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Friday, October 2, 2009

Dime Time

Yet again the parents of the Tongginator prove that we are complete and total idiots. For weeks now we've been talking about having the Tongginator open up a savings account, so this past weekend Tonggu Daddy and the Tongginator headed to our local bank. The Husband carried TWO piggy banks under his arms, filled to the brim with pocket change, crisp Chinese New Year bills and birthday money. He figured they'd be in and out of there within the hour, with $40 or $50 set aside for a certain little someone.

Only it was wall to wall people inside that bank.

Tonggu Daddy shrugged his shoulders, deciding that at most they'd be called within 20 minutes or so. And he was correct. Except that Tonggu Daddy and the Tongginator didn't get to take their turn the first time they heard our last name called. Not the second time either. Nor the third, fourth or fifth times. Why, y'all might be asking? Well... as they soon discovered... that particular bank office is one of only THREE bank branches - worldwide - that does not have a change sorter.

That's right: y'all heard correctly. No. Change. Sorter.

Which means that Tonggu Daddy wanted to turn around and walk out that door with those two heavy piggy banks in his arms, but a certain little someone's pathetic expression forced him to change his mind. So Tonggu Daddy and the Tongginator counted out and rolled the many, MANY coins bouncing around inside the Tongginator's two piggy banks. They consumed three chairs, dumping the coins out on the seat between them.

Tonggu Daddy counted. And he counted. And he counted some more.

The Tongginator counted out 50 pennies... thirteen times.


Two-and-a-half hours (and six "are you ready yet, Mr. TD?" inquiries) later, Tonggu Daddy and the Tongginator headed over to a banker to open up the Tongginator's first savings account. She now has $135 and some change socked away. Goodness, if we had known that much was in there, we might have pilfered some of her loot long ago. Especially since it took two-and-a-half hours to count it all. And an additional thirty minutes to open the actual account.

The Tongginator acted like a complete angel.

Maybe possibly because Tonggu Daddy sorta, kinda bribed her with a "we'll have lunch at Chic-Fil-A if you keep it together" kind of comment. So the Tongginator kept it together, seeing as how her momma is a Food Nazi rarely allows her to eat fast food. And they headed to the local Chic-Fil-A after the banking disaster adventure. Only when they arrived at Chic-Fil-A? It was packed like a sardine can.

With four community girls' soccer teams.


I think that's when Tonggu Daddy started crying, although he denies he shed any tears. They somehow managed to survive the chaos, ordering their usual and stealing a table out from under a little old lady someone who didn't act quickly enough. And then they came home. With two empty piggy banks, one beaming smile and one "I never, ever, EVER want to do that again" expression.

So what wonderful "my child is going to grow from this" experience have y'all planned, only to have it end up becoming a near disaster? Inquiring minds want to know.


Buckeroomama said...

What a sport TD is. :)

We changed all the coins into bills before heading to the bank because I know how impatient certain people here can get...ahem. But even then, it took me almost an hour just to open two kiddie accounts!

Wanda said...

Oh....ain't like grand with a young'un. I remember a somewhat similar experience with the bank but no coins. It just takes forever these days to give someone YOUR money???? Huh?

Kiy said...

Oh my, I could just see that story unfolding. You truly have the gift of words.

Loved the story, and thanks for the reminder. I think a trip to the grocery store where they have those gizmos that sort your coins for you will be in order for us before attempting this. (Or, doing it the TM way and sending daddy - haha!)



Kerry said...

She will remember it forever and even after that!

Hugs. Nothing idiot about TD!

I love my memories of going on errands to the bank with my dad. I loved dumping out our coin bottle and having treats afterwards.

Your little Miss will so appreciate her adventure!

Sharie said...

Oh my goodness. That is on our list to do this weekend. Amelia has few bills left in her bank. I let her spend her birthday money this year - and she didn't fuss when I took an entire trunk load of toys to the Goodwill and 2nd hand store. I figure 2 movies and 1 Barbie bath toy takes much less space than a TRUNK of JUNK!

Now I'm curious how many coins are in that bank:)

Becky said...

I actually wrote a post about this once - about having experiences and making memories with your kids, only to find out that reality wasn't quite up to snuff with the fantasy. Mine involved cookies, a nice fall day, and a temper tantrum. Good stuff.

