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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Classic Tongginator, Part 4

Don't forget - tomorrow is the day to add your OWN Tongginator story! Also, the husband and I - major procrastinators that we are - finally almost kinda completed a project we've been working on for several years. Okay, well, technically my mother-in-law did most of the work, but I like to pretend I'm crafty. To find out what it is, check out my post today at Grown in My Heart.

"Meeting Royalty"

Y'all, the Tongginator demoted me on Saturday night. It's a painful truth, I admit, but there isn't much I can do about it now. And I've had a day to adjust to this new reality, so I'm not feeling too bitter hurt anymore.

You see, my daughter the Tongginator met someone. And not just any someone. This weekend my little preschooler met someone who completely rocked her world. She spotted this person from across a crowded room. The lure of the glitter and charm proved too strong for the Tongginator to resist, so she dragged her Grammy along with her, weaving between cocktail conversations and waiters laden with trays.

When the Tongginator reached this person, who was already deeply engaged in conversation with another admirer, my daughter - true to form - stopped just four inches away, staring up high at the glitz and glam. (Notice I said inches and not feet, y'all.) The Tongginator appeared agog and aquiver. And something happened that I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

This person rendered the Tongginator speechless.

I KNOW! I could barely believe it either!!!!

The Tongginator's new best friend continued chatting with another, but also sneaking furtive looks at both the Tongginator and her Grammy. My Most Important Person In The Tongginator's World replacement tried very hard to quickly wrap up her conversation so that she could acknowledge the Tongginator, but the Tongginator didn't seem to mind the wait. It seemed the glitter and sparkle blinded her to the passage of time.

And then the conversation finished.

And Louise Schlegel, Miss Maryland, graciously knelt down to meet my little girl. The Tongginator, finally coming back into her own, quickly introduced herself.

TONGGINATOR: HiMyNameIsTheTongginatorAndIAmFourYearsOldWell ReallyFourAndAHalf.

MISS MARYLAND: Well hello there, Tongginator. My name is Louise. How are you?

TONGGINATOR: Good, thank you. (glances at Tonggu Grammy)

TONGGU GRAMMY: Go ahead, Tongginator. You can ask her.

TONGGINATOR: Can I touch you tee-... your tee-are... your CROWN?

MISS MARYLAND: Of course you may.

With that one touch, the Tongginator's admiration grew by leaps and bounds. Which, of course, knowing our Tongginator, led to this...

TONGGINATOR: Can I wear it?

After sweet Louise tried to gently explain that no, the Tongginator couldn't wear her tiara (due to a plethora of bobby pins, y'all), Tonggu Grammy stepped in with the firmness needed to dissuade our little jackhammer. Miss Maryland conversed with the Tongginator for a few more minutes before finally bidding her adieu. But the love affair didn't end there. From a distance, the Tongginator waved to Miss Maryland throughout the evening. I'm only surprised she didn't attempt the elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist pageant wave. I mean, it's not like she hasn't done it before.

Because that's her usual style.

The Tongginator and her daddy left the fund-raising dinner early due to bedtime constraints, but I caught a ride home with my parents. And y'all would be proud of me... instead of my typical duck-and-cover, I approached Miss Maryland at the end of the evening to thank her for her kindness.

And you know what she said to me?

MISS MARYLAND: Your little girl is adorable. I enjoyed meeting her so much. And she is absolutely beautiful.

Well, goodness me. Now I know what we're gonna be watching on January 24th. We have to. And I hope Miss Maryland wins, partly because her platform is adoption, but mostly because I believe she has excellent taste.

From November, 2008.


Ivy said...

What an amazing little story coming from a child's point of view!

Miss Maryland sounds like a very cool Princess.

Tonggu Grammy said...

It makes me smile again!

Hey, can't seem to navigate over to Grown in My Heart via this link.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Try again, mom... it just hadn't posted yet. :)

Jboo said...

What a great meeting -- so sweet! I think a tiara should be on someone's birthday list! :)


The Source said...

I love that story! It's nice when a child's "hero" treats them extra sweetly. And I love Miss T's courage in going right up to the one she admires instead of hanging back.

Sharie said...

LOVE that story!!

Your project is gorgeous...ours is still in a tote in the basement. Maybe for high school graduation:)

Aunt LoLo said...

LOVE it. She's such a character!!

Jillene said...

LOL--she CRACKS me up!!

Myrnie said...

A real live princess! What a night! Love this story :)

Dawn said...

I rememeber this T moment, too! (Hmm... I think I'm starting to feel like a "regular" around here! LOL)

We had a similar event with Kat when she was 4 or 5. One of my husband's employees was a real opera singer. She performed regularly in Chicago. (We lived in the 'burbs at the time.) She performed a special appearance once in the role as Cinderella and gave us front row, center tickets for the entire family and got us backstage afterward. Kat sat mesmorized through the entire show. Backstage, Heather (I mean, Cinderella) approached and began chatting with us, still dressed in full costume (the ball gown, of course) and make up. Kat looked like a deer in headlights the whole time. Occasionally, she'd sneak a feel of the gown. From that point forward, Kat would ask her daddy, "Did Cinderella work at your office today?" And would tell friends, "I've met the REAL Cinderella and she works with my daddy."

Funny thing is, she didn't recognize Heather without the costume and heavy stage make up. So, "Cinderella" was never at her daddy's work when we would stop by to visit because we couldn't convince her that the regular-looking Heather WAS indeed Cinderella.

Annie said...

Love it! I do agree that a tiara might have to be on the Christmas Wish list!! LOVE your project! Very cool!

redmaryjanes said...

Well, I hope she wins too!