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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Linkage

As always, I don't necessarily agree or disagree with these links, but I believe they are important to consider. For those of you new around here, I'm an adoptive momma. Each Sunday I try to post links relevant to the China- adoptive community. I read some of these linkage posts while nodding my head in agreement... others stretch my mind as I seek to understand. Always, always, I consider them.

school and adoption -- adoptive momma (Vietnam) Judy at Just Enjoy Him... a conversation about adoption with her son's new second-grade teacher

College Daze -- first mother Suz at Writing My Wrongs... taking her fiance's son to college brings back many memories and lost dreams

Have you REALLY told her she's adopted? -- adoptive momma (China) Malinda at China Adoption Talk... have you really, truly explained to your child what it means to be adopted?

ARP Columnist Responds to Hopgood's Globe Article on Overseas Adoption -- adult adoptee (Korea) Jae Ran Kim, columnist at Anti-Racist Parent, about Mei-Ling Hopgood's (adult adoptee, Taiwan) recent article in the Boston Globe (link provided) discussing the idea that embracing too much culture may cause as many problems as failing to embrace culture at all

A new mission to China -- adoptive momma (China) Andrea at Adoption Road... a link to a recent news article about a child not abandoned, but lost, experiencing internationally adoption

A Letter to Prospective Adoptive Parents -- first mother Jane Edwards at First Mother/ Birth Mother Forum... a letter filled with hard truths, written to those thinking about or in the process of adopting

3 Months of Living in Taipei
-- adult adoptee (Taiwan) Mei-Ling at The Other Heping... thoughts as she travels to the airport after a 3 month reunion with her first family

The Woman Upstairs -- first mother Fire Mom at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land... memories from sleepless nights during her pregnancy

Terminating an adoption -- adoptive momma (Korea) Margie at Third Mom... her response to the recent article in the New York Times Motherlode blog

Where our sympathy lies
-- blogger resistance at Resist Racism... another response to the recent article in the New York Times Motherlode blog

생일축하합니다 to me…
-- adult adoptee (Korea) 윤선 at 안녕습니다! (annyong seumnida) My Adventures as a Korean Adoptee... thoughts on her twenty-fifth birthday


The Byrd's Nest said...

In regards to this post "Have you really told her she's adopted?". Emma Jane is not ready and doesn't really understand but Lottie does. We talk about it and I have explained about growing in another Mommy's tummy. But this upsets her so much...she cries and insists that she grew in my tummy. I am not sure what the perfect answer is anymore. I will always tell her the truth but right now.....this makes her sad.

Sharie said...

Tons of wonderful posts this week. Thank you for passing them along!