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Friday, July 17, 2009

What Matters Most

Some of you may not realize that people often tell us we live on a lesser-known version of Sesame Street. And many of you might be surprised that the husband and I - even after surviving 17 moves - refuse to say we will ALWAYS live here. We love our neighborhood, but we can't rule out saying goodbye to it at some point in the future. Find out why with my post today: "What Matters Most" over at Grown in My Heart.


Sherri said...

A couple of thoughts:

First, you guys are adding to YOUR family as well, so the number will increase again. Having a sister "like her" will help.

The second point I'd like to make is coming from the voice of experience, as the mother of a 21, 20, 18, and 15 year old. Living in a neighborhood where 6 kids are going into kindergarten together is precious. 6 kids entering 1st grade is adorable. BUT 6 KIDS LEARNING TO DRIVE AND DATE TOGETHER?????? Run!

Sherri said...

As you know, I am also the mother of a 6 and 4 year old, but I was speaking in terms of the older kids. Don't want to deny my babies!

Desiree' said...

I feel the same way, however after moving 14 times in 15 years, our kids are growing tired of the moves. We kind of lucked out in our new location, great sub, great culdesac block parties and tons of kids. No diversity though but the school where the girls will go, quite a few asian children. So we may just stay put. (shouldn't have put that in writing, DH will come home with a new assignment now...sigh)

Wade's World said...

I wish we had more kids Jackson's age around our house. I've only know of one although we have become very close with his family. I think the Tongginator will grow up a very well rounded person especially since you are doing so much to incorporate her roots into your life.

The Source said...

We live in a fairly diverse school district for a small southern town. My kids have classmates and friends who are of all sorts of racial and religious backgrounds.

The problem we ran into? Our son is the ONLY child in his school with a physical disability. He would be the only one at the middle school this fall, also. Getting any kind of accomodation that DIDN'T include leaving him sitting on the sidelines became increasingly difficult, and he is a very mobile and independent boy. I shudder to think what our system would do with a child who wasn't as able as ours. He has friends, but no one LIKE him. He's managed to cope quite well up until this past year. The middle school years are very hard, though, and being different in ANY way makes a kid stand out in the crowd...which most of them definitely do not want to do. It takes a pretty strong personality to make it through those times without a blow to the self-esteem, but your girl certainly seems to have a healthy dose of "strong-will". Whatever you choose to do, she'll be just fine.

Mahmee said...

Having moved on average about every 11 months of my life, I feel your moving 'pain'. Ugh. We are pretty diversified here in our metro area, yet I experience diversification 'issues' (racial issues) just about every week with R. Not sure location matters much? I say STAY on Sesame Street...embrace it, change what you don't like! Sounds to me like you have it under control!
"Sunny day...sweepin' the clouds away...."

Carla said...

Well then, you really must come and move across the street from me! :) Really....you should. It's Sesame Street take 3 I guess...20+ kids <10 years old, 5 different ethnic backgrounds, at least 4 different first languages spoken....

Briana's Mom said...

I think about it all the time. I make sure Briana spends lots of time with her friends - lots of diverse friends. But when she goes to elementary school, I worry. I am pretty sure the county we live in isn't that diverse. Briana has a really good friend in our neighborhood that is also Chinese with Caucasian parents, but her mom is going to send her to private school and she would have been in a grade behind Briana anyway. I'm still not sure what I am going to do when the time comes.

Debbie said...

I heard you had a little visit with another of my favorite bloggers recently - Aunt LoLo. To say I am jealous is a gross understatement!

Heather of the EO said...

Yeah, I heard what Debbie heard and I'm WITH HER on the jealous thing. I'd love to meet both of you! :)

(and Debbie too of course)

NOW, I also must add that I appreciated the post at Grown in My Heart a lot. I appreciate you and how you think a lot. You really consider the feelings of your children. A lot. You're an amazing MOM. A lot.

I mean that.