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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Kitschy Fourth?

Last week Canuck K learned that my momma and sister's family would be out of town over the holiday weekend, attending the National Bible Bowl competition, so she invited us to join her family on their annual Fourth of July jaunt to a local parade. I grabbed at the chance, since I knew the Tongginator would turn cartwheels over the prospect of spending the day with her best buds, twins Cinnamon and Spice. My instant acceptance made Canuck K wince a bit... she tried to prepare me, saying the parade would be rather... er... kitschy. "You'll either love it or you'll hate it," she warned.

Well, I loved it, y'all. I mean, how could I not love the Drill Team from a local church?

I ask you, how is that in any way kitschy? These people are creative masterminds, I tell ya. I giggled my way through the entire morning. I saw a man on stilts, politicians kissing babies, assorted over-the-top floats and decorated cars, Boy Scouts and swim team members wearing bobbing headbands and even Uncle Sam riding on a bike that was riding on top of a car.

But all of that paled when the last group in the parade rounded the bend. Y'all, I about busted a gut, I laughed so hard. It was like watching the USMC Silent Drill Team (you know, from the first few minutes of the movie A Few Good Men?)... only not. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Precision Lawnchair Marching Dads.

If y'all need more of a visual, I'm sorry to say that we didn't bring our video camera to the parade... and even if we had, I doubt I could have taped anything because I was too busy laughing. I mean, look at those black socks, y'all.

So what made you laugh this Fourth of July?


Buckeroomama said...

The Precision Lawnchair Marching Dads... aahhh! The huge grin on my face is still on as I type this. TOO funny!!

By the way, J has a pair of underwear exactly like the ones the dads are wearing. Maybe he can start a junior division...

happygeek said...

My fave was the drill team.
I live in Calgary. Currently every store is decorated with wooden boards, wagon wheels and a plethora of stetsons and bandanas. Most citizens (my kids included), wear cowboys hats, plaid shirts and other western gear for ten days. Yee haw.
WE LOVE US some kitsch around here.
Those dads would fit in JUST FINE around here right now. Except maybe they'd want to get some maple leaf boxers. THen they would fit right in.

Kerry said...

Oh so funny! They would have livened up our hometown parade. And honestly they were pretty good- all in sink.

So glad that you had a fun Fourth of July.


Dawn said...

Well, my son marched in a small, neighborhood parade with his drumline. His high school is in that neighborhood and its been a tradition over several generations that the drumline participates each year. THEY are pretty much THE highlight of the parade, along with one firetruck, two police cars (one at the beginning of the parade and one at the end) a few decorated cars, every kid in the neighborhood on a self-decorated bicycle, the president of the neighborhood homeowner's association in a decorated convertable (doing his best beauty queen wave) and a few dogs sporting thier best red, white and blue attire. Klassy. We have friends that also live on the parade route so we set up in their front yard and act like we're watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. LOL

The fun part for us is seeing the newly selected drumline (they receive their new positions in June) perform together for the first time. Otherwise, the parents don't get to see them together until right before school starts at the end of August.

We've seen the lawnchair dads (a different group, I'm sure) when we lived in Chicago. Very, very cute.

blackbelt said...

That is hilarious! Only in the US!! (came over from Becoming a Family.)

jen@odbt said...

This would totally fit in our town parade - anyone can be in it. Our friends did a float of them eating breakfast and moved their eating area to the back of a float. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Andrea said...

One of the communities in our area has a parade similar to that. That's funny!

Sharie said...

LOVE IT! It was actually so cold and rainy this 4th that the kids parade was "cancelled" at least for our family.
We did go to a couple parties with my sister's family the first of which Amelia was the only one under 17...she proceeded to hand out her glow bracelets to the adults and of course they all put them on.
The 4 pounds of bubble gum I bought to throw out at the parade was also a hit with the teenage boys:) Seeing the pop big pink bubbles as they shot of their illegal fireworks was quite a hoot!

adoptionroad said...

This is a great video! I shared it with my hubby as a way for him to keep his military bearing after retirement. My family's town has a small parade that would benefit from this team. Instead they stick all the seniors from the nursing home on a truck and parade them through town. My grandma was on the senior queens this year.

autumnesf said...

Looks like the best kind of parade! How awesome!

Holly said...

Yep. My husband would so totally dress like that and march in a parade. Not for money. Just for the sheer joy of being a dork.
What made me laugh?
Josiah was just thrilled with our patriotic cupcakes and he wanted, well all of them really.
So he had one and then proudly informed me that he'd eaten it all, could he have another. I said no and he asked if he could then move on to the next course...Popsicles. I made him wait. When he'd had a Popsicle, he proudly informed me he was finished, could he move on to Ore*s! I just laughed. He wanted dessert after dessert after dessert. I told him NO MORE SUGAR TONIGHT...so he proceeded to go around as the sugar police and inform all the other children there that there would be NO MORE SUGAR for anyone! Oy!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Wonderful - it really makes me look forward to our county fair parade on Sunday. It won't have anything quite so amusing, but Olivia will have a blast.

Wanda said...

Hilarious. totally, outrageously, hilarious!

'nough said.

Mahmee said...

Oh good grief! I love that parade!

Jillene said...


Kayce said...

LOVE it!! I grew up in a town that had it's own little lawn chair marching band AND the dad's lawn mower marching band. They were the highlight of the parade on the 4th!

Glad you enjoyed the heck out of the day!

M3 said...

OMGosh I LOVE the PLMDs!!! What's not to love about a parade like that? Perfect!

CC said...

I soooo don't understand this whole lawn chair parade thing. I think my first exposure was just recently at a middle school parade (at Special Olympics). I was like, why the heck are these kids spinning lawn chairs?

and to see those middle age men with tanks and flag shorts?!!! I would have peed my pants!!!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- that is so funny!! Love that parade!


abc123vn said...

That was the best! I would have LOVED that parade!Thanks for the laugh!

Special K said...

Ah... so that explains it. Interesting. Funny but... interesting. LOL!

Kim said...

I think that parade is totally cool! I would love something like that. Way better than high school bands and local businesses handing out their business cards from cookie cutter floats. How fun!

Heather of the EO said...

That is just THE BEST. I love it. I want to start my own lawn chair marching dads...group? band? silly crowd?

SO funny!

Briana's Mom said...

That is totally my kind of parade!! LOL! I would have been laughing through the whole thing!!!

Donna said...

I love all of this! And the lawn chair guys totally cracked me up (and they were pretty good too!)

I used to be on tne drill team in high school and I also did a bit of this sort of thing (but with a rifle and not a chair!) in the Army.

My kind of parade!


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jennifer said...

That is too funny! Love the lawn chair guys!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Where can I git mah man some shorts like that???!

Annie said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I LOVE it!!! So 4th of Julyish!!! Perfect!!


Janet said...

I LOVE them, I LOVE them, I LOOOOOVE them! Honestly, that is JUST up my alley. I am TOTALLY joining their fan club!

Michelle said...

Hilarious!! My brother used to be on the USMC Silent Drill Team, so I think he might be a shoe-in for the precision lawn chair tryouts. :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, that is hilarious!!!!

Hmm...what made me laugh? Well, the kids had a little "parade" of their own at the church breakfast - they decorated their bikes with streamers and ribbons and rode them through the parking lot. BBJ brought her little blue ride-on car, and we brought a little pink pony for her best friend.

Funny part? Seeing the face of said best friend's FATHER...when he saw his SON on a pink pony all decked out in American flags.