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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're Both Getting Old

Three weeks ago, we battled horrific traffic to visit my aunt and uncle up at their lake place. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, so we figured we were due to suffer through an intense game of Frogger, battling it out with the trucks barreling up and down the "mountains" of Western Maryland. And if you don't understand why I used quotes to describe the "mountains" of my home state... well then, you've never been to Western Maryland, where hills become mountains because most Easterners have yet to see the Rockies.

Anyways, during our trip to see the Tongginator's Great Aunt P and Great Uncle C several weeks ago, we learned that two of my cousins planned to stop by their place over the Labor Day weekend. You know, I always knew my cousins were brilliant - they couldn't have picked a better time of year to visit: Labor Day weekend, when the trucks come rolling cross the plains I-70... and into Western Maryland.

We decided to make the drive again. Because we are crazy like that love my cousins so very much.

Y'all may remember meeting Cinderella and her hopefully-soon-to-be-Prince-Charming... well, we still like Mr. Possible Prince Charming. In fact, the Tongginator would like to point out to them both that her years as an available Flower Girl are fast coming to an end.

She's just saying.

And calm down, Cinderella and Prince Charming, just in case you are lurking 'round here. I totally know you have a ton of good reasons for putting this off. You know, like the fact that you are both so young... have only known each other for a relatively short amount of time... have the whole grad school thing working against you... blah blah blah. Yeah - try telling that to the Tongginator. She's focused on the tiara and the basket of rose petals, not YOUR happily-ever-after. Because who cares about the bride and groom on their wedding day, hmm?

Definitely not the flower girl.

Cinderella and Prince Charming at a local waterfall

Still... wouldn't Cinderella make a beautiful bride? And - more importantly - wouldn't the Tongginator make an absolutely adorable flower girl? Oh, I'm sorry... did I just say that out loud? (I must get it from my daughter.)

Anyways, where was I?

Oh, yes... cousins. Cousins I adore, even if they DO make me feel Older Than The Hills. If my one cousin is blog-named Cinderella, guess what that makes my other cousin? My other cousin who heads off to her freshman year of college next week? And yes, I totally changed her diapers way back when. So guess what her blog name is...

Yep... I just knew you were brilliant... meet Sleeping Beauty, y'all. I seriously don't think I've ever before met another person who sleeps as much as this cousin o' mine. She slept on the floor, in her bed, in the car, even on the boat during a particularly choppy ride. After watching two days of *ahem* inactivity, the Tongginator announced, "Cousin Sleeping Beauty likes to sleep as much as I like to eat."

Why yes, Tongginator... yes, she does.

Cinderella, Mr. Possible Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty

And we totally love her for it. Even though I'm probably the one who should be napping, since I feel So. Very. Darn. Old. Congrats on college, cuz... and make sure you start dropping hints to Cinderella.

The Tongginator only has a few good Flower Girl Years left.


Buckeroomama said...

Hahaha, I totally understand the wanting to be a flower girl bit. I was a flower girl thrice and I loved all the dressing up (yes, I remember!) and the putting on make-up...

My little niece, who was a flower girl at my wedding, has been a flower girl 10 times! I kid you not. My cousin's wife is a very good agent. ;p

Debz said...

LOL, you are trouble! Ha ha! With wings,a diaper and a bow and arrow!
Fingers crossed for the Tonginator ;O)

Dawn said...

Ahhh... the only thing better than being a flower girl is being a flower girl's mother. It's like a dry run at planning your daughter's wedding! LOL

Myrnie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! :) I remember being a flower girl when I was young- I'm sure the Tonginnator will do great :) (You know...if or when they decide they're going to get married...)

Carla said...


and yes I get the "mountains" as we here in my hometown have a "mountain" that literally takes 5 minutes to drive up and over. Yes, it's CALLED a mountain, even by the state park people.

Hopefully they'll take the hint...maybe?

Super Mommy said...

I feel the same way about kids growing up and making ME feel old! You're in good company. Maybe you should have taken Sleeping Beauty to Starbucks?? ;0)

kerri said...

I so get this post, my cousins that I diapered are now entering university and some are now having children of their own, yikes!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Everyone knows that weddings are ALL about the flower girls. Love, marriage, that whole "till death do us part" thing - all irrelevant. I'm surprised T had to actually point that out. ;)

Lisa said...

LOL This could SO be a script from our family too! Just this past weekend we found out one of Scott's cousins is engaged.....it matters not that they live half a country away...nope...it matters not that they have one other wee family girl who may be able to fit the FG bill....nope...cuz immediately I looked at L and the gleam was there....yes, it was! And I was already imagining her in white tulle and fresh flowers......OH, we then did remember to offer up some congrats too....once we wiped the far away looks off of our faces....giggle...

Also, tell the TG that a Jr. bridesmaid gig is viable too!! :)
Glad you had a great weekend!

Sharie said...

Amelia BEGS at least once a week for several things.
For me to get married
To be my flower girl
To have a daddy
To have 2 baby sisters
To have a mini van
To have a bigger house

Truthfully there are only 3 things in there that I think she really wants - guess what they are?

And you are not old until your niece is 25!! I'm just saying, I may need a cane come the 19th of this month.

happygeek said...

Old is when your former students have babies and talk about you teaching them. That's old.

Jboo said...

Your girl would make a beautiful flower girl!! Keep working on Cinderella! :) And you're not old until you have children that are married! Yikes -- when did I get so old??? ;0


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with the cousins:)

I think the Tongginator would make a beautiful flower girl!! I hope that Cinderella and PC hurry it up:)


Michelle said...

Oh, how I hope she gets to be a flower girl because the back of her head will look so great going down the aisle. LOL! Glad you had a great weekend with your cousins!

justgerbil said...

Heh. A few gazillion years ago, our mountains were mountains. And Sideling Hill usually shuts up the detractors for at least a few minutes because ya gotta admit, its COOL.

But completely LOLing at the Tongginator's goal.

Annie said...

Oh too cute!!! Yep, every little girl should get to be a flower girl and it sounds like the Tongginator's flower girl clock is ticking!!! Hehe!!! She would be just beautiful - the bride too!!!

Janet said...

You are so silly! I love it. Just to point it out....MY daughter has been a flower girl. ;-)

sleeping beauty said...

aunt p gave me the link and i'm so glad. this blog is so cute and now i get to read and know more about your life. miss you, tonggu daddy and the tongginator (haha) already!

p.s. sorry in advanced for the link to my "blog". the username was chosen after i tried about 1000 other ones and was frustrated. haha.

Dita said...

Dang, Girl....those cousins are, er, YOUNG! Yep, must make ya feel older than those hills, huh?

I think that picture by the waterfall would be a PERFECT engagement picture for the mailings...don't you??

The Tongginator as Flower Girl.....oh, I just gotta see this...she will steal the show for sure (remembering her dance recital!) Yeah, she only has a few good Flower Girl Years left in her people.......Hurry UP!