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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bowling for Bananagrams

My philosophy for New Years Day is to spend ones time doing something that will make the rest of your year look absolutely wonderful. In other words, pick an activity that will not only feel like torture, but also publicly humiliate you. Something like... oh, I don't know... how about bowling?

the Tongginator, throwing it granny-style

Think about it, y'all... fluorescent lighting, crashing pins and greasy smells emanating from the snack bar. Doesn't that sound like a WONDERFUL idea on New Years Day? The most popular hangover day of the year?

We thought so, too.

And by we I mean not only the three members of Tonggu House, but also the Fish Family of Five. Except for last year, when sickness overtook the Fish Aquarium, we've rung in the New Year with the Fish Five every year since we met them en-route to China in 2005. RedFish and the Tongginator have known one another longer than they've known us. Found on the same day as newborns, just blocks from one another, the girls forged a connection so deep, it was evident to all during our adoption trip. Thankfully, the four parents also clicked, so much so that we now consider our two households an extended family of sorts.

An extended family that - for some odd reason - likes to torture one another with things like bowling. Because I am typically all about sitting on the sidelines with a cup of coffee in my hand. I tend to avoid the sensory nightmare that is activity involving even the slightest amount of physical movement, especially one that requires participants to aim a ball in any direction, not to mention wearing smelly and uncomfortable shoes. Which - in my case - happen to be a mens size eight.

yes, y'all, I confess: this is the rather large backside of Tonggu Momma

Look at that glorious form. After viewing said picture, I just know y'all will feel absolutely! shocked! to learn that I'm actually not all that great at bowling. I mean, I'm not terrible or anything. Not exactly. Although maybe possibly.

so... what exactly do those five dashes mean in my score?

Thankfully, the torture lasted only one game. And the children seemed to enjoy themselves. As evidenced by their bright, beaming smiles.

Blue Fish, now three: the youngest of the Fish Five

Red Fish and the Tongginator, checking out the scores

I know y'all are waiting with bated breath to learn the final scores. And I'll share them. But only because most of y'all don't know who I am.

Yes, y'all, even the three-year-old beat me. By a lot. Hence the humiliation. To defend myself, I almost beat the Tongginator, but - unfortunately - she pulled ahead in the very last frame.

the Tongginator's tenth frame

I cried... everyone else cheered

I am plotting my revenge tonight. I just might have to force everyone to play Bananagrams with me. And I will take NO prisoners.

So! There!

(But I'm totally not competitive or anything.)


Andrea said...

I think my bowling score would be close to your's!

happygeek said...

Is that with the bumpers in for you as well?:)

Super Mommy said...

Happy New Year!! I love your bowling pictures...we went bowling NYE-eve - I told Jade she was "forbidden" to take pictures of me! LOL!!

Buckeroomama said...


If you live anywhere near here, I'd invite you over for bowling (quite nice here, I promise!) and then have you over for a game of Scrabble to make you feel better. Heh.

autumnesf said...

we love to go bowling. But its so expensive! Its crazy but MM actually tolerates the noise really well. I think its the forbidden snack bar food we load her up with to keep her busy -- she wont play.

Anonymous said...

Bowling kills me, every time. It is always an exercise in humiliation--er, humility. I usually retreat behind a book afterward to regain my usual indifferent attitude to such matters. It sometimes works.

Holly said...

I HATE bowling. Is there a word stronger than hate?
I can tell you from experience that it is possible to get a gutter ball even with gutter gaurds up.
Oh yes it is.
Don't even get me started on the germy UGLY shoes.
WHAT is with that?
You are one BRAVE Mommy!

Wanda said...

What an activity - first think out of the gate. And nice to hear that your sense of humor has remained intact.

Happy New Year!

(Oh, btw, tried to put our last year into 10 pictures. Failed miserably. Had to cut myself off at about 50! Somebody stop me!)

Annie said...

Too funny! We don't go bowling very often but always have a great time. I stink but have fun!

Sharie said...

Don't feel too bad...I used to run a bowl-a-thon and spend hundreds of hours in a bowling alley each winter...I didn't play much (thank goodness) I think my highest score ever was in the 80's. My lowest 35...so you could have done worse!

