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Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey there... how've y'all been? I know I dropped off the face of the earth internet last week, but I'm back to reassure everyone that I definitely don't have the Swine Flu. This is Quite Shocking, I know, especially seeing as how there are four confirmed cases of the Swine Flu in my county.

I think people have been kissing way too many hogs around here. (That's a Redskins joke, y'all. So pretend to laugh.) Or possibly just rolling a few too many porkers down Capitol Hill. (That's a "Tonggu Momma is an idiot" joke. So you'd better NOT laugh.)

But I'm back now and chock full of stories. Our house guest Mrs. R is settling in nicely. Y'all please make her feel welcome (in other words, wave hello... I'm waiting... WAVE HELLO PLEASE... thank you).

And y'all totally have to hear this story... last Sunday our pastor's youngest daughter (age four) arrived at church looking oh-so-adorable. Her momma dressed her in the cutest little Matilda Jane dress, complete with matching socks and a bow in her hair. She wore the requisite Mary Janes on her feet. I truly wanted to capture her cuteness in a few photos, especially when I discovered - about half-way through worship time - that Little Miss Cuteness went commando to church that morning.

Oh yes, she did.

Her momma and I discovered her daughter's lack of (ahem) undergarments at the exact same moment. Oh yes, we did. While PW tried to cover up said fact, I - being me - broadcast the news to the entire congregation. It's a good thing PW loves me so much... otherwise she'd hate me.

I am a total pig.

Other than that little glimmer of (s)hineyness, it's been one long sw(h)ining week around our house. We're updating our homestudy yet again (our social worker visits Tonggu House today). And we are so very sad for all of our friends waiting to travel to China to adopt their future children. I'm sorry about Friday's latest news.

I'll be thinking of y'all. And sw(h)ining along with you.


OziMum said...


Dawn said...

*Waving from TX!!!* Hi Mrs. R!

Uh oh. Going commando at age 4 leads me to think they may have their hands full at, say, 14! LOL And the fact that you announced the situation to the entire congregation? Love it! You're my kinda gal!

Hope today goes well for you and that you do NOT have any Miss T stories afterward.


happygeek said...

I just found my three year old his wife. He often proclaims to me in his loudest voice, that he is "going 'mando today". He needs a woman that can fully participate with him.
Hello Mrs. R!
And as to the that less than delightful news
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So very sorry for everyone in the China line.

Jboo said...

How funny is that story! She'll love to hear that when she's a teen!

Sorry about the news from China and hope the delay is a short one.

Have a fun week! Waving to Mrs. R from Nebraska.


Dorsey said...

I'm totally waving from over here! =)

Yes, MANY people I know over here are going oinkers or this whole thing. My kids are just hoping our county will follow in Fort Worth's example and close school for a cpl weeks, even though I tell them its NOT going to happen! Ha!

Maybe PW is potty training the little cuteness, I know my mother said I was fine so long as I was nekkid. Ha! Though I guess her stripping down to nothing and running through the pews might have been a bit harder to explain. "She's just filled with the holy spirit?"

Marla said...

Hi Mrs. R!!! *waves*

We're swhining around here about the flu, too. No soccer, no MayFest, no nothing. :( My kids are still in school though, so far...

LOL @ the commando cutie. Good luck with the SW visit, I'm sure y'all are pros at that by now.

Have a great week!

My Baker Boys said...

I was just starting to think about leaving you a "Hey, you are totally missed" comment followed by a "get back on the bloggy wagon comment" and am relieved I now only need to leave a "welcome back and it's about time" comment instead!


day by day said...

Oh, that sounds like something that would happen around here. lol! We are always in such a rush with dressing and getting out in the a.m.

Glad you are feeling better!!!

Michelle said...

That is too funny. Not if I were her momma, but from a spectator's point-of-view, HILARIOUS!!

Yeah, we're pretty bummed around here about the H1N1 virus and its possible impact on our travel to Da Xin, but we know it's in His hands.

Wanda said...

You know you're a total nutbar.....and I love it!

(Thanks for commiserating - we're just a few days away from referral for #2...sigh.....)

Wanda (At last...)

Becky said...

Commando, huh? She'd get along with my son juuust fine. In fact, he'd run around in the nude if I let him.

