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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Okay, so I'm not proud, but...

I found something two nights ago, y'all. Something rather... er... surprising. I seriously did NOT mean to snoop (honestly), but it was lying on the Tongginator's side table in plain sight. So - just to be clear - I was NOT snooping. Well, not at first anyways. I was putting away some laundry just before her bedtime. But then... well - tell me the truth, y'all - could you seriously pass this up if you noticed it in your five-year-old's room?

I saw that pencil and eraser and thought, "oh, dear... those need to go downstairs in the art caddy." (And for those of y'all who think I'm too strict, let me remind you of what an unsupervised Tongginator did with the tape.) But then I walked closer. And I saw exactly what was going on...

I didn't mean to open it. Really, I didn't! My conscience screamed at me, "don't fly move towards the light journal! don't fly move towards the light journal!" But my inner moth parent overcame the Good Mother Persona, whispering, "You can't help it... it's so bee-YOU-ti-ful!" So I reached down... and I opened it. Shhh.....

On the first page, the Tongginator wrote: "My doggy is speshool I love him SOSOSOSOSOSO much!" Awww... melt my heart. The second entry read:

"my mom said thet I am geting betr at drawing clas."

More cuteness. I am seriously thinking of framing that: not because of the Tongginator's superior writing skills and stellar artistic talent, but because I come off sounding like An Amazing Momma. I mean - seriously - why not share that fact with the world?

Except then the cuteness came to a screeching halt. Because the third page? The third page read "I am reely angry with Mommy." I KNOW! How could she? I mean, it's not like I snooped in her diary or anything. I mean, not YET anyways... not when she wrote it down.


I would have taken a photo of that page, but then I heard the Tongginator coming up the stairs to start the bedtime routine, so I hastily rearranged everything just as it was before, feeling like a teenager sneaking into my parents' liquor cabinet again. Not that I did that either. Because I didn't.

(Really, Tonggu Grammy.)

Anyways, I sneaked into the Tongginator's room the next morning, after I saw her off at the bus stop, to get the photos y'all would demand. And I saw the first entry. And I saw the second. But when I turned the third page? The one I dubbed the My Mommy Sucks Page?

It. Was. Gone.

Completely. (Well, except for those little shreds of paper that remain when you rip a piece out of a notebook. I mean, duh.)

I have NO idea what she did with it, but I feel immensely reassured. Because the Tongginator OBVIOUSLY regained her good sense, realizing - yet again - the Obvious Awesomeness Of Tonggu Momma. And I totally think we've made tons of progress... I mean, at least she's not kicking walls and calling me stupid anymore. And yes, I left the pencil and eraser in her room. She needs them if I'm going to learn about my stupidity in the future. If only I could ask her what I did that caused her to change her mind.

Because that? Would be seriously helpful.


Buckeroomama said...

Truthfully? I don't think I could've stopped myself either. :)

bbmomof2boys said...

Sad! Sad! Sad!

That's what we say to Little T when she does something she's not supposed to.

(i would have been reading right there next to you!)


happygeek said...

Unless she's taken that page to school for show and tell:)

autumnesf said...

So did she change her mind....or not want to get caught????

I've had a teen. You have to ask the question.


Debz said...

Te He!!! I totally would have done it too.
I have a 22 year old......she still doesn't know the things I know about her..... ;O)
I could tell you stories that would make an iron rod curl up! Jaclyn always wondered what my source was....I think she still does!
My snooping kept her out of trouble and safe a couple of times as a teenager :o)...that makes me a protective and caring mom....don't cha think! ;o)

Norah said...

I'm thinking show and tell. No seriously, very thoughtful of her to get rid of the evidence...I mean thoughtful of her to take it out in hopes of sparing you hurt feelings.
Am I not supposed to read M's diary? M is a little strange though. She writes all of the dumb stuff in the so called private diary and in her journal to me she spills it all...ugly included. The other day she wrote to me that she loves me in her heart, but only a little on the outside. She also said sometimes she doesn't like me. Really? I would never have guessed it! : )

Pug Mama said...

I am a strong supporter of snooping.
Rock on and continue moving towards the light.

Jillene said...

I totally would have read it. Totally.

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Awww! I love this post because my 6 year old Mist is all about her "journal" infact we found her writing in it the other night by flashlight when she was supposed to be asleep!! To much fun! Oh and I have read Mist's too..basically the same. I love dog, mom, dad and a couple things about her BFF..

Sharie said...

Oh how could you! I totally would have too, but I thought you were a "good mom":)

The Gang's Momma! said...

