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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Linkage

As always, I don't necessarily agree or disagree with these links, but I believe they are important to consider. For those of you new around here, I'm an adoptive momma. Each Sunday I try to post links relevant to the China- adoptive community. I read some of these linkage posts while nodding my head in agreement... others stretch my mind as I seek to understand. Always, always, I consider them.

I Knew Everything. I Knew Nothing.
-- first mother Jenna at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land... describing how it felt four years ago to become a mom after having already been a mother for two years

I Am Mental -- adoptive momma (China) LMGNYC at La Bicicleta... learning that it's all about what is best for your particular child

Defending Adoptive Parents -- adult adoptee (Taiwan) Mei-Ling at Shadow Between Two Worlds... the number one reason Mei-Ling doesn't feel the need to defend adoptive parents

Is My Son Lucky? -- adoptive momma (Vietnam) Martha Nichols at the group blog Adopt-a-tude... thoughts after hearing the "he's so lucky" comment yet again

Adoption: A Beautiful, Broken System -- adoptive momma (India and Liberia) Jamie Martin at Steady Mom... describing the imperfect solution that is adoption

Reality vs. Fantasy -- adult adoptee (Korea) 윤선 (Yoon Seon) at 안녕습니다 (annyong seumnida): My adventures as a Korean adoptee... balancing her emotions about adoption with the thought that perhaps it is sometimes necessary

What answer would be good enough? -- waiting to adopt (from China) madduchess at the disloyal subject of the red queen... expressing frustration with the many adoptive-parents who react so harshly to the voices of adult adoptees

China trips -- adoptive momma (China) OmegaMom... visits to your child's birth country: balancing an ideal with reality

Is Silence Golden? -- first mother Cassi at Adoption Truth... using her very unique perspective (now parenting her once relinquished child), Cassi shares her thoughts about communication between an adoptive mother and a first mother

Four Steps to Cope with Post-Adoption Depression -- adoptive momma (China) Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Mother... tools to help minimize the effects (or chance) of post-adoption depression


LucisMomma said...

Thanks for doing your Sunday Linkage--I would never have found these other blogs on my own. Makes me think, which is usually a good thing. :)

Rhonda said...

Thanks for posting Elizabeth's link. :)

Jenna said...

Thank you. That post has been well-received and, quite honestly, it was a post that I needed to write. Thanks again for the linkage.

Annie said...

Thanks again, TM. I don't think I got into too much trouble this week!!! LOL!!