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Friday, July 10, 2009


This morning I planned to do something WONDERFUL that I haven't been able to do in what feels like absolutely forever. Y'all, I was going to sleep in... waking up whenever I darn well wanted to.

(cue angels singing)

I know many of y'all are wondering how on earth I managed to think I could possibly, in a million years, pull off THAT plan. Because, ya know, Tongginator 6 AM riser + Tonggu Momma Night Owl sleeping in doesn't typically = a feasible scenario. The equation changes, however, when one factors in The Totally Awesome Tonggu Grammy who took the Tongginator off ours hands for the ENTIRE weekend, beginning yesterday afternoon.

(angel singing reaches crescendo)

So... guess what time I woke up, y'all.

Come on - take a guess.

Have you guessed yet?

5:37 AM.

(harmonious singing screeches to a halt)

5:37 AM, Y'ALL!!!

And I'll bet you're wondering why I woke up that early. You ARE wondering, right? RIGHT?!!?!! Good, I'm so happy you asked. Y'all, I woke up that early because the husband someone (not mentioning any names) woke up a little earlier than typical, so he decided to slip downstairs and write me a beautiful and creative fill-in-the-blanks love note, that he then placed in a position of honor for me to eventually find upon rising from my peaceful and lengthy slumber.

Only he didn't factor into the equation that he forgot to turn off his alarm before leaving the bedroom.

(imagine me thinking of a suitable thing to say, only I strive to not curse and... well... I love the guy) That... that... MAN.

I tried to go back to sleep, y'all. I truly TRIED. But it just wasn't working for me, probably because I consumed a late night dessert coffee last evening during our date night dinner out. So instead of slipping back into peaceful slumber, I slipped downstairs, ready to stew and simmer catch up on e-mail, which is pitifully filling up my inbox.

Except I found the note. And the husband.

And it was just plain adorable, with its fill-in-the-blanks and romantic what-not and such. Only I still felt mad. So it showed a bit, but not too terribly... because you know us fake Southern women - we would never DREAM of announcing our displeasure with words. Absolutely not! No, we graciously allow our spouses to know they are in deep trouble by announcing said fact through our cooking.

Only it was 5:37 AM.

So the husband - being the bright guy I married - asked me why I woke up so early. And I - being the gracious and loving fake Southern wife that I am - gently informed him of his failure to turn off his alarm. And that's when the husband looked down at his note, his romantically beautiful, fill-in-the-blanks note and said, "Umm... I guess you'll be filling in these blanks a little differently than I expected, huh?"

(insert errant giggle)

That darn man made me laugh. Which means those fill-in-the-blanks will probably return back to the way he expected before the end of the day.

As long as I get my nap.


autumnesf said...

OK - so its NOT funny that you were awoken by an alarm (I HATE it when hubs does that cause he's always in the shower when it goes off so you know I have to wake up to turn it off).

But what a sweet husband! And a weekend all to yourselves!!!! Heaven!!!

Wish my mom lived closer...

Buckeroomama said...

Awww, that was absolutely sweet of TD. Absolutely, totally sweet. :)

I hope you'll get your nap today. You'll have another chance of a sleep-in tomorrow, though, won't you?

jen@odbt said...

Oh sorry! Hope you get your nap in. What a treat!

Kayce said...

I hope that nap is glorious!! Sorry your up and at em so early.

3D said...

I guess that all men all genetically predisposed to not turn off the alarm. Good to know it is not only my hubs!

You are a hoot!

Keep smilin!

mommy24treasures said...

what a sweet thoughtful hubby though...

The Byrd's Nest said...

LOL....you always make me laugh. How did you fill in those blanks?? he he

Briana's Mom said...

Your husband is so funny! Forgetful, but funny! ;)

Dawn said...

I'm guessing you won't be blogging about the actual content of the note or how you filled in the blanks! LOL

Get a really good nap in today... I think he earned it!!!

Donna said...

I read the first half of this post with the angels singing then abruptly coming to a halt. Funny!!!! You're such a good writer!

So, what were you going to cook before he earned his way back into your good graces?

I won't ask what was in the note. My imagination is good enough to figure that out. ;)

Enjoy your childfree weekend!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Dita said...

You know if it weren't for YOU my awful scowl and furrowed brow in the morning due to my own Night Owlishness would not leave my face until at least 1pm.

My children thank you, my husband thanks you.

You make me howl darned near EVERY time I read your posts.

Sounds like last night went pretty well what with the fill in the blank love note and all......hmmmm, I'll just fill in my own blanks!

Oh, and Praise Tonggu Grammy....!

