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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Announcement

On Monday, the Tongginator was reading a chapter book called Class Pets when she came upon a word she couldn't quite figure out. After we looked at it together and I explained that the C in announcement sounds like an S, she managed to figure out how to say the word, but she still didn't understand its meaning.

TONGGINATOR: But Momma, what does announcement mean?

TONGGU MOMMA: Well, you know when you are at school, in Ms. Confetti's classroom, and you hear the principal speaking, but you can't see her because she's talking over the loud speaker? (the Tongginator gave me a blank look) You know, like when the principal says to everyone in the school, over the sound system, "Congratulations to the third graders in Mrs. S's class for winning the school spirit week competition!" and everyone in the whole school can hear her? (another blank stare by the Tongginator) Or when someone in the office uses the sound system and says, "Ms. Confetti, can you send Zee up to the office for early dismissal?"

TONGGINATOR: (completely frustrated now) No, Momma, I don't even know what you're talking about!

TONGGU MOMMA: (and now I'M completely frustrated because I have been IN the classroom when those announcements are made, so they ARE good examples) Well, Tongginator, I can't help you learn the word if you aren't paying attention!

TONGGINATOR: Momma! I AM paying attention! I am listening and concentrating, but I STILL don't understand what in the world you are saying!

Oops. Way to get schooled by a five-year-old. And completely humbled after writing my post last week about what a good momma I am. But yes, I did apologize to the Tongginator. I also managed to explain the word announcement by providing the example, "Everyone! Pay Attention! I have an announcement to make!"

(And yes, y'all, I seriously do. Several, in fact.)

1. Last month the Tongginator played the adoption card with me. Before you get all huffy about what THAT means, head over to the group adoption blog Grown In My Heart to learn what exactly happened. The post should be up by nine this morning. But who knows... sometimes it's not. Because I don't plan well. But maybe possibly it will be. So stop in. Or not. Just don't get all ticked off about the phrase "playing the adoption card" until you've actually read it. But then it's okay to get ticked off. I mean, if you do.

2. Stefanie, one of my partners in crime over at the special needs China adoption No Hands But Ours site, met her sweet Vivi on Monday. Please send them some love and offer up much needed words of encouragement.

3. Speaking of the No Hands But Ours blog, this week's links list is chock full of good stuff. Go check it out.


happygeek said...

That TOTALLY sounds like a conversation Spud and I would have.
Right down to the need for an apology.

Aus said...

Hey TM - OK - I didn't see the post and it's 9:52 ;) That not with standing - and having had the 'adoption card' played with me a couple times now - You'll never see me ticked off about any parents response to that! In fact - I've responded a couple different ways that were dependent on what was going on at the time when my dd played the card! ;)

Great post here - and loving what's happening wiht Vivi and family - really special stuff there!

hugs - aus and co.

monica said...

Funny, I see this happening in our future too. J, impish little 2 year old that she is, will pull any card in the book at bedtime to try and keep me around just a little bit longer. She will call for me from her warm bed needing a diaper change, (not), warm milk (not at night for several months now), jammies are wet (yeah right) and most recently, her eye hurt (after having had an eyelash in her eye earlier this week, I just had to chuckle at that one). I imagine that when we start having "those" conversations, I'll have some insight remembering this post. Monica

The Source said...

Smart little girl. And smart mommy. You're doing a terrific job at figuring out just what she needs and when she needs it. :) That's going to come in handy in about 10 years.

Susan said...

I am an adoptee and an adoptive mom. I used to spring the "adoption card" on my sister all the time and to my mom's credit - she would laugh at what a good comeback "you're not my real sister" could really be when my sister had gone too far. I have yet to hear it from my son but I'm sure it will happen! I guess I haven't made him mad enough yet! :-)

Nicole said...

I just read the piece on playing the adoption card, and good for you for recognizing what she needed/didn't need - you did the absolute right thing! Four of my nieces and nephews are adopted, and were adopted at an older age (meaning they very well recall their foster families), and I know it can be very challenging.

rosemary said...

Love it! Linked you.

Michelle said...

Great announcements, TM. I read your article over at GIMH and yes, it sure sounds like she was working her mama. She is one smart cookie. But then again, so are you. Great post.

YAY about Stef and Vivi. Woo hoo!! I've been stalking, er, I mean, following, every day for a new post.

Heading over to check out NHBO right now!

Aunt LoLo said...


There's a movie line that Lo Gung and I repeat OFTEN.

"Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth."
"Aint NOBODY understand the words comin' out of your mouth."


pickel said...

Good thing I got that post up and running, huh? Did it all from my phone. :)

Erica said...

The Duc and I have never played the adoption card...not yet. But I do plan the single mama card with my family every time my sister whines that I need to come to HER house for all of OUR birthdays (my son and me). That single card comes in handy sometimes...