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Monday, December 21, 2009

Digging Out

No, y'all, I am NOT walking down memory lane to talk about this...

I am referring instead to this...

And if that seems like a lot of snow to you, perhaps I should zoom out so you can see that this 15 inches? Was only the stuff piled up on our deck table.

We ended up with a whopping 22 inches of snow in our little town. To quote the Tongginator, it was "a google of snow!" I know all y'all Canadians and Wisconsin Cheeseheads and Northern New Yorkers are rolling your eyes, laughing at me, but this fake southern gal always feels stunned to see more than a snow flurry in the Washington metro area.

It seems as if everyone else in our area felt stunned, too. And panicked. And quite possibly over-the-top paranoid. Because the only thing worse than shoveling out a driveway that can easily fit six parked cars? Is going to the grocery store the day before the storm hits. Oh my lands... I've never before seen people fight over a bag of carrots, but it seems that soup? Is Very Important during a snowstorm.

This weekend I added said carrots, plus celery and onions to the Essentials Which Fast Disappear From Grocery Store Shelves During A Snow Emergency. You know the list I'm talking about: it's the mandatory milk, bread, eggs and toilet paper grocery store run. Oh, and let us not forget the marshmallows for hot cocoa. We at Tonggu House find marshmallows to be almost as essential as toilet paper.

But for very different reasons, of course.

When I went to the store on Friday, I felt like I was back in Beijing, trying to navigate through Tienanmen Square. I actually had to share my elbow room. And when I finally - FINALLY - managed to find the end of the checkout line? Thirty people stood in front of me, feeding into just three checkout aisles.

I totally counted. The people. And the aisles. But mostly the people.

And I almost took a picture, but I still can't figure out my whole camera phone thing, so instead I called the husband and Canuck K to whine. The Husband commiserated; Canuck K laughed at me. It's pretty easy to guess which one of them has to live with me, isn't it?

I'd love to show y'all tons of gorgeous photos of the Tongginator romping through the snow this weekend with her friends, but long-time readers totally know that AIN'T gonna happen. Instead the Tongginator spent the weekend coloring. And sitting in front of The Food Network. And watching the Husband and I shovel snow. Looking out at us through a window. From the comfort of her very own living room.

She has such a hard life.

So does our neighbor Ring, for that matter. I mean look at him, completely hard at work with the horrific task of removing snow. Doesn't he just look exhausted, y'all?

What a difficult job... wouldn't you agree? I mean, look at All Of That Snow. It's exhausting just thinking about pushing that self-propelled snow blower around, isn't it? Although Ring DOES read the blog, so I guess I can't simply leave it at that. I mean, I'm not being completely fair to him. Our driveway easily fits six parked cars, but I must confess that Ring's driveway is a bit longer than that.

Just a tad longer, mind you.

See what I mean?

What a wimp he is. Although if any of y'all live in the Washington metro area and know an attractive, wonderful, Christian middle-aged woman who doesn't mind dating a single father who is rather wimpy in the snow shoveling department, let me know. I might be able to set something up.

Because Ring is at the point now where he is thinking about considering starting to maybe date again. At some point. Although not quite yet. But maybe... soon. And who knows where an introduction might lead? Although the downside is that - eventually - you'd have me for a next-door neighbor.

I mean, if it worked out that way and all.

(It's a totally scary thought, isn't it?)


Buckeroomama said...

LOL!! Gotta admire your chutzpah for advertising for a potential date for your neighbor on your blog. Does he even know this? ;p I can just imagine how this scene might play out: You walking up his drive with a female in tow, someone who answered your 'ad'...

My kids would love all that snow. J had been asking to spend Christmas "where it snows."

Andrea said...

I wondered how much snow you got - wow! We just got a dusting and people were scared to drive in it!

Love Letters To China said...

Your grocery store experience reminds me of when we get a potential hurricane warning coming our way. The last place you'd ever want to go to is the dreaded grocery store. I just can't even image looking out the window and seeing all that snow. I know it looks beautiful right now, but the thought of driving in it is not pretty!

Stay warm and enjoy all the single ladies coming out of the woodwork...

Elouise82 said...

I am marginally jealous - we have snow, but nothing like what came down south, east, and even north of us. No, all we got from the weekend storms was COLD.

Bing Crosby never sang "I'm dreaming of a cold Christmas" for a reason!

