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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Miss T First

The Tongginator and I visited a friend yesterday... a friend who recently underwent abdominal surgery. My friend is doing wonderfully well, on her way to a full recovery, but Tonggu Daddy may not recover from the shock associated with our visit.

You see, my friend has a teenage daughter... a teenage daughter who begged and pleaded with me. She wanted to introduce the Tongginator to a girlhood rite of passage... one that I didn't think I'd have to deal with for at least a few more years. I felt hesitant, but in the end I caved.

And it actually felt good. Because the Tongginator beamed all afternoon. And because my little Tongginator didn't disappoint with her color selection.

She wanted a rainbow. Which is shocking, I know. And she can't wait to show them off to her Grammy later today. I only hope Tonggu Grammy approves.

So now I'm wondering... what rite of passage have you allowed at a much younger age than you ever would have expected?


Sherri said...

I can share a personal story about a rite of passage....

I am the youngest in my family. My mom called me a "surprise" (my siblings called me a mistake--jokingly, I think). My brother and sister are much older and I loved being their little baby sister. I adored my sister and wanted to be like her in every way. She bought me a bra when I was 8. I don't think I ever took that thing off!

Good memories!

happygeek said...

Mine are too small, there are no rites we have yet to do. BUT, my parents had told me that I had to be 16 before i could get my ears pierced. This was something that saddened me greatly. For my 12th birthday my parents took me to a salon as a surprise and I had my ears done. It was a fantastic change of heart.
And now I never wear earrings. Good thing I got my wearing in while I could.

The Source said...

Hmmm...well we let Darling Daughter shave her legs. If I remember correctly, she was in about the 6th grade. And she's a little younger than her classmates because of her summer birthday, so she was like 11 yrs old. Understand than she has fine, pale, blond hair that you can barely SEE on her legs. But she NEEDED to shave them. Really!! She SO couldn't be a cheerleader with hairy armpits or calves! Or so she said. It lasted about a month. The novelty wore off and that was the end of that.

Five years I have to beg her to shave her stubbly legs before wearing a dress for her 16th b-day. LOL

The Source said...

OH! Forgot to say that Cha Cha Girls nails are LOVELY! Just lovely! She has a fabulous rainbow motif going on there!

jen@odbt said...

Love the rainbow look - MG has painted her nails off and on for about 2 years now. I guess I really didn't think of it as a rite of passage since the colors she picks out are almost the same colors as her markers. She would have colored her nails with markers. I want her to get her ears pierced. For me it's no big deal. I had mine done when I was a baby. Maybe this summer.

Jennifer said...

This might seem odd to some of you, but I let my daughter eat ice cream before she was 2 years old. I had planned to have her wait so she wouldn't get a taste for it, but her grandmother wore me down... fortunately, Charlotte likes it, but never thinks to ask for it. She is satisfied with sugar-free ice pops.

autumnesf said...

I had to let my daughter shave her legs earlier than I wanted. She has lots of very dark hair...and the kids were relentless!! We are talking 5th graders!! I let her shave in 6th even though I originally said Jr. High.

And I'm still a hold out on the fingernail polish with A. But she is driving me nuts about it.

Jboo said...

Lovely selection of colors! I thought that maybe she got her ears pierced!

And the reason you don't remember making potholders is that you are so young! Ask your Mom -- she probably remembers! Have a great day.


Tonggu Grammy said...

Janet, are you talking loom potholders? Remember them well and made lots for gifts.

Absolutely LOVE the rainbow effect! I'm sure she'll be flashing them at me in a couple of hours.

Dawn said...

Kat got her ears pierced at 6. We had told her that she had to wait 'til she was 10. Why 10? Because that's when I got mine done. (Why 10 for me? Because I caught my mom off guard when I asked if I could and she said at the time 10 seemed a long way off.) Anyway, Kat began begging (seriously)when she was FOUR. So one day when we were at the mall, she saw some teens getting their ears pierced and the begging began again. I explained to her how terribly, aweful the pain would be and even (secretly) told a teen boy I would pay for his piercing if he acted like he was dying. (Yes, he did!) She still insisted. I tried to call her bluff and said, "Okay, hop up in the chair. We'll do it!" I pulled the piercer aside and explained the situation. She tried to help by telling Kat it would hurt. Maybe bleed a little. Her ears would be sore for daaayyysss, etc., all the while marking her ears. Kat sat determined. I realized I was in trouble - she was calling MY bluff. Her ears were pierced. She honored her promise to clean and turn them daily.

Now she's almost 14 and begging for second piercings. I'm on to her this time, though! Ha ha!

Wanda said...

Well....before Dahlia's adoption I was determined to have her eating healthy and to view treats as only the occasional "treat".

After our "gotcha moment" and upon returning to our hotel room, I plopped her on my lap and gave her a chocolate lollipop. What!!! Instant rule-breaker but you know what? It was the best thing I could have done. We had eye contact for the first time and she was thinking as she sucked on that thing - "who is this goddess and how can I make her stay with me forever?". Which is exactly what you want to have happen.

And yeah, I let Dahlia have painted nails on her 5th b-day. Hey, she's a girl - why wait.

Love the rainbow on the T.
Tres kool!

Mahmee said...

We've been painting R's nails since before she was 2 years old. Not consistently or anything...just when she demands, I mean asks, for it.
Lately, she's been asking me for makeup (at 3.5)....nope, not ready to go there yet. Based upon what she did with some play makeup she received at a kid's party (yeah, what were they thinking?), the world is not yet ready for her sense of style. Ha.
Love that rainbow!

Patricia/NYC said...

Sigh...rites of passage...well, I'm guilty of 2:

1. I let Kiara get her ears pierced at 2 1/2, although, I'm really glad I did it because that was the FIRST time she didn't scream when the dr. walked into the office. Didn't even flinch or shed a tear during the piercing. Now, the doc & her are buddies.

