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Friday, December 4, 2009

Feels Like Yesterday...

Tomorrow the husband and I will celebrate our eleventh wedding anniversary. Yep, we've been hitched for over a decade now. And yes, I'm one of those insanely irritating people who chose to annoy her friends and family by marrying in that most hectic of all months, December. The husband still says I made a Most Beautiful Bride, which just goes to show how very blind besotted he is. Especially since, after 11 years, he thinks I'm beautiful even when I first wake up on a Saturday morning. I know that True Beauty comes from the inside and all (blah blah blah), but trust me, there is NOTHING beautiful about Tonggu Momma early on a Saturday morning before she's ingested copious amounts of caffeine, preferably through an IV.

And yet Tonggu Daddy still loves me. What a guy!

Now I know y'all will complain if I don't post a shot of myself all gussied up and wearing An Actual Dress, so here it is...

Oh, so now your COMPLAINING? Well, y'all, I hate to say this, but beggars can't be choosers. And my hair? On my wedding day? Is NOT something I want to splash across the internet for all to see. And that's all I'm saying about that. I WILL, however, let y'all in on a little secret about my wedding. But only if you promise to share a super-secret and/or crazy wedding story, preferably your own, but any will do. So are y'all ready to learn my secret?

I don't hear any promises.

(insert long dramatic pause)

Have you promised yet?

(insert shorter and profoundly less dramatic pause)

(have I mentioned before that I'm rather impatient?)

Okay, y'all, I guess I'm just gonna have to trust you. Prepare to wince at my taking-a-photo-of-a-photo skills and to be astounded by Tonggu Grammy's ah-maze-ing glue gun abilities. Yes, y'all, we had our own little Father Of The Bride moment. And here it is...

Yep, I wore Keds on my wedding day. During the actual service. The reception, too. And I actually feel no embarrassment about said fact. I DO, however, feel embarrassed that I wore Keds with nylons rather than socks. But who knew back in 1998 that I'd ever become a blogger? Or that blogs would even exist? Or that I'd actually post a photo of my nylons-and-Ked-wearing self for several dozen strangers to see? Ack!

Umm... where was I again?

Oh, yes, Keds. I wore Keds. To my wedding. It's a sensory thing, y'all. Oh, and the fact that I wear a nine-and-half, double-wide shoe. And that the husband insisted I wear low heels or flats because he's short only an inch taller than me. Try finding white dress flats in December in THAT size, why dontcha? And so, there to save the day was Tonggu Grammy, brandishing glue gun and way too much eyelet. Oh, and two wedding bell things covered with glitter (you know that glitter stuff that feels like sand, but tries to look classy?). Two wedding bell things that kept catching on the netting of my dress as I attempted to walk down the aisle during the ceremony. Two wedding bell things that... but I digress.

So what's YOUR wedding story?


Rhonda said...

I *totally* did the same thing. I had heels for the service and then slipped into fancy shmancy running shoes for the dancing. I wanted to be comfortable...after all, it was MY day. ;)

Rhonda said...

Oh yeah, happy anniversary. ;)

Andrea said...

We had the most awful photographer. At the church, he was rude to my in-laws and his daughter almost caught my dress on fire! At the reception, he got food from the food line before we did!!

Happy Anniversary!

Love Letters To China said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Love your story! I too had an awful photographer. I made the huge mistake of hiring a friend (was trying to safe a little money). Boy did I learn fast that that was a mistake. He didn't know what he was doing. My girlfriends had to show him how to line them up to get a good group shot. He then had the nerve to bring quite a few "workers" with him and let them sit at one of my guest tables without asking me. They even ate my food! I was very mad (I guess after 9 years the anger is still lingering... maybe this wasn't a good idea to post!) ;-) We ended up getting our proofs from Costco on 5x7 paper that wouldn't fit into a regular photo album.

Lesson learned... Never scrimp on your photographer, the pictures last a life time, not the expensive venue, band or shoes!

realmama said...

It was 1997. I was 20, my DH was all of 18 1/2. 2 weeks later we would move 1800 miles away for DH's continued schooling. My FIL, being a minister, married us.

During the ceremony, we were nervous. DH was supposed to repeat after his dad and say something about "I pledge to you my constant love and fidelity".

What came out of his nervous, hate-public-speaking, hate-being-noticed mouth was "I pledge to you my constant love and INfidelity"...but we didn't catch it until we watched the tape a few weeks later. Um, whoops!

planetnomad said...

Happy Anniversary!

Two of our groomsmen, with the groom, were 45 minutes late to the rehearsal, and were drunk on arrival (not the groom). Yeah.