I'll stop whining and go enjoy my morning coffee now, and remind myself how glad I am that we at least HAVE snow, even if it's not much. And at least my husband didn't have to fight anyone for carrots when he was at the grocery store this weekend!

Cindy said...

you did get SNOW! Horray no school though! So No complaints here.) No snow either just COLD as ICE!

By the way I am not single, but I have a very GOOD friend that is! (LOL)
Just teasing you, I loved the part of you bringing a lady home to meet your neighbor!
What a hoot you Must BE to live by!

I think I would love it!
Stay Warm! Keep your neighbor in the march of the beat!

happygeek said...

Now that's a driveway.
And this Canadian will agree with you, that is a fair bit of snow at one time, but the question remains, how long does that stay around?
And we are NOT rolling our eyes at you. Just making rainbows.

bbmomof2boys said...

No snow here but cold. As Little T says "brrrr momma?" Yes!

Can a person have driveway envy??


autumnesf said...

Havent seen so much of the snow grocery runs...but have been in plenty of the hurricane ones. Ugly. Ugly stuff. Water and batteries always go first.

And I think you need to move to Texas. Trapping that poor innocent child indoors...surrounded by the dreaded snow. For shame.

Thats a Texas girl at heart.

Aus said...

Well - I got one of those things that Ring has too!! ONly because while my driveway is not nearly as long - it IS like a 15% grade! We didn't get near they snow you did - just enought to make it pretty and not need to shovel....not that I"m laughing about that or anything!

Good luck to Ring finding a date - really - humor aside - only the best to the guy! (and they could do way worse than you as a neighbor!)

hugs - aus and co.

Polar Bear said...

I made the mistake of stopping at the grocery to get cookie baking ingredients. I knew that we were supposed to get some snow, but good Heavens! I have NEVER seen lines like that before.

Luckily everyone was in a pleasant mood. I had several nice conversations with people around me. The lady behind me was also a special ed. teacher, so we had a nice chat.

We didn't get nearly as much snow. We only got six inches, but with the hills around here that is enough to keep us snowed in for a few days. I LOVE IT!!!

Stay warm! Enjoy that soup and hot chocolate! :o)

Jboo said...

Think you and the Hub may need to get a snowblower too -- long driveways are really too much to shovel! Or maybe you could bribe that neighbor to help you out! Enjoy your snow!


KiT said...

We got about that much snow down here in MoCo too. My girlies have been having fun in the snow - their Dad not so much!

And yes, the rush at the stores on Friday - just wild! At least I got out of there with toilet paper, milk, bread, and hot chocolate!

Kris said...

i SOOOO needed this laugh today!

adoptionroad said...

Three winters in Colorado and I find myself suddenly mocking people who live anywhere else and use snow blowers. (jk... that is one LONG driveway Ring) Our driveway could fit six cars but we have a shovel and normally... I'm the one who does the shoveling. Grr. See why I have envy of snow blower owners?!

Annie said...

Now that's a lot of snow!!!! Don't think we have ever had that much down here!!! Beautiful!!

Wanda said...

I'm having an odd sense of satisfaction....no....of course I meant to say symphathy.


Holly said...

I totally have someone in mind...but she's a Southern Gal and not sure she could handle ALL THAT SNOW and cold. Brrr!
She also has a heart for adoption so... :)
Okay, I am sure Mr. Ring is going to be less than thrilled at this cupid stuff going on.
I thought he was MOWING the snow. For real.
Yes I have lived in the SOUTH for nearly 20 years. Apparently I have forgotten my former life in Illinois. I think I have blocked it. If it snows that much. STAY indoors. Why shovel out? Where are you going anyway in weather like that?
Just wondering...outloud.
People do TOTALLY freak if there is even a MENTION of snow here. TOTALLY freak. It's embarrassing really.

Kiy said...

Oh, the tp runs. How I miss thee. NOT! I thought of you while we were watching the weather channel this weekend. Hope you are staying warm!

Mahmee said...

Hmmmm....well, my step-sister is single (with twins). She lives in Minnesota though. She could give Ring a tip or two about snow management, that's for sure. Ha.
Your snow post totally reminded me of one of mine from last year.
We had over 17 inches of snow (I used a ruler as well) and our daughter had the same cold hand incident. I'm happy to say that we won't be snowed in this year for the holidays like last year. Hope you aren't either!
Merry Chirstmas.

