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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blech Morning

It's a rainy, thundery, blustery kind of morning in our neck of the woods. The Tongginator and I cuddled together in bed for almost an hour before trekking downstairs to enjoy some caffeine (me) and Kai-Lan (her). During our hour-long snuggle session, at one point the Tongginator realized she needed to pee use the facilities. She said to me, "Momma, pause EVERYTHING. I'll be right back."

Hmm... methinks perhaps someone is a little too used to our DVR.

Which means we'll be heading to the mall this dreary Tuesday morning. I KNOW! My FAVORITE place! (Sarcasm intended.) Pray for me, y'all. Hopefully I'll come out of there alive.

And I also wanted to share with y'all that I might possibly start a summer blogging schedule. This past week I've found it quite challenging to keep pace with the Tongginator while also blogging daily. It's amazing to me how much I could get done with just eight hours of preschool each week. Now? NO preschool. We'll see if this is just a transition time or if I really do need to scale back the blogging until the Tongginator starts kindergarten (sob!) in a couple of months.

And please, y'all, give me some ideas for our next dreary morning. What do you do when it's thundery and rainy? And please don't say "go to the mall." Because I just might cry.


happygeek said...

What to do?
- We go to bass pro shop. (I have boys, we like looking at the animals.)
- We love indoor playgrounds. CHeck and see if your local Y or leisure centre has such a thing.
- We do craft centres. (I set out 4 or 5 stations for them to choose from.
- We have beach parties. I fill the tub, turn up the tunes, and lay out the towels.
- I create obstacle courses in the house.
There's more. I have been housebound with pre-schoolers ( who do not go to pre-school) through 4 long winters. but since I don't want to hog your comments, let me know if you need more ideas.

Buckeroomama said...

Some of what we do --
1) Fingerpaint - Yep, messy afterwards, but it keeps them busy for stretches.
2) Make a book. I basically create a blank book for him and get him to draw a story, then we'll sit down and he'll tell me the "words" so that I can write them down for him. Or, lately, I've been telling him how the words are spelled and he writes them down himself.

See this post: http://joshgallery.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-love-to-cook.html

Tammy said...

I cannot stand the mall...the only place I loathe more is Wal-Mart(s).

We like to pull out the board (bored) games. Their favorite at age 5 was Balloon Lagoon by the Cranium game folks.

Now that mine are older, we go to the movies.

LOL at the PAUSE everything.

Blue said...

College Park Aviation Museum.
Belair Mansion (let her dress up like a princess and pretend it's her pad).
Casa del Bunyan. (it's just a short trip north).

Myrnie said...

Reading books, play dough, dress up, flash cards, sorting beads in styles and colors, anything with scissors and glue sticks...good luck!

Aunt LoLo said...

So far today we've...had breakfast, cleaned up the toys, been to the post office (errands are BBJ's favorite pastime ;-)) and had "school." (It's just a little activity book that teaches colors and shapes, but we're going through it...in Chinese. It's maybe 10 minutes a day, and BBJ LOVES it.) There are simple crafts (I know, I know...maybe just turn her loose with a pile of paper, some glue, markers and crazy scissors? Then YOU don't have to do any crafting...)

Puppet shows? Stick a tension rod up in her bedroom doorway, with a small curtain, and hook her up with a few paper bag puppets...and be prepared to sit in the hallway for QUITE a while as she regales you with tales of princesses and butterflies and princess butterflies and butterfly princesses...and a toad.

Good luck, my friend! (That was SOME storm this morning!!!! It woke Siu Jeun up, and I thought the thunder would rattle the windows loose!)

Misty said...

mine are younger, so i'm not sure what attn spans are like in 5yo girls (my nephew is 5, tho). crafts sound like a plan, everything from fingerpainting to bead sorting (mine LOVE this now), to glue. and for me, personally, there is always baking. my oldest loves to bake and could not be more excited to be in the kitchen. and then there's noggin/nick jr... blech. i've been trying to monitor tv since my kid who used to ignore it is now obsessed w/ it... sigh. we don't get out much in general, and i hate the mall play places b/cs no one ever seems to be watching THEIR kids trample my kids! so it's usually me,at home, praying to get thru til naptime (does the T still nap, i'm thinking maybe not?)!

