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Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11...

I wanted to share a few links with y'all from two bloggers whom I read regularly. Judy and I both write at the group adoption blog Grown In My Heart, but her 9-11 post today on her personal blog, The International Mom's Blog, really took me back in time to the emotions we all felt during the horrific aftermath of 9-11. Then Margie, of Third Mom, truly touched me with her personal tribute to the brother of her husband's best friend, in her post Remembering Brian Magee.

And if anyone wonders how 9-11 personally effected the members of Tonggu House, you can check out the post I wrote on this date last year, entitled Almost is a Huge Word.

The Living Memorial and Plaque honoring Christine Snyder, a high
school friend of my sister, who died
on Flight 93 on September 11,
The inscription on the plaque shares details of Christine's life,
as well as the words "‘Oni kalalea ke ku a ka la‘au loa. A tall tree
stands above the others." (photos taken during two seasons in 2005)


delucchi family said...

Hi, even in the UK we have been watching loads on the telly about 9/11 - such a tragic day. thanks for the links, will pop in to have a look.
Love Jules

bbmomof2boys said...

9-11...I was at work, almost an hour away from where the boys go to school. When it happened I just could.not.believe.it! OMG - how could this happen here? In the US?? In NY???? I called Big T and asked him to go get the boys out of school and hug and hold them close. The next few days were so quiet outside. You could look up and see the glorious blue sky, not a cloud, just brilliant blue. Then it would dawn on you again, its so quiet and so BLUE because there wasn't a single plane flying overhead...


Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing (again) your memories.

Rejoicing with you for the "almost" and remembering and praying for those who didn't get an "almost."


Holly said...

so many more have given their lives since this day 8 years ago...to defend the cause of freedom and to set free the opressed. As a military wife, I personally know women whose husbands have not made the trip back home alive from Iraq or Afghanistan. I know women whose husbands survived IED's and who will never be the same. On so many days, it can be hard for the average American to even remember we are still a nation at war. And yet, faithfully, every September 11th, despite our political differences or religious views, we come together in unity once more to remember the events of that day...the day the paradigm shifted and we honor the lives that were lost...and the ones lost every month of every year since then and still counting. This is my second September 11th in the 4.5 years I've been an active duty military wife that my husband has been in a war zone during this day of remembrance. There are still scars carried around on the hearts and bodies of those who survived and the families who lost loved ones. And yet through it all, even on the darkest days, Our God reigns.
He is goodness and light and holiness in the midst of evil and hatred and darkness. Yes, we are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave, but also because we have for so many years been a nation set apart, UNDER God.

Wade's World said...

I just read what you wrote last year and it moved me to tears.

I can't imagine being that close to losing my husband, and my heart is broken for those who have had their life turned upside-down in such a tragic way.

Thank you for sharing...

Gail said...

Tears are streaming down my face TM, just finished reading your post from a year ago. I know you thank God every single day for the gift that He has given you with your husband's presence in your life.

That day will forever be with me and I'm not surprised those same raw emotions are just under the surface for all of us. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping me to remember...always...

sara said...

I, too, just read your last years post. And was reminded once again of how SOVEREIGN our God is. He KNEW. He KNEW where TD would be. He KNEW who He was calling Home that day. You are so right so say that YES, we are reminded , annually, of this horrific event in history - but there are those that live with the daily reminder. Lifting those people up today.

Patricia/NYC said...

Being born & raised, & living in Manhattan, it is really, really difficult to "re-live" this day day...I remember the day all too well, I was teaching, parents were trying to pick up their children but the traffic was horrendous with many roadblocks...parents couldn't get in touch with their kids & couldn't make it to the school...all phone lines were down...buses & trains stopped running...kids were screaming in the halls; me, another teacher & our principal stayed at school well into the evening to make sure all the kids were eventually picked up. I can't even get into the people that we knew who were lost...so, so tragic.

Super Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing these - we will never forget :(

Anonymous said...

September 11 was the worst day for many... am glad she was rested in such a beautiful place may her soul rest in peace.

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Dita said...

I, too, have tears reading your post. Almost really is a huge word.

I watched the City smolder for days here from our home 20 miles from Ground Zero right across the Hudson River. I will never forget the day, the feelings, the loss of communication, the quietness, the kindness of strangers, the flags that were EVERYWHERE in solidarity, the outpouring of love for our country, the incredible loss of so many of our friends and neighbors....or the feeling of being "lucky" and the guilt that comes with that. As you said, it is hard to imagine feeling lucky when others were not and who, through no fault of their own were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I will never forget that day or what it meant to us as a country or as human beings as long as I live.

I am so grateful that your husband made it home that day.