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Monday, November 16, 2009

TM Goes Kaboom

I've started coming out of my introverted shell a bit, y'all. Because yesterday? I went to another bloggy meet-up. Oh, yes, I did, even though one of my best buds believes that I take my life in my hands whenever I do this. I've tried to reassure her that meeting CC and Professor X, Aunt Lolo, Lisa and Ivy are some of my most favorite blogging-related memories. She still frets, as does the Husband. He always wants to be sure I've charged my cell phone and that we are meeting in a public place. Oh, and that whomever I meet is actually female.

I think he just likes to worry.

I mean, do Alece and Lisa-Jo look like men to you?

me, Alece and Lisa-Jo in a Northern Virginia Starbucks
(and I'd like to make a general announcement, letting y'all
know that Alece stood on her tip-toes for this photo)

I didn't think so.

These are two incredibly sweet ladies, both of whom impressed me greatly with their spitting abilities. In other words, they both speak Afrikaans. (And I thought I was oh-so-cool with my level one Mandarin abilities. Pshaw. That? Is NOTHING compared to these two.) Lisa-Jo is a South African by birth and American by marriage, while Alece is the founder of Thrive Africa.

I actually DID take my life in my hands, however, but not because of meeting Little Miss Grit & Glory and the Gypsy Mama. Because on the way home? I got into a car accident. Oh, yes, I did. And here's where I'd like to be able to go on and on about the moron who hit me, but - unfortunately - I am the moron.

Yep, you read that right. I, Tonggu Momma, am the MORON!

(I can't believe that I! Am! The! Moron!)

I rear-ended a carload of sweet, cute-as-buttons, "Thank you, Jesus!"-ing college girls. Oh, yes I did. Traffic was horrendous and I was trying to switch lanes. Only I live in the DC area, so of course no one ever allows anyone to get over. So while I kept glancing in my side-view mirror, looking for a break in traffic, the cars in front of me all slammed on their breaks. And when I actually SAW the break lights, I did the same. Only I was a little too late.

Which resulted in a rather large kaboom.

Or maybe it was just a minor kaboom. Because not one of those sweet little college gals was seriously hurt... and the damage to both vehicles was actually quite minor, all things considered. Thank goodness for bumpers. And seat belts. And stellar brakes.

umm... do you think I might need a new license plate?

and here is a photo of the slight gap between my bumper
and my car... not to be confused with the rather huge gap
between my ears, where my brain should actually be

The only serious damage? Was to my pride. And - whine, whine, whine - my back feels sore, too. After much quiet reflection, I'm choosing to blame all of this, not on my inattention and horrifically poor depth perception (because that would be absolutely way too convicting), but on that second large latte I drank. Which - when you think about it - is really the fault of Alece and Lisa-Jo. Because I wouldn't have drank that second latte if I hadn't stayed so long. And I wouldn't have stayed so long if I hadn't enjoyed those ladies so very much.

Which means I think two certain someones owe me an apology.

I'm just saying...


Sherri said...

Sorry about the accident. It happens to the best of us.

I have to ask.....do you get many stares when you wear that rectangle over your face out in public? :)

Buckeroomama said...

I love it that you have the audacity to blame that on those two nice ladies with whom you met up. Just saying... In the nicest possible way, TM. *Grin*

Glad that everybody is okay. I rear-ended a jeepney in my early days of driving in the Philippines and the driver took pity on me when he saw the damage to my new car, when his jeepney had nary a dent or nick.

Love Letters To China said...

So glad to hear it was only a minor accident. We also have those types of drivers that will never let you get into another lane even with your blinkers on.

Stefanie said...

Oh noooo! Sounds like such an incredibly FUN day, until the accident!

Would it make you feel better to know I ran into my own garage the other day?

Now who's the moron? :)

Glad everyone was okay, and I hope your back gets better SOON!

autumnesf said...

Glad the accident is minor.

And I would so meet my bloggy friends if I had the chance!!!

happygeek said...

Glad you are OK.
Glad the hittees were sweet little things.

Debbie said...

I am so thankful no one was hurt! And yes, I do think this is all the fault of your friends. Gee. Some people.

thegypsymama said...

Oh my! While I could point out the obvious - like how coffee is supposed to make one *more* and not less alert and hence a second one should have improved your faculties - I will not. Because I am gracious like that. And humble. And because I may have spit on you. So I will happily apologize for your little fender bender and say "Buy a Donkey" for hanging with us at Starbucks and trading parenting tales. It was a delight to meet you in person.

And in response to Sherri's question, I will add that having seen it first hand, Tonggu Momma can really work the rectangle in public!


PS And to think, when I got home I actually wondered how you would spice up this otherwise quite ordinary meet up. I should have known something like a car accident would be par for the TM course!

Dawn said...

Glad you (all) are okay. See, you should have just stayed at Starbucks longer and had a third cup - then you'd have avoided the accident entirely. So, it's still Alece and Lisa-Jo's fault 'cause they should have insisted you stay longer! Ha!

Kiy said...

Truly sounds like a wonderful day, until the accident. But so happy everyone is okay and really, that's the important thing.

It's funny, the other day I was thinking the EXACT same thing as Sherri. I just hadn't gotten around to asking yet. :)

Cheers, have another latte - it will probably make you feel better. Especially if you add either pumpkin or peppermint to it. But not both at the same time, yuck!

Cheers, and careful hugs as to not hurt your back further,


bbmomof2boys said...

I think she wears the rectangle so people will recognize her and notice her. She's an attention seeker type of person, kwim? :)

So sorry about the fender bender - could have been worse so thank goodness it was small. Just think, it could have been a bus load of off duty policer officers...not that I know of anyone who hit an off duty police officer or anything...