Misty said...

oh i forgot to say that i wish we were cooped up this morning b/cs it was RAINING.... in actuality, "it's too hawt, mama" so my oldest refuses to play outside!!!

epin said...

My daughter is also a fan of the DVR and often tells me to pause the show. And commercials? She doesn't know what they are!

As for rainy day, we like to go to the open play at the nearby gyms. Also, sometimes, I just let her go outside and play with the puddles.

Colleen said...

Idea's for yucky days...well I cry. I hate them! It makes me want to move back to CA...I guess I didn't help much did I LOL although I am a big fan of shopping so going to mall for me is pure joy!!!
I'm already on summer blogging schedule and have been for about a month...so I guess it was kind of a spring blogging schedule LOL
I find myself so busy these days and running out of stuff to say...I am jut not that interesting LOL You on the other hand are funny...I love your post!

Patricia/NYC said...

Thundery here too! In fact, it was so bad last night that Kiara & I were up from 2:30 - 5am!! Where's my coffee?!?!

OK...rainy days...see my post about the mural painting...that's what we do...I bring out the roll of craft paper & art supplies, & we "create a story" & illustrate! :) No rules, just pure creativity...yeah, very messy, but being an art teacher, I'm so used to it...there's no way I'd do that with daddy around though! ;)

As for the pause button, yep, happens here too...in fact, I've caught Miss K actually rewinding & fast forwarding lately!! Amazing what quick studies they are! ;)

Thanks for your note...definitely feeling better now!
Hugs & have fun today!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh yeah!! More rainy day activities:

Baking! Cupcakes, cookies, corn bread...anything that's relatively easy for K to mix all by herself.
And, I will email you a GREAT activity that involes frosting & "nilla wafers.

Museums: we head over to the Natural History museum...but it's only 2 blocks away from us, don't know if you're close to any.

Cleaning out the closet: we both go through K's clothing & decide what to keep & what to ditch...this usually results in trying on many different outfits, but it keeps her busy for an hour or more!

The Gang's Momma said...

Dark and thundery here too. Had I had the option to stay in, I would have curled up on the couch with a book and coffee. But a teething toddler and Weight Watchers conspired against me. Sigh.

When all the Gang is home (summer, snow days, Saturdays, etc.), the agenda for a cruddy day is a variety and/or combination of any of the following:

* We do a jammy day and watch movies with our blankets and pillows.
* We sometimes make cheese fries or nachos instead of the standard popcorn.
* We bake.
* We play Wii. Well, I blog. They play Wii.
* We turn on quiet music and read.
* We trek to the indoor playland complete with a cafe and church library nearby.
* Being totally honest, we watch marathons of our faves on TLC or HGTV, etc.

During the school year, however, it's business as usual and we just truck through the day.

Jillene said...

We clean the house. That is what I made my kids do yesterday and now more today and let me just tell you--the are SOOOOOO happy with me!!

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

I'd say Chuck E Cheese, but I think that will make you cry harder. ;) To be honest, I haven't ventured to one of those yet.

I love Briana, but I cannot wait until preschool in the fall. Two mornings to myself a week. Ahhhh.....

Jboo said...

Do you have a local Children's Museum or library? That's what we do on rainy days or watch a movie at home. Rain, rain go away!


a little leprechaun said...

LOVE the pause everything! So glad another child is HUGE fan of the DVR.

We sometimes go to Chuck E. Cheese. You can print off coupons from online and just do the tokens. If you go right when they open, it's usually not busy. Thus leading to no headache by end! ;-)

Jennifer said...

We had almost 2 full weeks of rain here recently, and I shared one day of activities here when we had no indoor going out options available.

Hope this helps!

Tonggu Grammy said...

Your Chuck E. Cheese suggestions probably made TM start wheezing with anxiety. That would be worse than the dreaded mall for her. The Tongginator would be in heaven, though.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

We had those wierd storms this morning too....Nothing like waking up to big cracks of thunder and a dog that is scared out his mind!!

I hear you on the blogging schedule....not sure why, because my summer has not even started yet, but life is just extra busy I guess!!