Also the tux shop forgot shoes for the ringbearer. I said he could just wear black socks but his dad got really mad and felt I was treating his son disrespectfully. Sigh. Added stress of going back out to the tux shop. (The dad was, at the time, married to Donn's sister)

But the marriage has turned out great! And I wore heels the entire day! Hey, I'm 5'2" and I like a little heel.

bbmomof2boys said...

Oh girl...you sure you want to hear this? Ok, here goes. As my maid-of-honor was zipping up my gown I hear this riiiiipppppp and then "oh no". Yep, it ripped! So there we were, in the church nursery with my soon to be SIL sewing up my gown in the back! The zipper came out of th seam, nice and pretty. After that small disaster we were standing at the alter and had to kneel down for the blessing. As we knelt I hear this chuckling all through the church so I'm thinking "OMG! My dress came apart again and I'm bearing all to everyone!" But Noooo....that's not what they were laughing at. My soon to be BIL who was the best man had gotten ahold of dh's shoes and pulled the classic joke - he put HELP on the left bottom shoe and ME on the right bottom shoe!

I'm not even gonna tell you about the reception and the band!

But...we've been married for 23 years now! yeah!!!


bbmomof2boys said...

Oh...and Happy Anniversary!!!!!


Doctor Stock said...

MY actual wedding day was perfect. Seriously. All the drama happened for the entire engagement. The 11 month engagement.
I too had a mom with a glue gun and a pair of keds. No bells on mine, but we put lace around the bottom like yours, used lace to tie them up and my mom glued big lace insets on the toe, so if they peeked from the dress, all people would see was lace.
BEST decision I had ever made. I'm way too much of a klutz to try and spend the whole day in heels and a big poufy dress. I would been the start of some bridal dominos.

Elouise82 said...

No drama on my wedding day ... I, however, can beat the Keds story. I walked down the aisle barefoot. And my actual wedding shoes, that I wore for the pictures? Were sparkly white flip-flops, which I kept for the next few years and continued to wear, because hey, you find a comfy pair of flip-flops, you don't give them up after only one day!

My sister's wedding has the funny story--she and her husband wrote their vows, and the minister got them mixed up, so David (who was emotional and doesn't like reading aloud anyway) ended up telling Elisabeth how excited he was to be her wife. He didn't even realize he was reading the wrong card until she started to giggle!

Happy Anniversary!

autumnesf said...

Since i'm a December wedding also, I'll save my story for blog fodder at the end of the month. Hah.

Aus said...

Well - Happy Anniversary - and many many more. Just LOVE the shoe idea!

Marie and I have been married for 26 years, and the stories could go on and on - but one of a 'crises' on the wedding day....Marie's family showed up at the church all ready to go - with the exception of the flowers - for her, the bridesmaids, and the guys. Now - I've been with the same 'crew' of guys in my wedding party since 1st grade - and the guys doing the music were guys I played music with in high school. Informed of the crises (and having a soon to be FIL who was the fire chief who had come to the wedding directly from a fire scene) - I simply looked at my best man and said - tell the guys doing the music we need 20 minutes more - and then tell Dad about the screwup. Dad made an emergency run to get the flowers, cut a 20 minute round trip to about 13, and my guys with the music did a 15 minute jam in the key of G that could go on any new age easy listening CD ever made (Yanni ain't got nuthin on these guys!) Oh - and did I tell you that my wedding party guys 'hid' the rings for me? That way the world got to see the look on my face when the best man opened the empty ring box, and all the guys got to present the rings to Marie and I....nice touch!

hugs - aus and co.

Desiree' said...

You and I must have the same grandma LOL!! I wore white slippers with roses hot glued on them. No heels for this 6" girl!! Plus, as you said it's a sensory thing.

Elizabeth said...

My 12 year old obese dog with an underbite was sitting on the front row on a white pillow. The florist made her a collar of roses to match my bouquet. She had to be there--I had known her longer than my new husband!!!!

happygeek said...

IF your husband has a blog, it always best to be sure you are loged in on your own name and not his.
The Dr. Stock (yes it is cheese-y) is my DH.
The comment would be me and not my financial guru of a husband.

KiT said...

Happy Anniversary! Our anniversary (DH and I) is today. I don't have a funny story about our wedding day(I imagine something(s) happened but it's been a WHILE), but I did post some pics which feature my gigantic permed early 90's 'do! If you want a laugh, you can check that out! ;)

Jboo said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Hub! Cute photo and great idea to wear your Keds!

