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Friday, January 8, 2010

Panda Eyes

Yesterday the husband chatted with a coworker who lives on the other side of the world. You see, the husband's huge company is a worldwide name. Years ago, we dubbed it The Borg. At this point some of y'all may be scratching your heads, unable to understand the reference. And I get that. Because I'm no Star Trek fan myself, but - alas! - the husband IS a Star Trek fan.

(Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to feel sorry for me.)

Anyways, while I don't know much about the cult of Star Trek, I DO know that The Borg are depicted as a superhuman race, with one collective mind, that tends to assimilate others who get in their way.

Yes. Well. Ahem.

So back to the husband's conversation with a fellow Borg employee, albeit one who lives halfway around the world. They chatted about All Things Work-Related for several minutes before discussing New Years activities (ours from last week and both families' upcoming plans for next month's Chinese New Year celebrations). And then Jasmine started yawning. A lot. Because, while it was about 10:30 in the morning our time, it was 10:30 at night for her. And so she politely said goodnight to the husband with...

JASMINE: I'd better get to bed soon or I'm going to wake up with panda eyes.

THE HUSBAND: Panda eyes?

JASMINE: You know if you wake up and you didn't get enough sleep the night before? And you have dark circles and puffy eyelids, so people will make fun of you - knowing you didn't sleep well - and they will call you panda eyes.

THE HUSBAND: Really? I've never heard that term before.

JASMINE: It's a common expression here.

And then they said their goodbyes. And the husband called me to tell me all about panda eyes. Because he knew I would love the expression. Because he knows me so! very! well! And because he knew I'd want to look it up in Mandarin. Which I did. (Of course.) It's xiong2 mao1 yan3 jing1: 熊猫眼睛.

At this point - I'd like to share with y'all a little photo, just because I can.

a few more pandas we've picked up since my big confession last
year, not including the pandas which arrived on Christmas

from left to right: one I just had to purchase... a tea set given to the
Tongginator by the Fish family... a thrift store find of Tonggu Grammy's

(I totally can't help it, y'all ... it's an addiction.)

Now I am off to take a nap because - with my cold - I need all the extra sleep I can get. I'm trying to avoid the teasing that comes with panda eyes.

And when was the last time y'all had panda eyes?


Buckeroomama said...

Heh. I use that expression a lot and that's what I tell J & Z when I want them to get in bed and quit playing around around bedtime --i.e., that they might end up with panda eyes in the morning if they don't get enough sleep. :)

Polar Bear said...

I like that expression ~ I'm going to have to remember that one!

I understand the panda purchase addiction. I tend to have the same affliction for all things polar bear. :o)

I LOVE the tea set.

Aus said...

Love the expression and I'll be adding it to my 'list'!

And I have them right now - and all too frequently....

And hey - one trekker to another (or at least the spouse of another) 1) Trek rulez 2) Everything I needed to know about life I learned from Spock (Including when puzzled about anything just say "Fascinating" and finally and most importantly 3)"Resistance is futile, you shall be assimilated" (maybe by pandas?);)

hugs - aus and co.

Aunt LoLo said...

1) Lo Gung watched the Star Trek movie with me. That was the point when I realized he had Never! Seen! Star Trek!
Ever. Not an old episode, not a newer episode, and certainly not one of the 6 cheezy movies.

Yes, feel sorry for ME - I had to explain everything to him! And I'm not a Trekkie!

2) Hung Mau Ngaan Jing! Get it right. ;-) LOL I had forgotten about that expression! It wasn't super common in Hong Kong, but I have heard it before.

Anonymous said...

we call those "raccoon eyes" around here. Same concept, different animal!

I love the Tongginator's tea set. I would totally collect tea sets, myself, if I had the room!

Kim K. said...

I just love that panda bear tea set. We have quite a few panda bear items in Josie's room. They are too sweet. Get better!!

LucisMomma said...

Thanks for the new expression, and how to say it. :)

So, it's pandas *and* snowmen? lol

Hope you and TD are feeling better today.

Erin @ Closing Time said...

Panda eyes! I like that...sounds rather endearing until you read what it actually means! :)

Norah said...

I have PPE Syndrome. Permanent Panda Eyes. *Yawn*

Annie said...

Um, everyday!!!! LOL!!

Briana's Mom said...

Every.single.day. I live with Bri, remember? :)

Anonymous said...

Given your Star Trek intro and the Borg, I was thinking Panda Eyes were something that follows you... kind of like LOTR! And as for panda eyes, it's a family trait I inherited from my dad. My secret weapon is concealer.

Myrnie said...

Hey, my DAD worked for "The Borg" too! (In fact, so did I.) I'm pretty sure we were the real deal, though- we kept gobbling companies, and our logo was the Death Star. :)

Panda Eyes, Rainbow Eyes...y'all have some amazing eyes :)

Mama King said...

Great expression. Will be using that expression on my hubby. He gets serious Panda Eyes if he doesn't sleep well or is sick.

FYI: we used food coloring for our ice cubes.

Michelle said...

Oh yeah, I was sportin' panda eyes for the first 18 months when Mia came home. Only, I didn't know it was called Panda Eyes. I'm always learning something over here. I just never know what it's going to be... lol

Kristin said...

Uh, I have panda eyes everyday! I'm thinking they aren't ever going to go away. Maybe once all my kids are grown and out of my house.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I have never heard of them, but I certainly sport them at least a few days a week!!

Hope you have a nice weekend....get better soon!



Debbie said...

How will you live long and prosper? How will you know what to do when the tribbles come?
Oh my. I LOVE Star Trek. You are a wise woman to have married so well:)

Sophie, Inzaburbs said...

Heh Heh.
My husband once worked for The Borg too... although I suspect it was a different Borg :-)
Or maybe the same Borg but in a different temporal whatsit. Or something.
OK, I admit, it I am way in above my head...

Patty O. said...

That's a good one! I love the tea set!

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a cute expression! And sounds so much nicer than, "Wow...you look really tired!"...lol

I love pandas also...I love seeing precious little panda babies...oh my...they just steal my heart every time.

P.S. I have never even watched Star Trek...you have my utmost complete sympathy my friend.

Colleen said...

Panda eyes!!! So that's my problem...well actually the lack of sleep would be the issue...wonder what they call old wrinkled eyes????? I guess I'm more of a cross between lizard and Panda eyes : P
Love your collection...so cute!!!

She Writes said...

Whoop whoop, I can read that whole sentence, no traslation needed! Xiong mao, bear cat in China, and mao xiong cat bear in Taiwan, or is it the opposite? can't recall, but my teacher is Taiwanese (Mandarin accent though) and she taught me this about the panda bear.

The panda eyes was a new concept. Good to know. I think I am a panda eyed woman right now.

Ivy said...

So glad you stopped by! I know it's been a very long time and I have missed you so much. Holidays were a bit difficult for me, but they're over, yeah!

Sorry to hear about the colds going around. Hope you guys all feel better. When do ya think you'll be up this way?

As for Panda eyes, got them everyday baby and proud of them I like to photoshop them off my face LOL. Gives me a challenge!!!

Well, miss you girl.



Nicole said...

I had panda eyes for years, but since my four and a half year old is finally not waking two or three times a night, they have mostly gone away. Knock wood.

CC said...

does every morning count???

Anonymous said...

Panda eyes...it's a nice expression.

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Dita said...

Now THAT is funny....but apt!
And your panda obsession...well, I won't go there.

Rest and go watch Roman Holiday for the upteenth time.....you'll feel awl betta.


Grateful for Grace said...

I'm pretty sure my given name must mean Panda Eyes.