Aunt LoLo said...

Commando? (Excuse me while I ponder the ways TM could have broadcast the glad tidings to an entire congregation during services. Did she use English? Did she scream out "Go neuih neuih mouh dai fu!!" or the equivalent? The mind boggles...)

All right. I'm back. Hi, Mrs. R! Welcome to the family! We'll be needing some embarassing stories, preferably involving Miss T, ASAP. Thank you for your compliance!

(Oh, and TM? Welcome back - you've been missed.)

Sherri said...

Another great story!

I love the picture you painted--and I can see how in the rush of getting ready for church in the morning, something like that would happen.

We've missed you! And HELLO! to your friend all the way from Alabama!

Carla said...

We're covered up with piggie flu goodness here too...our city alone sent in over 200 "suspected" cases this weekend. The last set of 22 netted us 7 probable cases...so 1/3 of 200 is most likely.

Going commando...at church...oh that poor PW! Sounds like something one of my kids would do, then turn flips up on the stairs leading to the pulpit during children's time.

and yeah...bad news all around for travel to China right now. Hoping it dies down soon.

HI MRS. R!!!!!!!!!

Heather of the EO said...

Hi Mrs. R! You're looking lovely!

Swine flu...stopping so many good things. Stupid swine.

I always love your jokes.

T said...

way to go bringing it to the attention of all :) we all know there's a certain comfort in freedom - and if I were 4 still I'd probably follow suit. :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very funny!
I used to teach kindergarten Sunday school and I used to see this all the time! Especially if mommy was away for the weekend and Daddy dressed them (or not) for church!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

LOL...that is really funny!! PW must have been mortified:)

Good luck with the homestudy....we aer knee deep in ours too!!


Myrnie said...

Welcome to Mrs. R! :)

Briana's Mom said...

I don't think Bri would ever go commando. She likes her princess panties too much. ;)

Too funny!

jen@odbt said...

Holla to Ms R! LOL!

That is a funny story. Gotta watch out for those little ones. They keep us on our toes.

The Source said...

So far all of the hicks in our part of the state think they're immune to Swine Flu. No school closings, no cancelled functions...heck even the nurses in the ER last night were shrugging it off. It's all ok with me, since we probably have 16 cases in the entire state. Pretty sure none of them live in my house. I only have one germ-o-phobic child freaking out every time someone sneezes withing 30 yards of him.

Too cute about the PW's little girl. Kids can pull off all sorts of embarrassing stunts! She's going to love hearing all about that one day.

Lisa and Tate said...

Going to commando at church!? Got to love a four year old sense of freedom.

Ohilda said...

We have two confirmed cases here and am paranoid about sending the little ones to school (obviously, the cases aren't at their school.)

Thanks for the laughs about the bare hiney. Too cute!!

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh that story is too funny!! It brightened my day - thanks for that. :) I am sure your homestudy visit went great. I bet you are like us an have the whole thing down to a science. I am looking forward to when those days are over. :)

discombobulated said...

Thanks for coming back!
I'll bet Mrs. R. loves experiencing Tonnginator stories firsthand.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Discombobulated, I think you must be right about that!

TM, I missed the stories about my beloved Tongginator.

Waves to Mrs. R.

Dita said...

OH, TM, you just make me laugh so darned hard my abs (under all the flubber) hurt!

You know I adore you!

Rhonda said...

Never one to conform to the whims of others, I absolutely refuse to wave to Mrs. R...I'm a rebel like that.

*waits for TM to turn her back*

HI MRS. R! *waves frantically*

Chris and Deb said...

TM....thanks for the comment. I did see the story about the other little girl from Tonggu. So very sad! We will certainly be keeping her family in our prayers!

mommy24treasures said...

I was wondering where you were!
Glad all is well.

Kayce said...

Oh how I have missed you!!! Thanks for the laugh! Glad you don't have SF :) Hugs!

Janet said...

Oh dear. Commando. My kids have done that. To church. The other weird thing they've done is wear their underwear UNDERNEATH their swimming trunks. Why? No clue. So I guess it's the opposite of commando. Sigh.

WAVING AT MRS.R! Mrs R., try to remain sane in that house.....;-)