Chelsea Gour said...

Yeah, I wrecked my car IN my garage about 12 years ago....at least you had the excuse of traffic. Who was I going to blame....the garage door? The sideview mirrors? I'm not allowed to actually park in the garage anymore. 'Cause I am a moron!

Myrnie said...

Oh no!!! So sorry about the accident- so glad no one was hurt!

(And I'm still waiting for you to come out for our IRL meet-up ;o)

Janet said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry about the accident. But you ARE a moron, after all. ;-)

Leslie said...

ohhhh noooo im soo happy no one was injured!!!!!!

Your friends are gorgeous!! i love meeting blogging buddies too!! No men yet! LOL

Jboo said...

Sorry about the fender-bender! Your new friends are so cute! Lucky you getting to meet bloggers in real life! What -- nobody wants to come to Nebraska??? :)


Wanda said...

Hmm....I can think of better ways to end what looks like a great day! Glad you weren't hurt.

And, of course it was their fault. So, have they apologized yet?

What? No? Really!

Aunt LoLo said...

So glad everyone's ok!!! After something like that happens, I can never figure out if my PRIDE or my NECK hurts worse.
(Either way, I've got a stiff neck. BA DUM BUM! LOL)

And, if you do a IRL with Myrnie, you've GOT to wait until next Fall. That way, I can come, too. ;-)

Desiree' said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope your back feels better soon!! And I have to say, since you were in my area and I did not get an invite....hmm,. Nah just kidding but hey if you are in NOVA again, let me know!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

glad you're ok. nice to know you're very good at placing blame where it SHOULD go. ; ) I'm jealous. I would love to meet all my bloggy friends, including cc & the professor. . .I think I'm the one that's too shy, however.

Johnny said...

Maybe hubs can buy you a persona Taser for Xmas? Then, meeting you would be truly "electrifying".

Patty O. said...

Oh, yeah, I agree, blame it on the ladies. I am all about blaming others for things that I bring on myself. My weight gain? Yeah, that's all my husband's fault because he doesn't forcefully take the cake out of my hands.....

Sounds like you had fun despite the accident. I'm sure glad no one got hurt.

CC said...

That stinks big time :( :( :( But I'm glad you got to meet some other cool blogging friends. Cuz, you know, I'd hate to think I was the only one. ;)

Sharie said...

I have to say be thankful you are OK and that you hit a car full of college girls and NOT Santa! Now that would have been tragic!

jen@odbt said...

LOL to what Sharie said. I'm glad everyone is ok. In true Tongginator style...and we wonder where Tongginator gets it from? ;) PS: Which state was said bumper action in?

Donna said...

Introverted? Not the adjective I would have picked for you but I guess that just goes to show you how much we only THINK we know about our bloggy pals!

I'm glad you're exploring the edges of your comfort zone though and hoping those edges someday include the San Francisco bay area. The invitation stands!



Annie said...

Oh no, TM!! Take care of that back!!!

Sheryl said...

what fun! i'm so glad and so jealous that you got to be there.

let me say, though, that 5'4" is NOT short!!

Aus said...

TM - while I might take exception to you laying off on your two Blog buddies - I do HAVE to say this....I have been taught (because of my job) how to persue vehicles at excessive speeds - make those fancy turns you see on tv - and even how to use the car I'm driving as a tactical ram! I.DO.NOT.DRIVE.IN.DC!!
That is singularly the most aggressive bunch of drivers I have ever seen - with the exception of about anywhere in China!

I'll give you a pass on the accident - it's just a DC thing!

hugs - aus and co.

Wife of the Pres. said...

My DH thinks I'm a bit crazy too for meeting up with Bloggy friends. He also makes sure my cell is charged. He is fairly convinced that rumor*queen is really a rumor*king. I told him that this comment really offends me and would offend R*Q as well. You're not RQ are you??? :)

Anyway, thank you for pointing out the bit about DC traffic. I was there recently and was HORRIFIED (seriously) at the lack of hospitality on the freeways. It was definitely not like my neck of the woods here in the south. Thankfully, my short stature traits kicked in and I kicked some booty on those freeways in my minivan no doubt. I wondered why everyone was staring at me and then I realized my license plate gave me away and they were shocked at my lack of southern belle gentility. :)

So sorry about your fender bender. BTDT TWICE.

About your comment on my blog on the K&nming dialect, my friend said your guess was correct, Chinese characters and all! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

BTW, m great-grandmother was a Cherokee native, so perhaps the TG and I are distantly related which would make s distantly related. :)

Laura L. said...

How cool that you were able to meet some bloggy friends!

Oh so sorry to hear about the accident. You are not a moron! I rear-ended someone once and I did a lot of damage to both cars. Think accordion-style minivan front. :)

I'm glad no one was hurt and there wasn't much damage. Good that you were alone. At least the Tongginator wasn't with you. That way she can't remind you of the accident 15 years from now. My kids were with me when I crashed. They haven't forgotten. LOL

Jean said...

So sorry about the kaboom! The first time Sarah went in the car with me we got into a little accident- she still doesn't think I am a good driver and keeps asking me-when I am in a different car- such as driving hubby's or the kids- "are you sure you know how to drive this car?"

Such confidence she has in her Momma!

Glad everyone was okay!!

Sounds like you had a fun time!!

Michelle said...

Sorry about the accident. I'm so glad you and the college girls are safe!!

anymommy said...

Driving in DC is enough to drive anyone into an accident! So glad you had fun. Did you know my parents are in that area...and now I am plotting to take you for dinner on my next trip east.