P.S. Chic-Fil-A! I used to go there all the time when we lived in Virginia. Which may or may not have contributed to my more-than-advised pregnancy weight gain with my first child.

Super Mommy said...

Y'all don't have CoinStar in the grocery stores?? I used to work in a bank, I never liked rolling coins - your Tongginator has talent to roll that many rolls of coin!

Lisa said...

What a grand story!! What a wonderful Daddy!! AND TG did get to practice her mad math counting skills afterall! :)

There have been numerous instances when our "master plan" fell short of expectation; I'm thinking the worse was a trip to a local organic farm ~ we envisioned a lesson about learning from the land, where food comes from(as opposed to the grocery store!), picking our own veggies.....yeah, that was before our dumpling stepped into pooh, literally and fell down. Yep....no wholesome day for us....just a wholesome mess! ;)
Happy weekend!

Mei-Ling said...

2.5 hours?


AChineseDad said...

Good job, TD and TM! The next to-do item is to have Tongginator save up enough money to open her first brokerage account. How about an Education IRA account with TD Ameritrade? Then you can teach your T-Angel to buy stocks, ETFs and write option contracts on them. Serious. My two bright kids (ages 7 and 10) love writing option contracts (covered calls and short puts) on their ETFs each month. ETFs are the best investment options for kids anyone for that matter. My kids are learning great financial lessons by using their math skills at the same time.

Aunt LoLo said...

Hrm..how about EVERYTHING. Nothing ever ends up quite the way you planned when a Little is involved. ;-)

Kudos to TD for sticking it out, though! i think I would have collapsed in tears at the sight of that chick fillet. (No, I can't spell it. Sorry.)

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

AChineseDad just totally made me feel inferior as an adult. . .We are constantly experiencing disasters in our household. We can go to the grocery store, and it ends up being a nightmare!! We once went out to eat with hubby's mom and it turned into a night from h*ll. I've still not recovered. . .

Heather of the EO said...

WOW, he's a patient guy. (His head didn't pop right off his neck, so I consider that very patient.)

I can't think of a story right now. I know I've got them, but it's rainy and cloudy and sleepy out so my brain no likey the thinky.

Sophias Style Boutique said...

What a cute and funny story! Sounds like your kids are a joy to have in your life : )

Myrnie said...

Well...ummm...I guess I AM the meanest mom on the block! Times like these I turn to Ernie and say "Honey? This isn't going to work, because x, y, and z. We'll try again later."

Did I mention my daughter has a VERY, VERY logical mind? Because this totally works, most of the time. If I explain it well enough, and she KNOWS we'll do it later/another way. Or can see why it won't work.

*ducks head, as all the other moms start to hate me*

Aus said...

Way to go TD!! Proud of you (from one Dad to another - there are so few of us out here - or who at least admit it!) As for CFA - yeah - we've had some rough ones. When things settle I may be back with a couple 'near disaster's' - Lord knows we've had a fair few!

hugs - aus and co.

Patty O. said...

TD is a saint! I think I would have curled up into a ball and whimpered. Seriously.

Alece said...

oh my dang. he's got more patience than i do, that's for sure!

discombobulated said...

ok. This is a great story! What a patient daddy and a good little girl. I bet she'll save a lot and buy something really nice one day. Like a pink convertible.

CC said...

Wow. That's a lot of money. I totally would have "borrowed" some.

and just think of ALL that time you got to yourself. That was priceless I"m sure.

3 Peanuts said...

TD is a trooper!!! I am not sure I would have lasted. The Tongginator is one determined little girl. Bravo!

Love the food nazi part cause I am one too:)

Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Poor TD. I am sure this was not the nice father/daughter outing he had in mind. He sounds like quite a trooper.

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

TD was a total trooper. I'm pretty sure the Tongginator is the only person in the whole world he would have done that for!!!

mommy24treasures said...

how mature of Miss T. It is hard to hold it together in situations like that and for her to count to 50 thirteen times is huge too!

Mahmee said...

And the father of the year award goes to (insert drum roll here)...

The Things We Carried said...

the man is a saint! one hand typing, sorry.

Alyson & Ford said...

They are both saints! That is why, we will send AA's piggy bank money to an internet banking "bank" long before AA understands about banks! You just reinforced my decision. We do not have the patience that Mr. has!

Alyzabeth's Mommy!