2. I painted her toenails when she was 3 1/2 for a fashion show her preschool was having...that one I regret because she ALWAYS wants them painted now! sigh...

There's a new one on the horizon, but I'm not taking the bait on this one! She watches me put my makeup on in the mornings & wants to "try it"...no way that's happenin' for a looooooong time!!

LOVE The T's rainbow manicure, by the way!! :)

Jillene said...

My girls have been getting their finger and toe nails painted since they were about 1. They are both extremely girly!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Happy Meals--#1 got his first when he was three, #2 got his first when he was one, and #3 ate hamburger bites when she was like five months old...

Aunt LoLo said...

Hmm...what indeed. Well, Siu Jeun is a pro at chocolate cupcakes.

And my two year old proudly sports wine-red toes 7 days a week, same color as mommy's.

Upstatemomof3 said...

Well, my son started playing hockey at three - I figured he at least be in school before I g=had sports to worry about. :)
I love the rainbow though - absolutely adorable!!

Janet said...

My girls JUST painted their nails rainbow the other day! Too funny!

As for earlier than planned, the pierced ears weren't supposed to happen until 12. Sarah was 9. Belle wants her pierced and I am on board. Except that she heard that they hurt so now she doesn't. Go figure.

I think we mellow as parents. I know I have. :-)

LaLa said...

Gosh..I don't remember when Annslee started getting her nails done...maybe around 3 or sooner. She does the rainbow mostly but sometimes she lets me do the much faster two color ... lately it is purple nails with pink dots (dip a cut in half qtip for the dot)

Her ears were our thing...I really really thought I'd let her get them pierced no earlier than 8 and only if she begged...as you know we did them in May at 4.5 : )

CC said...

I gave into that one even for The Flash at around 2. But I feel better that I'm using PIggy Paint and don't have to worry about the nail polish chemicals so much. Especially because I will bite all of that off myself ;)

Michelle said...

Lovely color choices! Mia has had a full-on makeover thanks to her older sister and her make-up kit from Santa. Oh, those little girls with older sisters get to partake in all the girly stuff way too early!!

Joan said...

Super cool finger nails! LOVE THEM.


Cassi said...

I love the rainbow nails. Perfect!

For my daughter it was the ears pierced. My rule was ten, like someone else said - because that was the rule for me, but she played the daddy's girl card with hubby and he worked on me till I gave in and allowed her to have her ears pierced when she was seven.

The rite of passage she may never get is dating since I say 16 but her dad and three older brothers tell her she has to wait until she is 30. Thank goodness we still have foour more years before that battle starts.

mumma to many said...

I think rites of passage depend on the family!
Ear peircing is a big one as number 10 of 11 I wanted my ears peirced forever and my mother refused so when I was 17 and working afterschool and holidays I went out and got them peirced and they hurt! But I didn't complain once so when Emily came home with in 3 weeks she had hers done not an arguement that I wanted!
Alice we can't find someone to pierce them!
So we have to wait!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

planetnomad said...

We let Ilsa get her ears pierced at 11, instead of making her wait for her 13th bday as planned.

We let Elliot watch Lord of the Rings at 8 (after making him read the books first!), which actually meant, gulp, that the twins were only 6 when they saw them. I am still blushing to think about it.

etc etc. Parenting rarely goes as planned.

discombobulated said...

I so wanted to paint her nails pink on my visit, but I thought that might be inappropriate! I was waiting for her to ask me when she saw my pink toenails. Instead she just asked "Why are your toenails pink"?

The Gang's Momma said...

we let ladybug get her ears pierced at almost 6. previously had planned to wait till 12. but couldn't figure out just what we were waiting for?! :) so we said yes (after more than a year of asking us) for her fifth b'day and it took her almost a year to decide to go for it. on her terms. cheeky little one she is!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a lovely color selection:)

We have painted fingers and toes, but have not gone into other unchartered territories.....although ear piecing has been thought about a couple of times....can't decide if it is better to do now or later....the jury is still out on that one!!

Sharie said...

I allowed Amelia to get her ears pierced much earlier than I would have liked. My sisters kept encouraging me, and one day walking through the mall I asked and she said yes. It was NOT pleasant. Then one of her ears got crusty and we were headed to the doctor, so I took the earring out to have the doc check it. It wasn't infected, but by the time we got home 2 hours later, it had closed!
I left the other in for months thinking I could talk her into getting the 1 redone - no luck.

She still says NO WAY remembering how much it hurt when she was like 2.

Dita said...

Oh, how I LOVE this photos of Little Miss T!

So you're an ole' softee anyway, aren't you?!

All Rileyed Up said...

I allowed nail painting early on. I don't allow any other form of make up (except the occasional flavored lip gloss) and I let her brush my make up brushes over her face but she doesn't actually use the make up. I'll have to try the rainbow of colors. Bet she'll love that. Coincidentally, I was just considering taking her in for a manicure for her birthday this year (she'll be five).

Kayce said...

Great color choices!! Love that girl!

I let Big J go to a punk concert (Van's Warped Tour) when he was in 4th grade. I gave him a big ole blue mohawk and let him go with his friend and the friends parents. He had a BLAST. He brought a potato with him and carried it everywhere he went. I have no idea why he brought that potato.

I never thought I'd let him do something like that until he was at least 34 but then I remember always being told no when I was young and finding a way to do it anyway. I just thought I'd take the "seeking a way" out of it for him and just let it happen. I've not regretted it.

Heather of the EO said...

Does Scooby Doo count?

I let Miles watch it because he got a bunch of videos for Christmas. Then he acted scared so I sold them in our garage sale.

I guess I took back that rite :)