Jillene said...

HOORAY for Grandmas!! And what a sweet thing for hubby to do--even if he woke you at 5:37 in the morning (I totally would have killed him first--then I would have been happy about the note)!!

Mahmee said...

Ha! This could totally be a day in the life of well, Me. Happy endings are nice.
Yeah, I'd also like to know what evil you were planning to 'cook' up.

Jboo said...

Yay for Tonngu Granny -- she's the best, isn't she!

Your Hub really had such good intentions -- how sweet. You be sure and get that nap!

Have a fun weekend!


Wanda said...

Really, really funny story. Hope you got a good nap - with an empty house all week-end.......well, I'm just sayin'.


Rhonda said...

So...can you fill in any of those blanks with "bow-chicka-wow-wow"?

Sharie said...

That's it! Clone him and send the clone my way. Any guy who can make a non-morning woman laugh before 9 a.m. is UNBELIEVABLE!

Myrnie said...

Aww...poor guy! Doh! It was a sweet thought, though :)

Janet said...

Well, the love note idea WAS pretty sweet. But I HATE it when ANthony leaves the alarm on. Grrrr......

kerri said...

Love notes make up for the early alarm, hope you enjoyed your afternoon. ;)

discombobulated said...

totally jealous, even if your sleep was disturbed.

a little leprechaun said...

Darn those husbands for making us laugh!! And also for forgetting to turn off their alarms!!

Enjoy your weekend!! At least you can try and sleep in tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Annie said...

Oh too funny!!! I think I would faint dead away if my hubby got up before 7:00 am!! He is definitely sweet enough to write a love note, just not before sunrise - ever!! LOL!!! Hope you got your nap!!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

So I was happily reading along, enjoying it, hearing angels singing and all. I got to this sentence: "Only he didn't factor into the equation that he forgot to turn off his alarm before leaving the bedroom" and gasped so loudly my husband was concerned as to what was wrong.

Words cannot describe, without lots of those punctuations and characters, what my reaction would have been to such an egregious crime. Thank goodness he was nearby writing a love note.

Aunt LoLo said...

Awww....*cue itty bitty violins and the saddest song in the world*

I HATE it when that happens. Grrrr....

Debbie said...

Oh, they mean well. But, they are men!

Shawnstribe said...

hee hee,that is sooo cute, i hope you filled it in nicely ; )

LaLa said...

So cute...well, not the waking up part!! Hope your nap was good : )

Patty O. said...

Awwww, it's pretty hard to stay mad when your hubby is so sweet, huh? Hope you got your nap, though. I never thought sleep would mean so much to me when I was a teenager and college student. Now? I'd pay money, a lot of money for a couple of full nights of sleep, so I feel for you.

Your mom is awesome! Does she, by any chance want to take my three for next weekend? They're really cute and usually obey, well, sometimes anyway....

day by day said...

Oh, boy!! I sure hope you got your nap in!! That was awfully sweet of your hubby to write a note for you. So nice of your Mom to give you a free week-end. : )

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hopefully by now you got that nap!! How nice that TG took The Tongginator for a weekend...what a treat!!

Happy Weekend!


Alyson & Ford said...

Shall we say anymore about men? He tried (that's what I tell, DH, "tried"). Good effort! Glad you could laugh! But isn't that why we married them? Goofy, lovable men!
Hoping you had a glass of champagne in the sunset (without yawning).
Loved your post.
Alyzabeth's Mommy

anymommy said...

That was great. Waking up before the sevens makes me insanely grumpy.

Jean said...

Love love love this post!! yes I am at my computer doing the midwest chuckle!!

My Hubby loved the comment from you- on my "blog problem" post!

I would have had no problem falling back asleep! I wish I was an early riser!

Kudos again to Tonggu Grammy! She is awesome!!

Colleen said...

LOL oh I would not have been a happy camper LOL
Still the note was sweet : )

CC said...

And this is why I love your awesome stories.... Cuz I'm not living them!!

At the end of May we went on a school campout. We shared a bunk room with one other family. And, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to turn off my alarm. In my flimsy beside bag. At 5:40 it went off and everyone woke up. INcluding 4 kids. Everyone but me. Cuz I sleep through things like that. And my husband had to limp down from the top bunk that we stuck him with, locate my bag, and turn it off. I'm not sure the other family likes me anymore.... ;)

The Gang's Momma said...

Okay, so he made you laugh before 7 a.m.? That about breaks him even for the alarm forgetting incident, right?

And I'm thinking he had a GOLDEN opportunity for some morning calisthenics at that errant giggle. Hope he was a wise man :)