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Monday, September 7, 2009

Band Geeks Unite!

So... I've mentioned before that I didn't exactly have a long-lasting career as a childhood musician... mostly because THEY forced me to play the trumpet when I wanted to play the flute or, failing that, at least the clarinet. And no, I don't recall exactly who THEY were... except maybe possibly my father, who gifted me with a last name that sits at the end of the alphabet, which caused me to be last in line to choose an instrument; my elementary school band director, who - strangely enough - balked at having 16 flutists; and my orthodontist, who nixed my second-best dreams of playing the clarinet. This Axis of Evil scarred me for life when they forced me to pick up the trumpet I hated. Because I believed the trumpet was *gasp* a boy instrument.

Can you believe I practically majored in womens' studies in college?

Yeah... neither can I.

My husband, however, was the quintessential band geek. Y'all already knew he acted as the Drum Major for his high school. Some of you even came out of lurkdom to ooh and aah over the National Trophy you saw in the photo I shared... the National Trophy you would not have recognized unless you, too, live the life of a Former Band Geek.

Well, I am about to make your day, y'all. And by "you" I mean all of the high school band geeks reading Our Little Tongginator. Everyone else just go away. I promise you will be yawning otherwise. To the two dozen of y'all who remain... Tonggu Daddy's peeps... other Former Band Geeks... A classmate buddy of the husband sent him an e-mail this past weekend with a link to a Very Important You-Tube Video. He is beside himself with excitement. I don't know if I've ever seen him this excited. Well... maybe with the exception of our wedding night.


Y'all, I present to you his former high school's National Championship performance, which occurred during his freshman year, way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Everyone say oohh.... aahh... oh.

Yes... I know.


Blue said...

What? No close-ups of TD?

Baby M. loved it. She started grooving and said, "Dance, Mama!"

Sarah said...

Woohoo! Loved the shots of that kickin' xylophone player that brought it on. (Hummm... can you tell what I played in HS?)

bbmomof2boys said...

I think its totally cool that this is out there! I'm not a band geek (orchestra geek - ugh - even worse!) but I'm sure it took a TON of practice for this to come together. Great job TD!!


justgerbil said...

Not a band geek, but something of a Gershwin Geek, will that do?

Sherri said...

I met my husband on a band trip to Hawaii. He's from California, I'm from West Virginia, and our bands went to the same band competition. We met at the luau they had for the participants.

Can I just say how much I loved band? :)

I really did enjoy watching the video. I know the HOURS that go into putting together a show like that. I'm sad to say that my older kids didn't go on to band beyond middle school.

We are all geeks of one kind or another, right?

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

My little sister was sitting in here with me while I watched the video and she thinks it's great. (I would say she gave it 2 thumbs up but one is in her mouth) (:

Andrea said...

My 2 oldest sons are "band geeks". We tease our oldest endlessly saying we want him to go to Ohio State and dot the I! Our high school marching band is a "dancing band".

Myrnie said...

Wow- uber talented band! What a fun video to have :)

Misty said...

that was crazy-good!

Tonggu Grammy said...

TH, I watched the whole thing because I love you and discovered that your band was REALLY good.

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Love it! DH and I met b/c he was a band director and I was a guard instructor...many years of making beautiful music together....(gak)

Dawn said...

As the mom of a band geek (I think that makes me guilty by association!), I can certainly appreciate their hard work!

Band rocks!!!

adoptionroad said...

Man I forgot how long those performances were! No wonder I never needed to be an athlete in high school! We got all the workout we needed with that glide step! Great performance, it almost makes me want to fly UA. Of course, this was probably back when air travel was enjoyable. Our band came nowhere near finals, but we did compete at Baltimore stadium to Bridge Over Troubled Waters and the marching band "classic" He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

Band Geek
Flugel Horn - the girly trumpet ;-)

discombobulated said...

I had to fast forward. Please don't tell TD. I'm glad he was really excited though!

Carla said...

oooh...totally enjoyed it! Sharing it with my band geek friends as well. :)

I loved going to band competitions in the fall (and would love to go again sometime).

The Things We Carried said...

I like musicians! They often started as "band geeks"

Aunt LoLo said...

Umm...you KNOW I love you guys, but...I couldn't get through the whole 10 minutes. I DID watch the first 45 seconds...and then the middle 60 seconds...and then the last 35 seconds. :-)

A few too many twirling flags for this choir geek. HAHAHAHA.

malinda said...

Band Geek here, who completely sympathizes with the frustrated floutist thing -- I ended up playing the French Horn. But you know what they say -- French Horn players are great kissers (but they hold you kind of funny)!

The Source said...

Our local high school band can't march and play at the same time and the flags are never in synch. This was awesome!