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Monday, July 13, 2009

Be Like a Shark

Tomorrow I'll tell all y'all about the concert we attended on Saturday, but I only have time for a quick post today.

As you know, the Tongginator spent this past weekend running around town with Tonggu Grammy and the Colonel. On Saturday, during an "I love you and miss you lots and lots" cell phone call, I learned that Tonggu Grammy allowed the Tongginator to do something I NEVER would have allowed. I can't believe my momma did this. Well, actually I can. She IS a newly retired preschool teacher, after all.

Y'all, Tonggu Grammy allowed the Tongginator to pet a shark. Yes, she did. And eww, yuck is all I can say.

with her cousin M&M at the Calvert Marine Museum

I asked the Tongginator what the shark felt like and my ever-observant little gal replied, "wet." When I probed for more information (because yes, y'all, I am one of THOSE people alternately horrified and fascinated by something that grosses me out), the Tongginator drew a blank.

TONGGU MOMMA: Did it feel smooth or rough?

TONGGINATOR: (grinning) Smooth.

TONGGU MOMMA: Did it feel cool or hot?

TONGGINATOR: Kinda cool, I guess.

TONGGU MOMMA: (frustrated that it was like pulling teeth to drag a reply out of my normally talkative little gal) Well, what ELSE did the shark's skin feel like?

TONGGINATOR: Umm... it felt skinny!

There you have it. The way to feel skinny is to be like a shark.


Sarah said...

Please tell me that's local to my not-so-recent home away from home. I'd LOVE to go.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Sarah, it's in Solomon's Island, MD. Unfortunately, the Sharkfest only happens once a year. However, the Marine Museum is lots of fun for kids all the time with river otters, fish, rays, fossils, discovery room and a lighthouse to climb up into. The gift shop has wonderful kids books too.

Johnny said...

Grammy sounds like a lot of fun! (you sissy TM!)

Look at the boy in the tank with the sharks!

Two Kayaks said...

Yowza!! A shark? Brave!

autumnesf said...

I do believe this tops Mighty Mouse's alligator petting. (Cause its mouth was taped shut!!)

Buckeroomama said...

What an experience that must have been for T. I wouldn't mind letting J touch a shark. Not so happy that hubby let both kids touch a snake, though!

jiangxigirls said...

Way to go Grammy!

mommy24treasures said...

Grammy is just the best!
I want to be like her when I grow up and have grandbabies.

Dawn said...

Hungry like a wolf... and skinny like a shark. LOL

Carla said...

LOL - well from my husband and kids, it feels sort of like wet rubber. So, yes, wet, smooth, and cool sound right! But skinny? Love it. Might need to be like a shark this week as I don't quite feel skinny.

jen@odbt said...

My son would have loved this sharkfest. How cool and I totally get what she means about skinny sharks.

Mahmee said...

'Skinny', Ha! Cross another of her 'things to do before I turn 50' items off of the list!

Marla said...

Cool! A shark! I love stuff like that. Tonggu Grammy is one cool lady.

LOL @ skinny!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Yes she is a brave girl! I just knew that was the secret to being skinny! lol

CC said...

At least she told you "wet" initially. I would have been ignored (x2) and then finally, "I don't know MOM!" would have been the eventual answer. Ugh.

The Source said...

That's entirely too cool!! Real sharks actually feel sort of like the fake rubber ones that they make for kids to play with. Ask me how I know??

Because my Quatro CAUGHT one with his bare hands two years ago. Standing in the ocean. Just reached down, playing, and came up with something in his hand and a peculiar look on his face. It was about 15 inches long and almost dead. :) Someone had caught it with a fish hook and thrown it back. He wanted to KEEP it forever in a bowl.

I'm very proud of Miss T for touching it (but not surprised that she would!). It takes guts to do it on purpose! And hurray for her Grammy for taking her on such an amazing experience.

a little leprechaun said...

Was it a stingray?? You have to go pet one! Seriously - it is so neat!

Aunt LoLo said...

Well, then - I shall be having sharky (as opposed to snarky) thoughts from now on!