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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Time For Camp

In case y'all don't know it yet, I hate camping. Although perhaps hate is too soft of a word. I loathe camping. I abhor it. The bugs... the heat... the dirt... did I mention the bugs?

(And let's not forget the hole whole bathroom issue.)

There is, however, ONE kind of camp I'd consider attending... Chinese culture camp with my little Tongginator. The husband and I thought about attending Camp FCC this summer, but it fell on the same weekend as the Tongginator's dance recital, so no go... unless y'all wanted to hear a fit pitched all the way in whatever state you live in.

Because my GOODNESS can the Tongginator get LOUD.

As a second-best, not-nearly-as-good-but-we-work-with-what-we-have kind of thing, the ladies at Grown In My Heart put together a Culture Camp eBook for those adoptees who are perhaps too young to attend culture camp or who live so far out in the boondocks there are NO culture camps nearby. OR - as in our case - who instead prefer to pick their nose on stage rather than learn about their birth country's culture.

I was a total slacker and did not contribute to this project in any way. The ladies did a phenomenal job. Here’s the official announcement...

Traditionally, a culture camp brings together adopted children from around the world so they can share their experiences with each other. Some camps offer sleep away camp settings while others only offer day camps.

Children and adults learn about culture, history, adoption heritage, and intolerance and character. Most culture camps enrich cultural literacy include physical activities, world music and crafts. By nature they accommodate different learning styles.

But what happens when your children are just too young to attend a culture camp and are seriously interested in learning about their culture or making friends from the same region or orphanage?

Perhaps your child yearns to know children who “look like them” because they are the only child in their class with dark skin or Asian eyes. This is still common in today’s society no matter how much we try to pretend it is not.

How do you integrate culture into your children’s lives when they don’t want to have anything to do with it? Do you sneak it in with fantastic cooking? Do you read great literature with them? Or do you make them sit down and learn about their history?

We have just the solution for you. Introducing a new resource for adoptive parents: a Culture Camp for Kids; What to do when they can’t attend (or they don’t want to attend).

This e-Book features countless activities suitable for young children from around the world. Once your focus is determined, it’s time to gather supplies. A trip to the library should yield plenty of books (and we have also supplied a fabulous list in our Literature Section).

Price is only $9.95 and you will receive over 25 crafts, 27 recipes and 18 games from countries around the world, including China. You will also get links to countless cultural books and coloring pages. The best part? A portion of your purchase will go to the New Day Foster Home, a special needs orphanage in China.

Click on the Add to Cart button at the end of this post to go directly to the purchase site.


jen@odbt said...

I learned a nice way to say hate from a 7 y.o. Use "I don't care for ____" Doesn't that sound polite?

What a great idea for camp! I can totally relate to the wanting to see other kids who look like me. So important to know that you're not the only one.

Dawn said...

What a great idea! I hope this is a success on many levels - for the kids, the parents, the people who put the package together, and (of course) the foster home that will benefit financially from the sales.

I can think of a few adults who should be made to attend a culture camp. Not because they are adopted or have adopted... but because the just don't "get it."


Patricia/NYC said...

Fabulous idea!! Will check it out!

Oh & by the way, around here we say, "I strongly dislike...."

And for the record...my idea of camping is watching something on VHS rather than DVD! ha!

mumma to many said...

I with you on the camping thing! I am even over single beds! Let alone shared bunk rooms and showers let alone a tent!
Well I purchased the book and it is printing as we speak! Looks like great resource and I am sure I will use it alot!
Thanks Ruth

Aunt LoLo said...

What a great idea!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very cool!

Jean said...

Sounds like a great idea!! I'm going to check it out!!
Thanks for letting us know!

Holly said...

Yahoo. I love New Day. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They fed my baby boy the first year of his life!