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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

So I'm guessing I can't exactly just blow past the Thanksgiving weekend as though we are Canadian or Australian or something. Because we did celebrate... with my part-Cherokee grandmother. Obviously this isn't her favorite holiday or anything, but there is turkey and pie involved. And my grandma will pretty much celebrate anything as long as she gets to eat a tasty feast.

Isn't that the case with most people?

And this in no way makes her shallow or selectively righteous or anything. Because then I - Tonggu Momma - would ALSO be shallow and selectively righteous, albeit two or three generations removed. And besides, apple pie is involved. Apple pie pretty much requires one to be shallow and selectively righteous.

So where was I before I jumped on my soap box and then fell through it's gravy-soaked boards?

Ah, yes... the Thanksgiving weekend highlights.

As we all know, Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without at least one man ducking out of the kitchen to nap in front of a football game. And yes, this is Tonggu Daddy.

Thanksgiving also wouldn't be Thanksgiving without at least one Small Child Meltdown. And - just so you know - my sister's youngest, "Baby Ruth," earned a new nickname last year. We call her The Pterodactyl because her cries are as loud and piercing as that of the carnivorous winged lizard. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to feel sorry for my sister KitKat, as she was the one holding said pterodactyl in this photo. And you thought they were extinct...

Of course Thanksgiving also requires one to beat one's head against the wall - in order to get the creative juices flowing - so that one can improvise a child's sized makeshift apron.

But of course THE most important thing to remember on Thanksgiving is to have on hand one very, very, VERY good vacuum. Because crumbs and spills are inevitable.

Feel free to insert photo captions in the comments section for any or all of the pictures above. And tell me all about your Thanksgiving celebrations while you're at it.


mumma to many said...

I love the fact that Grandma loves a feast that is what reminds me of my my Grandmother who just loved any feast!
The dog cracks me up! "Bother You didn't drop enough and now I am looking at you for my next meal?"
I love the Tantrum face just checking out the camera and no more!
We had similar dress ups this weekend!
Ruth in NZ

Buckeroomama said...

I hear ya on the vacuum. :) I used to "accidentally" drop my veggies on the floor when we'd dine at my grandma's house and our Pekingese would just clean it up for me. :)

Andrea said...

So the picture of Tonggu Daddy could have been my hubby! Not the sitting part, but the head shot.

Kim K. said...

Your posts/pictures ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. You already know how we spent our day...in the hospital with Chris's mom...but we were together. That's all that matters. Bring on the work week!!

Elouise82 said...

We call my little Gracie a Baby Ringwraith because her shrieks have just about that same pitch and strength. Her father also calls her a pterodactyl, for the same reason.

Our Thanksgiving involved much philosophizing (my mother, husband, and our family's guest), napping (my grandfather and toddler), and smiling (my dad, the baby, and me). All in all, pretty satisfying.

Aunt LoLo said...

AWESOME, mama. :-) Glad you had a great thanksgiving! I'm pretty sure that apple pie of yours could bring about world peace!!

We had a great Thanksgiving, with friends. :-)

Football & Fried Rice said...

I think you got the highlights down :) Poor Baby Ruth..I felt her pain!!

Aus said...

Awesome holiday! We got to have 2 - one on Wednesday with family and again on Friday with family that developed while we were in China adopting Braelyn - a couple we bonded with on the trip was able to come visit - what a Blessing!! As for T - vacum's picture - simple caption - "Don't look at me in that tone of voice"!

Love your wit - hugs -

aus and co.

Kayce said...

LOVE those vacuums! We have two of them and I swear they are the best vacuums I've ever owned!! :) LOVE IT!! Looks like you guys had a good time!

Annie said...

Amen on the doggie vacuums!!! We have 2 now but they do not compare to our Maggie who passed away several years ago! That sweet doggie would eat ANYTHING!!!!! My floors were spotless! LOL!!

The Source said...

Our Thanksgiving featured only one toddler...a tiny 3 yr old nephew...sporting a lime green feather boa around his neck and a fluffy read cat's tail sticking out of the butt of his itty bitty jeans. My sister's kid is STRANGE!

Also only one dog. A miniature brownsih-red omnivore who tried her best to saw our guests off at the ankles.

Glad your holiday went well!

Super Mommy said...

You're too funny! I have one (actually two) of those vacuums! Can't say I ever made a towel apron, but that's pretty ingenious! We were melt-down free this year - but I love your drama!

Wanda said...

Well.....being Canadian.....I've been enjoying your holiday vicariously (though some turkey and gravey for real would have been a whole lot better!).

Caption on doggie."Hey, you lookin' at me?"


CC said...

So, so, so, wish I had a dog just after meals. It would save us our ant infestations for sure!

1happymommy said...

I have just recently started following your blog and love it! We too had "the dog cleaning machine" and now the kids are old enough to slip the dogs some food, especially things they don't like. We also had the 2 year old meltdown and the 4 year old wear his ear muffs (sensory related) in response. Such a smart little guy. Anyways, thanks for sharing. :)

Myrnie said...

Yep- looks like Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving dinner was mercifully free of drama- that was reserved for later on in the day (from the kids) and later in the weekend (from the adults.) Fun times! :)

Holly said...

That is the cutest dog ever :)
How did I miss ya'll having a dog?
And a cute one to boot!
I can't really write publicly about my Thanksgiving..but suffice it to say that it was not easy but blessed.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hello Friend:) I have missed reading your daily adventures these past few weeks!!

Looks like we had a very similar thanksgiving day experience..........except there were three children under the age of three having meltdowns at our house.......and Sarah also came down with the croup:( We had to go to the docs on Friday morning and then spent most of the weekend in the house. Luckily the princess is feeling better....and Mommy is caught up on her sleep:)

Thinking of you guys.....I know that this is a very difficult time of year for your family.



Michelle said...

I'm sorry, you lost me when you fell through the gravy soaked boards of your soapbox. You are such a creative writer!! Love it!

Leslie said...

omg your posts crack me up!!!!!!!!!! I love your bulldog too!!! CUTE!

Love Letters To China said...

So funny! You always bring a smile to my face.

Briana's Mom said...

Our Thanksgivings were very similar. Sleeping husband in front of football game - check. Child meltdown (my nephew) - check. Doggie vaccuum (my sister's dog Corky) - check. Looks like you all had a great holiday! :)