Snap said...

that is a LOT of snow...see, I'd have just not shoveled it. I mean, it's not like you all will be able to go anywhere open this week, right? By next week it'll probably have gotten to the 60s or something. LOL

and Ring? Hmmm...I'm sure I have a single friend who'd be perfect for him. In fact, I have a friend who should be single soon that has 4 kids 4 and under...

Sharie said...

I'm impressed that anyone in your neck of the woods had a snow blower! Or did he go buy it:)
I am an even bigger wimp when it comes to snow removal - when I lived in a home I paid to have a service remove it (and I had a snow blower!) In my defense it was not nearly as big as Ring's and my driveway was just as long - plus since I hate mornings there was no way I was going to get up and do it before work.
I did shovel yesterday - yes I live in a townhouse now, but we decided to save money by doing our own when there was less than 3 inches...I'm dying today (wish I had that snow blower). Worst part of it was the snow removal company showed up at 10 pm last night and did the drives! WHAT! I did it for no reason! Oh well - it was a beautiful day to play in the snow:)

Sarah said...

Does DC even own a snowplow yet? (Or are they still borrowing from VA?)

jen@odbt said...

Having a snow blower makes one very popular in the 'hood. Lucky he lives right next door.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

My grocery shopping experience was not that bad.... I went out Saturday morning. It was probably worse on Friday night though.... I would have skipped it if I didn't need to bake my Chrismtas cookies:)

Anyone would be lucky to have y'all for neighbors!! I hope that Ring is able to find a special someone to go out on that first date..... He sounds like a wonderful father and an amazing man. Wishing he and his girls a Happy and Healthy Holiday season!!

Merry Christmas to you too!! Not sure how much blogging will get done the rest of the week.



jennifer said...

Your grocery trip sounds like us around here right before a hurricane! Only we're fighting over water and batteries! THe snow is gorgeous! I can say that, because I don't have to dig out of it!! I can say that my boys would think that was heaven!!!

thegypsymama said...

Um, I think the scariest outcome of our little blizzard - by far - is the fact that Fairfax county has canceled school for the next three days in a row. Right up until Christmas!

Kristi said...

So jealous of your snowfall! My father-in-law is up there digging out himself, and we're wishing we had scheduled to visit last weekend...

Kristy said...

Too funny!!!! Good gosh that is ALOT of snow!!! It sure is pretty.

Love, Kristy

a little leprechaun said...

That is ALOT of snow!! Keegan would be so jealous!!

Dita said...

You crack me up, TM. For a moment I considered moving down there to meet Ring for the prospect of having you for a neighbor...but then you said MIDDLE AGED and you totally blew it for me.

Speaking of...that Ring...he works a MEAN machine. I cannot believe that driveway and he did it with a snowblower? HE's the MAN!

I too went to the supermarket and encountered the same thing here this weekend...not a cart to be had and I was wondering why...until I got inside and saw the line of carts around the store. I actually thought of you and how much you like people breathing down your neck on a line, in tight quarters, in your space...did I mention almost touching YOU! Yeah, I was gonna go all TM on them but then I remembered I have to live here and I pretended they were my kids annoying the daylights outta me instead. It worked...no altercations.

We got snow but not as much as you did this time...c'est la vie...its winter time in the Northeast!

Merry Christmas, TM!
Tell Ring he ROCKS!

Anonymous said...


Do you have any idea how hard it is to steer that manly machine?


rosemary said...

We got tons of snow up here in Charlottesville too. It was kind of fun at first but now it grows weary. Hope you get cleared away soon.

The Source said...

Guess what, TM??

I do not feel sorry for you having to shovel or drive or stand in lines and fight for carrots. Not one bit. Because it's SO not FAIR that YOU GOT SNOW! Not even a little fair. All we got was really nasty cold rain. Days of it. Cold rain is NOT fun to play in, and it doesn't even LOOK pretty, either. Just wet. So you can just keep your stinking SNOW at Christmastime and feel sorry for ME instead because guess what?

We are never ever ever ever going to get snow in December down here. With or without little green & white pigs flying around on our Christmas trees. It's like 63 degrees outside! If we're very lucky we might see two or three flakes waft by in late February, but if we blink, we'll miss them!

On the up side, there's plenty of carrots in the grocery store. Which reminds me...I need to go buy some for Rudolph and company. They're bound to be hungry by the time they make it down here.