land. True.....

Huh? oh, you know the words? So then I'll hum along then.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I'm a born Irish girl, however I've been living in Canada 10 years now. Ottawa to be exact. And I pray for snow in the winter, because believe or believe it not, I believe snow actually warms the place up in comparison to our cold days!

I feel bad for you though, truly I do...because I'm not a lover of snow either, and I wouldn't have bought a sleigh either!! I'm totally with the Tongginator!

Jill :)

Elizabeth Channel said...

Great photo! So glad to see you are all well :)

Kristi said...

Oh. My. Word!
Praying for your sanity...

Kim said...

I can't believe your getting hit again! Maybe you should build an Igloo. Will pray for your sanity.

Gail said...

Wow! you guys are getting more snow, hope all is well. Now you know what it's like here some Winters in the frozen tundra. (Wisconsin)

I do feel bad for y'all TM!

bbmomof2boys said...

eeek....that's a lot of snow!! We just got rain with the last system. Tomorrow it will be the winds, hopefully no trees will fall!!

Have fun and enjoy it!


Kiy said...

Honey, you haven't run out of freezer space ... check your backyard! Or rather, your garage. That's what northerners do for extra freezer space. I-kid-you-not!

Been thinking of you, glad I'm not there but wishing you guys didn't have all that to deal with.

Sending LOTS of warm wishes and hot cocoa thoughts,

Jboo said...

I feel your pain thought we don't have that much snow! Think warm thoughts -- right! Like that'll do any good!! :)


Cavatica said...

BB won't go out in the snow, but I don't think she minds the cold. I do, so I'm not pushing it. I'm a sad, lazy, cold mommy (insert whine now). Instead we have been watching Mary Poppins over and over again. I wonder how many times we can watch it tomorrow? "Supercalifragi...helps the medicine go down!"

Denise said...

Right there with you girl! Although we are a bit south of you , so we don't expect as much...except that it may be ice... with wind... which means power may go off again...and we already were out all weekend...ugh! I moved away from NY to get away from this!

Stay warm~

Sharie said...

You guys already get out of school much later than we do in the mid-west and we have snow make-up days built into the school calendar (which we are officially out of). You really might be in school till late-June.

I am being punished for laughing at y'all as we got about 10 inches today - we stayed home. I worked here from here. It was supposed to blow and drift - and sometimes the drift in my drive gets to be 3 feet - and that just seemed too much to deal with:)

Did I mention, I live in a townhouse - yes - I watched the guys shovel my walk from the comfort of my couch:)

Stay warm - and they do make special shovels for roofs, perhaps you'll have to import them from the mid-west so you don't have a cave-in.

Super Mommy said...

Close your eyes and pretend you are somewhere warm! And by all means, don't look outside again!! LOL

I feel for ya though, I'd be freaking out a little too. Looks like Tongginator is having fun though, right? She's doing pretty well is she can sled one handed!

Carla said...

Oh my...the grocery store's roof caved in?! That's so not good. I'll be praying for you all.

I learned my lesson in teasing you for our beautiful weather comparatively...unexpected snow. *sigh*

Here's hoping that estimated 10-20 inches tonight fizzles into nothingness.

and BTW, one of the buildings in Tucson, Arizona was designed to withstand 12 feet of snow on it's roof. ;)

La-La-Liene said...

Feel free to hire a refrigerated semi to shovel it all into so that it can be driven to my house here in ATL and promptly dumped on my front yard.

Oh how I long to be living back in the Baltimore/DC area. Thankfully I'll be going home on Thursday where they have about a foot. That should make me happy for now.

Myrnie said...

:o( Good luck!!

Suzie said...

Unbelievable! I guess I'll stop complaining about the 40 degree temps down here in FL!!! Stay warm.

CC said...

Yeah for enjoying the snow!!

We had snow on the ground for 12 hours this year. It started around 5pm and was gone by about 5am. I think my kids played in it for 8 of those 12 hours. ;)

BTW: I just saw our first daffodils blooming today!! Nanny, nanny, nanny!