Johnny said...

I'm Shocked! Shocked! To discover you are a "leftie".

Mmmm, maybe that explains some things.

Sarah said...

Highest I've ever bowled- 77. Dead serious.

redmaryjanes said...

Sophia love to bowl granny style too. And let me tell you, with her bumpers up that girl is a big time winner!

Happy New Year!

Aus said...

Wow - a couple thoughts here - first off - your humor is caused by you being a southpaw? Our youngest seems to be a Chinese southpaw....another one of those 'hummm' things? And yeah - it does kind of put the whole rest of the year in a better perspective! (And finally - someone who bowls worse than me...thanks...I needed that!)

Hugs - and thanks for the laughs!

aus and co.

Kiy said...

My "in real life" bowling score would be just like yours ... if I'd bowl. My Wii score, on the other hand, rocks big time (no icky shoes and no overly heavy ball - best way to bowl!). Loved the story, it does sound like fun. Well, except for the whole bowling thing. ;)

BTW, I've lost my cards in the whole "putting Kiy's new computer desk together thing of last week". As soon as I find them, you are first on the catch-up list!

Happy New Year,

Patty O. said...

I love that you wanted to beat the Tongginator. That is exactly how I would be! And I avoid bowling like the plague, too. I never thought about the sensory issues, but that is exactly why I avoid it, come to think of it! That and all the flashing lights (in the arcade) drive me nuts and riles Danny up. Still, Bil enjoys bowling, so perhaps we will have to try again. It has been years, after all.....

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, I only offer to play games I am good at. You know ones that I can celebrate excessively at and jump up & down. That's the ONLY way I'll play :)

Not that I'M competitive or anything either :)

Desiree' said...

Bowling is so much fun!! Kiddy style anyway. LOL
Would love your input on local Chinese New Year things to do...I am really missing our big blow out we have in MI this time of year..

Dawn said...

Want to know how shallow I am? Well, I don't really like to bowl anyway but the possibility of breaking my nails is the deciding factor in NOT doing it. I'd gladly join you for a cup of coffee while we laugh at everyone else, though!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love this post! We used to always let Elisabeth win at every game because she was so competitive and now Lottie has become the same way. Elisabeth is visiting here in Costa Rica for the holidays and she and Lottie were playing a board game....talk about ugly....whoa!!!!! I finally had to threaten Elisabeth to let Lottie win...lol! Two peas in a pod!

Jean said...

You are so darn funny! I love how you even wanted to b eat your own baby girl ( I am so with you)! Just can't help myself!

I bowl once a decade- it's fun when I do it but my biggest concern is breaking a nail! I am schedule to do this event on Jan. 30th and yes, I am already praying... for my right thumb nail! I think I'll ask Donna to keep it short that week! (it's a mother son outing- and I will have fun... yes I will!)

You'll be praying for me... right?

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

I love bowling and it has been way too long!! I think it is time to take the kids soon.

Im having my first blog GIVEAWAY!!! Come by and say Hello!!

Janet said...

I am the WORST bowler of all time. When we went, I lost. To EVERYONE. Yep, we should have a tournament to see who could do the worst. I promise I would win.

jennifer said...

LOL...too funny! I do not like bowling. Anytime you have to wear stinky shoes that others have worn before you...count me out! What a fun day, though!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

my hubs bowled a 39 last time. I would say he's horrible,but that might be too close to home for some people. [ahem] : ) I bowled a 151 saturday night, so I think it must have been a full moon. . .or maybe it was the alias I used (Donnie--no, I don't know why. It was assigned to me.). . .or maybe it was the fact that we were laughing so hard that we didn't care. . .whatever it was, it shall never be repeated.

Michelle said...

I just posted our bowling pics, too! Kara freaked out at wearing those shoes. lol I am sure you were just LETTING them win, right? Right? ;)

Aunt LoLo said...

HAHAHAH. We took BBJ bowling on New Years Day, too! For the first time!

I beat her. By about 10 points. OOY.