LOL - the mercurial moods of a little girl. My ten year old has similar entries in her book. But since she's never ever labeled it as journal or diary, just her book, I'm feeling no angst. It's quite entertaining and is a great reminder that under the moods and pouts remains my cute, innocent and sweet girl.

Not that I need reminding or anything.


Wanda said...

Do not...I repeat...do not let her read this till after she is 21. Just in case she happens to leave her teenage journal lying innocently around. (Ahem!)

Oh, and I would have done the same thing.


Soliloquy said...

I know EXACTLY what you did that made her remove the page. You said something along the lines of "My mom said I'm getting better at drawing class."

THAT is what your child needs. Verbal affirmation to know they're worth something. And encouragement to do what they feel like they're good at.

The Obvious Awesomeness Of Tonggu Momma lives.

Jean said...

Okay- I would have done the same thing and I may have already done the same thing but I will never admit it!

Now TM- I am hopin she didn't bring that page to school with her...

Seriously- check the garbage cans quick!!
(and I'm not admitting to ever doing that either!)
But I may have (had too that is!)?

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Did you tell Tonggu Daddy? I'm thinking hubs might have snuck in there and worked some daddy magic and made it disappear. Either that, or she's really good with secrets and she tore it out adn ate it so as not to leave any evidence. In that case, you're in trouble.

Your welcome. I'm only here to help. : )

(Seriously kidding about choice B. She wouldn't do that! Not yet, anyway. . .)

Sherri said...

Okay, since I'm on my 4th teenager now, I'll go ahead and let it out there. It's okay to snoop in my opinion. We even had software on the computer that tracked their every keystroke, Instant Message, website visited, etc......and then we would bring what we found into our devotions, oh so slyly. When they would make plans to say they were doing "one thing" and were really planning to do "another thing", we'd plan a family bonding event.

And since 3 of the 4 are now in college, we have told them about all of this, and they said they wondered how we always knew when they were up to something!

I know I am going to get totally smacked down for admitting this.

Desiree' said...

well of course you had to snoop!! LOL

Carla said...

Oh I totally would have snooped then (and then again the next day when she went off to school....and every day thereafter).

But, really, I bet you did something totally affirming to her that made her realize that she loved you so much that she didn't want that she was "reely" angry with you in her journal. :)

and what AWESOME writing skills she is developing there! Very impressed!!!!

jen@odbt said...

Phew...good to know you're human. I know we're supposed to respect their privacy but I'm with Sherri and she's on her 4th teenager.

I wonder what happened to that page...

Dawn said...

Well, if it was private then she shouldn't have left it out, right??? And, I'm sorry to burst your bubble... but as the parent of two teens (one a girl in full throws of teendom), I can tell you there are other reasons that she'd remove that page. Punishment comes to mind. *snicker*

Just wait 'til she has a cell phone and texting.

mumma to many said...

Oh I wonder too!
Emily has just gotten a journal and I am waiting with baited breathe and Aiden told her yesterday she had to let Mummy read it as we don't have secrets in our family!
Too cute!
Hugs Ruth

Donna said...

Ohhhh boy! Yeah, Phew! Yep, I've stood in your shoes and I caved to the temptation too. Just wait until she leaves her MYSPACE page open on your computer and you have to struggle not to read it as you frantically grab the mouse and try to close the window!

Cuz, you know, trust is EVERYTHING. Hmmm... but what's the old saying? Oh yeah: "Trust but verify"


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I would have done the exact same thing..... I am a snooper!! If it is left out, it is just asking to be read....IMO:)


Aunt LoLo said...

BWAHAHAHAHA. You're awful, mama. ;-)

She Writes said...

I am true in telling you I never looked in my kids journals. Never. It was the open email that got me in trouble!

Ivy said...

What a funny story...go figure that Miss T has her own journal at this age. However the good side is she's venting to her journal and not kicking and screaming. Gee I have no idea what my little bug would say about me, except get that camera out of my face!

Kids simply are amazing. I see how much she really adores you, so I think she tore the page out of the book to prevent you from seeing it and feeling bad. Huh, how's that for some rationalization.

What a pip!


Annie said...

I would so hate to (but so would) read Em's diary right about now! That is, if she (at 3 years old) could write!! LOL! Girls are soooo much harder than boys!! Hehe!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Okay, I'm with you. I'd love to know the change of heart?! lol!

She is amazing though, that is so great for a child, and special for you! Even though you had to snoop! :) Btw, I would have done the same!


CC said...

Awwwwww!!!!!!!! I just love her. Even with that page in. :) :) :) She's gonna be a stinker in those teenage years though!