Hmmm -- my own wedding was so long ago, I don't even remember what kind of shoes I wore! Funny thing about our wedding, pre-wedding actually. I was in a fender-bender with Hub's car 3 days prior and totaled the car - NOT my fault though! OOOPS! :)

jen@odbt said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm impressed that you had a picture that concealed your face. You must have known this blog was coming even back then.

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

I love it! Happy Anniversary to you!

Hmmm, my wedding day. It was a wonderful day, but of course, there are always a couple of hiccups. It was thunderstorming so badly on my wedding eve that at I think I got about two hours sleep that night. (I was at my parents' house.) Tornado sirens were going off everywhere. Doug was almost late to the ceremony (he was staying at the house we bought together) because of said sirens going off and he overslept. Thank goodness I didn't know that until after the ceremony.

Oh - and my father-in-law stepped through the bottom of my wedding dress (tulle) while I danced with him during the reception. It was a upbeat dance and let's just say, he was feelin' toasty. ;)Hey - it was a celebration right?

Holly said...

you are the funniest and most genuine faceless friend I have on the web :)
I wore white ballet shoes!
And no pantyhose b/c I was young and tan :) (and ignorant in so many many ways)
I was 18 going on 19 and such a baby!
Only God has kept us together as we've really grown up over the years. We've been married 16.5 years now and our oldest is 14 and driving...will be 15 in January and get his permit to drive with me....I know...I am hardly ready!

adoptionroad said...

Happy Anniversary! There are too many stories to pick from since I was 19 when I married. A teenager should never be left to plan her own wedding, but alas. There was a seating chart for the family, a POD (plan of the day) since I am a military brat, an ex-boyfriend as a groomsman (and still a friend to this day), debate over who would walk me down the aisle (since my dad had passed away a year prior) and so much more. But my favorite is that we had milk with our wedding cake. In silver goblets no less. We just can't eat cake without milk. I love my husband for that. ;-)

Polar Bear said...

Happy Anniversary!!

How clever to wear Keds. My husband is a foot taller than me so I walked down the aisle in 4in heels. To be honest though they were the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. I don't remember my feet hurting at all that day, and I don't wear heels ~ EVER.

I must admit I was very lucky on our wedding day. Everything went so smoothly I couldn't have asked for a better day. The only thing that was bothersome was the rain. It POURED the rain all day long. I mean POURED! My grandma kept saying that a wedding on a rainy day means a marriage that will last forever. I don't know if she was trying to comfort, or it was true. :o)

The best part of the day, was as we were leaving the reception, we walked outside and there was the most beautiful double rainbow. I will never forget that moment. I know it must sound sappy or that I'm embellishing, but honest to goodness it happened. :o)

Patricia/NYC said...

Happy Anniversary, TM & TD!!!!

Our wedding story? We just celebrated our 26th (!!) anniversary. We chose September for the cooler temps...ok, on our wedding day, that mid-September morning, it was 99 degrees!!!! No A/C in the church...I had on LONG SLEEVES! When everyone through the rice at us (yeah, it was THAT long ago when people threw rice), some landed in my dress & I swore it COOKED!!

LOVE wedding stories!!
Have a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

happy anniversary.

I was the matron of honor. I set the bride's shoes down in front of her for her to slip her feet in. After the wedding, she kept talking about how uncomfortable her feet were...






she put them on the wrong feet. I had apparently laid them out wrong. . .you're never forgiven for that.

day by day said...

that's funny! Hey, it's YOUR day...we have the right to be comfy on our big day, right?

Sorry....no funny wedding stories. We left our reception in a hot air balloon...different, but
not funny. : )

I do, however, have TONS more MIL stories for you. hee hee! I have some as recent as yesterday, because after all....she LIVES with me! ha!


Leslie said...

Happy 11 yrs and im ALL about comfy shoes sooo youuuu gooo girl!!! KEDS ROCK!

Janet said...

Well, you were a beautiful bride, even if you were invisible. And the shoes! Tee hee. I think that's so cute. My sister and I wore Crocs for her reception. Yes, we did.

My wedding story? Well, we made our own invitations and sent them out....WITHOUT A DATE! Now, most people knew when we were getting married, but really! What dorks we are.

Janet said...

PS- Happy Anniversary!

Magi said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm only jealous I didn't have Keds on for my wedding. It's nice to know that there's someone else out there with my shoe size. I thought I was the only one since I can never find shoes that fit right.

