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Friday, August 7, 2009

Tonggin8rs Rock

Yet again, Tonggu Momma proves herself to be a Complete and Total Idiot. (Yes, Tonggu Momma often uses the Royal "we" when talking about herself, most probably because someone in this house insists on being called a Princess 99.9% of the time. Thinking of herself as The Queen is the only way to diffuse said situation. It also helps when striving to avoid personal responsibility.)

Anyways, where was she?

(crickets chirping)

Ah, yes... complete and total idiocy. Tonggu Momma is an idiot because she gave the husband exactly what he wanted for his all important fortieth birthday earlier this week. He asked for and received the Rock Band 2 video game for the Wii. It's a wonderful gift, chock full of nostalgic music so that he can strum away all night and Tonggu Momma can screech sing along to her beloved eighties tunes within the privacy of her own home. In other words, no one is able to laugh at her, no matter how bad it sounds. We are having FUN with it, y'all.

if you have Rock Band 2 for the Wii, you can
check us out on-line... we are the Tonggin8rs

But we failed to think ahead. Because Rock Band 2? Includes a drum set and drum tutorial. Oh, yes, it does. And the Tongginator is five. And, unfortunately for us now, totally in LOVE with playing the drums. One small comfort is that her favorite song to play - at the moment - is my beloved Eye of the Tiger.

assistance lasted 0.3 seconds before the Tongginator used her royal
authority to declare autonomy... she is now completely on her own

Pray for us, y'all. PLEASE....


happygeek said...

Drums eh? Well, that's nothing a good set of earplugs won't take care of. Earplugs and a lot of advil.

Tonggu Grammy said...

And she ROCKS!

Gail said...

Eye of the Tiger?!!!! LOL...you mean from one of the Rocky movies in the 80's? too funny.

I bet she's awesome...;)

Tammie T. said...

Great family times! Looks like a present the whole family can enjoy! Nothing like the 80s for music!

Kiy said...

Tonggu Grammy can say that she rocks .... from the safety of her own home, haha!

Just think of the bonding time. Especially when you all get fitted for hearing aids together!

Oh and this:

Anyways, where was she?
.... I laughed and laughed. :)

Cheers, good luck,


Dawn said...

Sorry... not gonna get any sympathy from me!

I'm married to a drummer (and have suffered through my share of bands in our early married years), accept worship team practices infringing on our family time, and the constant "drumming" on all of my furniture.

AND... my son is a percussionist, too. He moved from bass drum in the marching band to tenors this year. He often practices at home. Indoors... because our neighbors would force us to move if he did it outside.

No sympathy. But have fun!!! LOL

Sherri said...

My son bought some pads for the drum set that somewhat mute the sounds of hitting the drums. Mia took them off. She thinks she's the drummer for Def Leppard! (he also has only one arm!)

Johnny said...

For truly, thou (as in the royal thou) art screwed.

Mahmee said...

I will pray for you but, only because your beloved song is Eye Of The Tiger. Hoy boy.

QingLu Mama said...

Love that little Tongginator knows how to rock it out all by her royal self!
Simone was quite taken with the Rock Band at the store the other day and TOTALLY wants to get one! QingLu Mama may not be able to handle it...

jen@odbt said...

We so need that. I could join you all in a rousing rendition of Living on a Prayer. One word - earplugs.

KiT said...

Hmmm, think I'll skip it - at least at OUR house! We'll be happy to come play it at your house, or better yet serve as your "audience." You know you really want one! ;)

Aunt LoLo said...


And that's all I've got to say about that. Except for,



Suzy said...

The Royal wii, don't you mean? Cause wii surely doth rock. Wii can't wait to get the DDR at our house because wii may not have any instrumental talent but wii are at our funniest dancing.

Rhonda said...

So...you're getting the BIG bottle of Tylenol, right?

Buckeroomama said...

Ahhh... good luck, y'all.

We have the Wii, but I draw the line at extra "gear." We're staying at my in-laws' right now and my brother-in-law has the full set --guitar, drums, etc. -- and the kids can't seem to get their hands off them and he'd had to stash them away in his room... only to move them out again after all the kids are in bed!

Ohilda said...

SO FUNNY!! I got hubby the same thing for his bday and now the kids walk around singing "She's lump..she's lump....she's in my head!" God help us! LOL!

Shawnstribe said...

hee hee, hee hee you are so gonna have to be patient!!!!
sorry, so not funny i know :)
house is driving me slightly mad: )

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Rock on little one rock on!!! Remember when you were young and your mom would say something like "just wait, till you have kids one day" ~ I know she said it for moments like this : )

Sandy Toes said...

How fun....do you have headphones???
sandy toe

RamblingMother said...

it is probably loud at your house huh?

CC said...

At least she chose a great song, eh?

We decided before we even married that there was a no game-systems rule for the dh in our marriage. Thus far... we've stuck with it.

The problem?

We didn't know the evil addictive powers of the internet at that time.....

Lisa said...

Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, eh? giggle....well, a royal band of the 80's for a royal pint sized rocker....please tell me I see some video footage on the way?? Pretty please?? :)

rock on my friend...rock on!
P.S. Yeah, my DH had to tell the band's name...LOL...but I thought you might like the effort! ;)
P.S.S. LOVE the potty story...she soooo knows what she wants!!

Annie said...

We are right there with ya!! I am lead vocals while my 6 year old totally ROCKS on the drums and my other 2 boys rock out on the guitar like I never could!! The girls, right now, just enjoy dancing to the great tunes!! Love it!!

Kayce said...

Sounds like me! Screeching as everyone else is rocking out! We love our Rock Band time.

pickel said...

mortal, mortal mistake.

Janet said...


Michelle said...

Oh my word!!! Did it also come with earplugs?

Thanks for the word of warning. My hubby's birthday is coming up and you have just marked one thing OFF of the list! LOL

p.s. Loved catching up on the "goings on" in the TM house. I have missed you!

Jean said...

Oh My- drums- I'm gettin a headache just thinking about it!

The game does sound like fun BUT not worth the thought of drums in the house.

I just happened to marry a guy with a voice as bad as mine! We sing together ;-)

Go for it Tongginater!
Run while you can Tonggu Momma!!

Two Kayaks said...

YIKES!! But, very cool!! I'm with Rhonda...get that big bottle of Tylenol and have at it!

The Gang's Momma said...

Welcome to my world. Shaggy is a wonderful drummer, completely focused and driven and practices all the time. Right underneath my computer desk. In the uninsulated basement below my living room.

And did you see my Wordless Wednesday a few weeks back? He's teaching Li'L Empress how to be a drummer chick.

Yeah. Welcome to my world :)

Alyson & Ford said...

Drums are a very good thing for her. Actually, a great instrument to learn.
I sat through every drum lesson my stepson took and it is awesome to see them play. Have fun!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Ten Months

mommy24treasures said...

oh!!!! I was at a Christmas party and they had this and by the end of just one night I was SOOOO tired of Eye of the tiger and Hungry like the wolf!

OziMum said...

My hubs has "eye of the tiger" as his ringtone LOL!!!

(PS did you know you've posted 53 times, since I lasted visited?!!! holy cow!!!!)