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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The rain, it is frustrating. Thanks so much, y'all, for your suggestions last week. Because - sigh - we've needed them. It's rained 10 days during these past two weeks. We've walked in the rain, hosted an indoor camp-out, visited the Calvert Marine Museum, watched way too many showings of the movie Enchanted and covered the house with - sigh - glitter.

Thankfully we avoided the dreaded glue gun, however.

I realize those of you who live in Crazy Places* are sick of listening to me whine, but there it is. I admit it - I am whining. I wish y'all could achieve the Full Effect of a Tonggu Momma Whine, but I'll leave it to my momma to comment about my annoying vocals and persistence.

We're heading out today to visit the Tongginator's bestest friends, twins Cinnamon and Spice, as well as their momma, my life-saver, Canuck K. Wish us luck with three girls who've been trapped inside for two weeks. I hope we all come out alive.

This horribly boring post brought to you by the letter I... as in Idiot... because I thought I would be linking to a post of mine at Grown In My Heart. Oops! It's scheduled to post a couple of Thursdays from now.

* And I define Crazy Places as any place where the winters last longer than six months. Like, places that have SNOW in June. Because that's just CRAZY.


Sarah said...

I hated the rain there. I'd get soaked up to my knees more often than I care to say. During a not so bad but long enough rain period I had a co-worker say, "I know we're supppsed to be like Jesus, but walking on water is a little much!"

Kayce said...

I am so sorry it's been raining non stop! The weather everywhere is just weird this year!! I hope you guys have fun spending time with friends, that will take away the June glum for sure!

Buckeroomama said...

Hope the rain will let up and you guys get some nice sunny weather. On the bright side, the T got to wear her cute rain boots and use her little umbrella!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, the rain. Oh, the RAIN!! It's back today - we got two days off. BBJ is currently sitting on my kitchen floor testing out the floating skills of a few small objects in a bucket of water. :-)

bbmomof2boys said...

Yeah - its been raining here too. Little T was actually scared of the rain. We have a tin roof over part of our deck out back and I guess the noise scared her. Anyway, the other day it was raining softly just beggin us to go play in it so we did! Little T her daddy, and I went and ran around the driveway! She had a blast and learned that rain isn't so scary afterall!


Jillene said...

I hear you on the rain. It has been raining here just as much. Now on the first day in such a long time we are scheduled to have no rain and I am stuck at home with the girls WITH NO CAR. The joys!!

Jboo said...

Seems like we're having rainy stormy April weather too! Come on summer!


happygeek said...

Snow in June. Oh the poor poor people that live there. Someone should send them chocolate or something. They must be extraordinarily wonderful to brave that. They should be allowed to whine as long and as hard as they want:)

I thought that your neck of the woods was hot and humid at this time of the year. At least that's what I gleaned in my extensive reading .
(Tom Clancy and David Baldacci.)
May your rain dissipate soon!

Andrea said...

Our weather folks said it would rain tonight so I got the boys all excited to go to our local waterpark today. Well, the weather man was wrong! It rained on our way there so back home we came.

Dawn said...

Wish you could send some of that rain here as we so, so desperately need it! Just two summers ago, we couldn't get our boat on the lakes because the water was so high it was over the boat ramps and had flooded most of the marinas. This year, only 2 of the 14 local boat ramps are open 'cause the other 12 are standing "high and dry" due to the lack of rain. Feast or famine, so to speak!

Blessings upon your outing - hope the girls don't explode with all that pent up energy!!!

Blue said...

I agree with Happygeek. Those of us with snow in June *should* get chocolate. I like fudge.

Pity The Husband, who is probably still working outside in this constant drizzle, building a dock or jacking up a saggy camp. Me? I look outside and shrug. Hahahahahaaahahaha ahahahahaha!

Does cha-cha girl like worms? It's a good time to find 'em.

Donna said...

I see this photo and can't help but crave salt. Is anyone old enough to remember why? :)

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Jennifer said...

I am so sick of this rain!!!! This is the second Thursday this month that I planned a trip to Sesame Place and we didn't go because of the rain. We spent opening day for season pass holders at SP in the rain and that was enough for me.

Bring on the sun!


wendy said...

Poor girls getting stuck in the house!!! Not fun!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I feel your pain....Rain, Rain, Go AWAY.....what happened to summer sun??

Hope you, Canuck and the girls had some fun:)


Sharie said...

I'm cracking up from Donna's comment and thinking about Morton's:)
It's been crazy weather here too. We usually get it a day or two before you - but this year I think you are getting even more rain!

Yesterday the humidity finally settled in and I had to cave and turn on the air conditioner. At least it's FINALLY warm enough and for Amelia to wear sleeveless dresses and to go to the pool (now if it would stop lightning)...

The Gypsy Mama said...

Ugh, I hear you. I was so desperate to entertain my boys I brought our sandbox onto the screened in (and carpeted) porch. Am still not sure if I made the correct cost/benefit analysis. After spending a large part of this afternoon trying to clean the porch am having serious doubts!

Liene said...

Rain, rain...send it my way!

It's been pretty dry here in Georgia the past few weeks. We could seriously use it! I'd like to have Mother Nature water my garden instead of me standing in the heat with a hose!

Looks like she's having fun in the rain.

Janet said...

Speaking as a "Crazy", I can just say that chocolate is my friend.

Heather of the EO said...

Yeah, you're not boring.

Heather from the Crazy Place.

KiT said...

Yes - there is only so much "mall playarea" and McD that one family can stand. Have you tried those "Pump it Up" inflatable playarea places? I may have to resort to that soon!

Briana's Mom said...

Wow, you have gotten a lot of rain! Wanna send some down here? It was 97 degrees but felt more like 105! Ugh!

CC said...

Does "rains 9.5 months of the year" count as a crazy place????