I can't think of any wedding story from mine. I loved my wedding. Oh wait! There is one. I was already living up here in Indiana, but wanted my wedding to be at home in Gulf Shores, AL. I arrived the week before my wedding to finalize the last details. One of my first visits was to see my sister in Mobile. She was pregnant with her third child and pretty much on bedrest. She was only allowed to get up for limited times in the day. She already had two boys, 5 & 2. Now before you think I'm heartless for whining, let me also add that she had a full-time nanny at her home every day and a very hands on husband nights and weekends. My 5-year-old nephew and I were very close and he'd missed me since I'd moved away the year before. In front of him, she suggested he go back to Gulf Shores with me for the week and they'd pick him up when they came in town for my wedding. His eyes lit up, & he jumped for joy. I couldn't tell him no. So, the week before my wedding it was me and my 5-year-old assistant going to the photographers, the bakery, the florist, etc... She still owes me. ;o)

Doug said...

My wife and I married in 1986 when we were both 23. The ceremony went without a hitch until my (almost) wife tried to put the ring on my finger. It didn't want to go on (but did eventually) and we both giggled through the remainder of the service.

Happy Anniversary!

The Gang's Momma said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely milestone, to cross the decade mark :)

At our wedding, we had guests from the nursing home where I had worked for 6-7 months. They came on a "field trip" to surprise me - how cute is that?

One lovely lady, Josephine, had raised her whole family in the church where we married. When she got up to use the restroom, she left the building and walked "home from church." Only it wasn't her home anymore. Thank goodness it was/is her youngest daughter's home. Her daughter figured out what was going on pretty quickly, but not before my sweet grandpa almost missed pictures while he joined the footrace to search for her. In our pics, he's a little disheveled and sweaty. But I forgive him because I LOVE how compassionate and caring his heart was. He was an awesome grandpa and I was blessed to have him to share the day with us!

Football & Fried Rice said...

I wore flip flips & then ditched them for barefeet :=) Classy old gal I was!

I love the glue gunning touch though on your keds - the only thing that could have been better?

The Bedazzler.

Happy 11 years!

Kim K. said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! And by the way, as a complete and utter glue-gun fanatic, I adore your special keds.

prechrswife said...

Let's see...

My bouquet fell apart after the pictures but before the ceremony. It was the kind with roses with the round main piece and then roses hanging down below that coming to a point. Anyway, all of the bottom roses fell out, leaving me with just the round piece. Thankfully, it looked okay with just that, so I went with it. No choice, really...

The photographer's camera broke, and he had to go and buy a replacement part between the ceremony & the reception.

Our unity candle was under an A/C vent, and one of the groomsmen ended up having to re-light it during one of the prayers.

All-in-all, though, it was a wonderful day. :-)

prechrswife said...

Just realized I forgot to say, "Happy Anniversary!"


Happy Anniversary!

Ladyblog said...

Happy Anniversary!
I married my husband twice. The first time it was kind of like a surprise wedding...

Sophie, Inzaburbs said...

I handwrote my invitations. I look at them now and I cringe. Funny, I can't remember what I wore on my feet. It may have been my favorite navy blue sandals, since they went with my navy blue dress :-)

jennifer said...

I'm sitting her enjoying your post and giggling at the pics when all of a sudden you mention a glue gun and I remember....I plugged mine in a couple of hours ago to do something and totally FORGOT!!!! Thanks for helping me not burn my house down tonight!!

Carla said...

love teh comment above about NOT being cheap on the photographer! ;)

As a fellow December bride...but can you believe I had to be closer to Christmas? Well, actually just a few short days after Christmas. I made all my friends and family take down their trees, and then we put them up with white mini lights...umm..yeah...LOVED the effect, my parents STILL complain about it! LOL

I wish I had a few good stories...but alas, it's almost been 13 years. ;) Old age is making me forgetful I think.

discombobulated said...

Happy Anniversary!

Annie said...

I had my fingers crossed!! Hahaha!! I actually don't have any funny wedding stories like that but just had to say how much I love the fact that you wore keds!! Way to go, because you know I get the whole sensory thing!!! LOL!!

Annie said...

Oh and meant to say - Happy Anniversary!!!

Sharie said...

Happy Anniversary - I fit the old cliche, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." I started my career in 6th grade and retired 9 years ago at age 27. I have horror stories galore from other people's weddings. My oldest sister's wedding was a do it yourself effort. My parents had 7 other kids at home. My mom made the dresses, cake, mints and who knows what else. They did hire a caterer who ended up declaring bankruptcy right before the wedding. They still did the wedding, but ran out of food! You do NOT run out of food at a wedding where that much alcohol is being consumed:) It all turned out OK, the caterer got more food and I have fond memories of my uncles "break dancing" and acting like the nuts they are. Good times!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You always make me smile....in a country far away from my family I know I can come here and feel right at home;)

Super Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary! Love your post...and the Keds are so cute.