My vote on a rainy day is B@rnes and Noble. Books, Mags, and best of all.....St@rbucks:)


Sharie said...

I blow up the air bed and we have a "slumber party" with a movie and popcorn.

We both sit on computers and show each other neat things we find.

I will get out all the birthday cards for a month or two and I address them and she draws pictures in them and writes her name. (I buy mass quantities of cards so I always have them on hand.)

We go to the mall - we don't shop we play at the soft play area.

We go to Target - we can easily kill 3 hours just looking at stuff.

We get out the clay and cookie cutters and cut out shapes.

But truly, snuggling is the best:)

Janet said...

I go to the mall. ;-)

Or Play-Doh. One of those. :-)

Kayce said...

We like to make bread on days like that and play a good game of Monopoly. Even if I wanted to go the mall it would be a short trip since our mall has about 20 stores in it...pitiful.

mumma to many said...

well I would head to the library or Museum or art gallery for starters!
Starbucks or McDonald's that have a playground for indoor play! Michael's or the such for craft activities or scrapbooking! :)
Hugs Ruth

pickelf said...

Ugh...hate the mall too.AJ goes to camp and has since pre-school. Any local park district camps?

Michelle said...

We go to different libraries around town, the pet shops, sometimes even just a friend's house (or invite one over). There is even a playpace here that sells those huge expensive swing sets. For $5, your kid can play on the displays...weird, but fun! We also keep a look out for free matinees (Regal and AMC run them all summer), and other special events sponsored by the parks/libraries/schools, etc!

adoptionroad said...

BATHTIME! I figure it's in keeping with the theme of the rainy day.

I was thinking I need a summer blogging schedule as well. There's so much going on that I find there is no time to even think about anything to blog about!


The Things We Carried said...

Jane LOVES watercolor paints. LOVES it.

I am having an IMPOSSIBLE time keeping up!

Michelle said...

Oooooooo... snuggle time... my favorite.

No wait!! Mall time... my favorite.

Nawwwww, snuggle time for sure.

Shelley said...

Hey TGMomma!!

Just wanted to add my favorite things to do when it is yucky out.

~bake yummy stuff that we don't need to eat...but it sure is good!

~I break out some good books and read while Aly works on her sewing (practicing straight lines and stitches...not making anything!)
and Lili plays with Lego's or colors.

~play board games...they would play "Sorry" and "Trouble" 196 times a day if I would play with them!!

~break out the play-doh!!! They can do that by themselves for hours and I get a wonderful break!!!

~Watch a movie together

~get on the computer and hit all those fun kid sites

~our most favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to head to the library...that can last for hours on end!! Last week Aly (5) had three librarians hopping helping her look for crazy stuff like "Chinese Bamboo flute" info, space and planets, and "birds native to our area" I was cracking up. I was coloring with Lili and several hours later we left the library with TWENTY-SIX BOOKS!!!!

Anyway...that's what we do. Oh...if it is not thundering or lightning, we love nothing better than to go out and play in the rain!!! That doesn't happen too often in Florida, however!! :-)

Talk to you soon~
Mom to Aly-5
and Lili-3, our own little Tonginator~

Patty O. said...

I love that "pause everything." Too cute.

I too hate shopping, which makes the fact that we now live in a town with a totally lame mall not that big of a deal for me. Other women who live here travel hours to get to a town with a decent mall. Me? I just use it as an excuse to not shop or to just buy most things online.

Anyway, as for rainy mornings, we often go to the library, because what my town lacks in malls they make up in the library (which come to think of it is really perfect for me!) Sometimes, as earlier in the week, my kids just laze about or build enormous forts with every pillow, cushion, and blanket in the house. Other times we color. I want to buy some supplies for some craft project that my kids might like and save them for rainy days.

Good luck!

Mahmee said...

I think we've tried every one of those suggestions above at one time or another. The rainy season here can be long and dreary. I can add the following though...
Books by Trish Kuffner: 'The Preschooler's Busy Book' for example....just full of ideas.
I think the best thing we ever did though (while being trapped during a severe snow/ice storm) was to take the crib mattress out of her toddler bed, put it into the living room and let her jump on it as long as she wanted to.