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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We're not much for Mother's Day or Father's Day at our house, but we do try to celebrate in small ways. This year, however, felt especially difficult since it was our first Father's Day without my father-in-law. We avoided church at the husband's request and celebrated in little ways around the house. The husband even took the Tongginator on a kite flying expedition, which kind of flopped, since our kite was a little too heavy for the lightly breezy day.

And wouldn't you know that our neighbor's cheap Barbie kite took off towards the heavens while ours continually plummeted to earth? Heh.

the Tongginator with our too-heavy kite

Of course I failed to purchase any type of official gift for the husband. This negligence on my part in no way reflects the parenting skills of the Awesomely Awesome Tonggu Daddy. (He didn't get me anything for Mother's Day either, unless you count the new camera lens that was supposedly a combined gift for Mother's Day, my birthday and our upcoming - heh - December anniversary, all rolled into one.) Thankfully, during last Thursday's play date, Canuck K pulled out her assorted crafty, arty crud stuff so that the girls could each make a Father's Day card. Sans glue guns.

Because Canuck K knows me well.

The Tongginator, smiling because the camera is out, not because
she's pleased with her card. She remembered to make her daddy's eyes
green, but felt frustrated that we lacked dark brown markers to match
his hair. Sigh. She did, however, include earrings on his ears. Heh.

Although she chose what to say for #2, I wrote it. I guess a sentence
with ten words is something she doesn't feel she can quite "do." Since
she is ONLY five years old. And not even in kindergarten yet. Ahem.

Happy Father's Day to y'all. HoFamily and Friends, w'd you spend it?


happygeek said...

That card rocks.
What motor planning issues? That's pretty amazing printing!

Andrea said...

We don't do alot for Mother's/Father's Day either. My hubby spent Father's Day driving 6 Boy Scouts to summer camp. Oh, he's staying there the whole week too!

Aunt LoLo said...

1) Don't you hate it when the cheap Barbie kites soar while yours plummets?
2) Umm..earrings?!
3) Miss T. can write?! I remember practicing what all the letters sounded like when I was in Kindergarten...

Sharie said...

My Mom called to see what I wanted to do for Father's Day - huh? I said I didn't really feel like celebrating...
LOVE THAT CARD. I am constantly amazed by the Tongginator. I think it's good that Amelia can write all her letters and a few words...and here is Ms. T. writing sentences!

Patricia/NYC said...

We visited my mom & dad yesterday, where Kiara proceeded to "marry" us...complete with fly-swatter...sigh...don't ask!;)

Veronica Mitchell said...


If we ever travel to your area, my 5yo and the Tongginator would have great fun together. They are so similar.

Gail said...

We visited my parents on Saturday and Sunday pretty much just hung out together...a very lazy FD.

Love the card...Miss Grace is into making cards and writing on them too...it's quite sweet. Grace and Miss T would be fast friends!

It's Monday! :)

Jillene said...

I love her card!! My 6 year old daughter has a thing for making cards and writting notes. My husband and I get about 10 each--every day!!

Debz said...

Her card is awesome! I can hardly wait to make cards with Jazmyn it's going to be so much fun!
I purchaced a card on Jaz'z behalf, and made hunny brekky in bed. He read the card and his eyes malfunctioned and sprung a leak. It was cute.
It was an awesome day for me too. Probably the first Fathers Day since my dad died when I was six that I wasn't sad. Too many reasons to be happy. :O)

Elizabeth Channel said...

Awesome handwriting, I must say!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Her card is so cute.....and I especially love that little adorable face in the corner of the photo smiling up at us:)

Sorry about the kite.....I know that is disappointing....I never have luck Kite Flying:(


mommy24treasures said...

I love her card.
We don't celebrate big either.

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

Love the card and the big smile!

I posted on my blog what we did on Father's Day. It was a nice, quiet day!

Holly said...

I wrote this long letter to my husband and cried all the way through it. Not sure if it's hormones, post surgery blues, pre-deployment jitters or what!
We had a great day hanging out together and I made my first meal in 2 weeks just for DADDY :)
It's funny, for some reason, this year it really hit me what a blessing my husband is...what a difference he's made and is making in our kids' lives...and even the one who didn't stay with us...the love he showed her before the disruption knocked my socks off.
This isn't just any guy.
He's MY guy!
Wondering what the Tongginator's sister will be called. Hmmmm.
Mini Tongginator?
Holly-Purpose Driven Family

Dorsey said...

Love, love, love the card! We spent the day playing around on the computers (Lord of The Rings battles with Hubby, the boy, and myself vs 3 computer opponents), Facebooked (and made spreadsheets for Farm Town because we're JUST THAT COOL!), went to the pool, and I made breakfast/brunch, and a yummy spinach and salmon in phyllo supper.

bbmomof2boys said...

Fathers day - hard day for me with so many emotions. Father's day last year was spent in China getting sweet Little T. Father's day the year before was talking to my dad for the last time. Yeah...emotions go all over the place...

This year we celebrated quietly. L said Happy Fathers day and proceeded to throw a 6 inning scoreless baseball game and then hit the winning double. T called later that evening. Little T gave daddy a card that she signed and a big hug and kiss and a "wuvu".


Mahmee said...

Love that card! Amazing writing skills for someone so young...Wow!
At our house...R decorated a frame for her Da...painted everything and chose the picture too. It was most impressive. We had a big fun day planned for R's "bestest Da ever!" but, the sickness won over.

anymommy said...

Best present ever! Love the card, that's what it's all about.

Dawn said...

Awesome writing by Miss T! And I'm quite certain that he cherished that card more than a quickly purchased gift. We celebrated by driving to the coast to start our vacation. Oh, and the kids bought dad a economy package (from Sam's) of ShamWows. Seriously - I couldn't make up stuff like this if I tried. Now, lest you think I've got little toddlers who were enticed by the pretty packaging, let me remind you that I have teens. Why ShamWows? Because they knew he'd really use them and because for some reason it also seemed hilarious to them. Dad was a little speechless when he opened the beautifully wrapped package. What to do? Thank them or laugh? Fortunately for him, we've been married long enough to communicate through a glance. He got it right - a good, hearty chuckle followed by sincere thanks.