Kristi said...

At least you were smart enough to wear Keds. I insisted on a pair of beautiful slings that I ditched as soon as we started dancing. Problem was that my dress was hemmed for me wearing the shoes. Man did that joker drag the floor and get DIRTY!

Happy Anniversary!

Cavatica said...

I wore Keds too, but not until the reception. I would have worn them through the ceremony, but my mom was helping me get ready and I knew she wouldn't approve. I had a friend stick them under my table at the reception (same place as the ceremony). Those terrible shoes (flats, but stiff - felt like cardboard) were off in a jiffy and the Keds came on. My mom spotted them and wondered how long I'd been wearing them and I told her since the end of the wedding. I was done being uncomfortable and they stayed on! I would have gotten married barefoot, but it was January.

Also, our wedding started 1 hour late because my DH forgot the rings and his mother had to go retrieve them. All the food at the reception was cold. It was lovely anyway.

Patty O. said...

OK, I sooo wish I had had your foresight in the footwear department! I never wear heels but found this really, really cute pair that were "perfect" for my wedding. The problem was that not only did they kill my feet, but I had no feeling in several of my toes for a day and a half after my wedding. I seriously thought I caused permanent nerve damage. Yikes!

And getting married in December? I can top that. I got married 3 days before Christmas on my birthday. Yeah, I totally inconvenienced everyone! But, we had a reason. I was a teacher and Bil was in school, so unless we were willing to wait til summer, we had to do it over Christmas break if we wanted any kind of honeymoon.

Happy anniversary. Our eighth anniversary is just a couple weeks away.

Kayce said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope today was a great day for you both.

LOVE Keds, used to wear the heck outta them and my grandma still does, she's got every color in the rainbow. As for my wedding shoes...they were my something blue and I LOVED them!!

CC said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! We're still ahead of you by a year though.

Because I have virtually attended zero weddings before my own, I seriously studied Father of the Bride when preparing. I mean really. I even fashioned my headband(s) to be like hers. I didn't wear tennis shoes, but then I'm kinda short. But I did go for the "chipper chicken".

Myrnie said...

Several Dozen? I'm fairly sure there are more than several dozen people seeing those fancy-pants shoes! :)

My story...well, the only thing my husband is still laughing about is my breakfast. I lived in my own apartment (wanted to see what it was like being "alone", since it would be my only chance!) and had a friend stay with me the night before the wedding. I knew I'd be gone for nearly two weeks and wanted to clear out the fridge. There were a dozen eggs in there, so I started cracking them into a bowl and scrambled them in a pan. It was 6 am, and I think I ate the entire thing. I don't remember taking a single bite, and my friend swears she only had a tiny bit. Nummy.

Happy anniversary :)

Alece said...

i love that they were all glue-gunned up!

happy eleven years, friend!

(i wore slippers at my reception!)

Jean said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love the keds! I used to wear them all the time!

On our wedding day I suggested to hubby the he part his hair a little differently than usual- never make a change like that on your wedding day. He hates his hair in every pic plus three of our four sibs got divorced so the wedding pics are definitely not displayed in our home!

We've been married for 28 years and going strong!! He's still the man of my dreams!!

We were planning to get married in December but my mom (bless her heart) said if it's in December she can't come- she's too busy , okay so January it was!! Who gets married in January?? It worked for us and it's a day to celebrate in the middle of the cold winter! On that day I think it was 30 below zero with a 70 below wind chill ;-) Brrrrrr BUT the sun was shining!!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love the Keds.

My husband and I are a December wedding couple, too, only we got married on a beach in Jamaica without any of our family or friends in attendance. Flip flops would have probably been more appropriate footwear than the low heels that I wore. :)

Misty said...

happy belated anniversary!
i wore ballet-style slippers (yes, little old granny slippers!). would have gone barefoot, except A) my gown was way too formal for that and B) it was in jan and too cold!
my crazy story is that one of my best girlfriends invited her in laws. i guess she thought they deserved to come b/cs she was coming from out of town and she needed to spend every minute possible w/ them? i have no idea, but we paid for every plate and drink they consumed and i'm still irate! i know it's ungracious, but we had a very strict budget and guest list; i was NOT planning on extra guests!
does eating leftover wedding cake for breakfast count?
i was thinking surely i had a crazy story but i guess not! :)

Norah said...

Happy Anniversary! Your Keds are hot : )