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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red Sauce, Red Face

subtitled "and this is why most people from my real life don't know I blog"

Two evenings ago, the husband and I hosted a spaghetti dinner for a bunch of friends from church. I tripled the batch of spaghetti sauce, knowing I'd send a few families home with leftovers as well as saving some for ourselves. But there was still quite a bit left over - even after all of that - because only half of the expected crowd showed up. I didn't bat an eye, though, since all I needed to do was call Ring and let him know he had enough spaghetti sauce for two home-cooked meals.

So call I did. And I left a message.

Last night he picked up a Tupperware filled to the brim with delicious smelling goodness. If I do say so myself. Which I do. Ahem. Anyways, he stopped by on his way home from picking up the twins at after-care. It was right at the beginning of the Tongginator shower time/ bed time routine. She heard the doorbell and wanted (NEEDED!) to know who was there. I heard her daddy yell at her to "get back here right this instant!," so I turned around to see the source of all that commotion.

The Tongginator stood... stark naked... on the third step from the top floor.

TONGGU MOMMA: Tongginator! Get back upstairs right this minute!

TONGGINATOR: But I want to say hi to Mr. Ring!!!

TONGGU MOMMA: I don't care! Get back upstairs! We don't run around downstairs naked!

She obeyed. And I turned around to hand over the sauce to Ring.

RING: (grinning, with a twinkle in his eye) That's a good lesson to learn.

TONGGU MOMMA: (total and complete blank stare... and then...) Oh! OH!!! You!

RING: Better she learn it now, right?

And that's when I started laughing. And so did he.

It's a good thing I adore his family so darn much. And that I Trust Him To Never Breathe A Word Of That Story To ANYONE At ANY Time. Otherwise I just might slip a little something into my next batch of red sauce. And don't worry about his twins, y'all. Pocket and Posies would never eat my spaghetti anyways.

It has grated carrots in it.


Rhonda said...

Bwahahahahaha! Like mother, like daughter. ;)

Kiy said...

Hubby constantly says that Little Bit and I spend way too much time together. That she's becoming more and more a Little Kiy.

Scary when that happens, isn't it? :)

bbmomof2boys said...

oh...she took her cue from you but has been secretly taking lessons from Little T!!!


happygeek said...


Aus said...

I had several clever things to say - as only a guy like Mr. Ring could - but hey....let's not go there! :)

hugs - aus and co.

jen@odbt said...

Your house is a blast! I read the uh-oh story for the first time and that is pretty funny. Embarrassing but funny. Hopefully you're over it now, right? ;)

Lisa said...

Ack & a mighty chuckle! Hmmmm......maybe I'd best check into better window coverings downstairs too! ;)

Patty O. said...

Awesome. I always love to be reminded of the infamous laundry incident. I'm not laughing AT you, just....Ok, I guess I AM laughing at you, but only in a really good natured, it happens to the best of us kind of way.

Thanks for the laugh! And the reminder that I better get some laundry put away soon

Aunt LoLo said...


Oh dear. That Mr. Ring. Such a tease. ;-)

Janet said...

Ho Hum. I am trying SO hard not to make any snide comments. But it's just brimming out of me. I can't control it....most stop.....aaaahhhh!

Myrnie said...

Aunt LoLo snorted?? Might I remind Aunt LoLo that her daughter was naked from waist down, cross-legged, on the couch at our family reunion? And we didn't notice this until AFTER the homeowner had take a prospective renter through the house on a tour?

Of course, I should probably add in the time I greeted a HS friend at my door, whom I hadn't seen in 8 years. Her eyes became HUGE as she looked behind me, and I turned to find Ernie stark naked and wanting to see who was at the door. (My friend is child-less...and very much NOT accustomed to nudity!)

Ah. Fun times, fun times. Mr. Ring sounds like a good sport :)

CC said...

Learn it now girlfriend!

Michelle said...

Too funny!!! She wants to be just like you when she grows up... she's just starting early! :)

Sharie said...

Oh he's a quick one, Mr Ring:)

Love Letters To China said...

Never a dull moment in your house! ;-)

Football & Fried Rice said...

I am sure Mr. Ring's lips are sealed - after all there is spaghetti on the line!!

a little leprechaun said...

Hahahahahaha!! I remember the old post made me laugh out loud. Husband too! That is funny that Ring read and remembered!! Too funny!! Well, maybe not for you. But we find it VERY amusing!! Just kidding!!

Hope your weekend went well!! Have a terrific Thanksgiving!!

alece said...

hahaha! i'm cracking up over here. would have LOVED to see your face!

Dita said...

I feel your pain....same thing happened to me one afternoon late for work when I lived at my mom's house.'

I thought I was alone, had the radio blasting and ran down to the laundry room to get my freshly pressed shirt....only...I had to run through the living room on my way there and I had not heard my mother's companion of many years let himself in and sit watching the evening news in said living room.

I got to the middle of the bottom set of stairs facing him straight on and I gasped and he covered his eyes and said...." I didn't see anything...I didn't see anything"....considering that reaction, I gather he saw EVERYTHING
Oh, and TM....I wasn't wearing a bra and panties!

True story.