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Monday, May 25, 2009

Meeting O'Rock... Sort Of

The Tongginator totally got to meet O'Rock Obama on Saturday. Okay... so... technically... she didn't actually get to meet him, she just saw him from a distance. Although... if you want to get REALLY technical... she didn't actually see him from a distance, but she did see the helicopter he was riding in.

Whatever... it was still cool, no matter your politics.

I've lived in or near the Washington, DC area for almost 20 years of my life. Never before have I caught even one quick glimpse of a Presidential motorcade. Which is probably a good thing. Because do you know what happens when the Presidential motorcade passes? T-R-A-F-F-I-C. This was - by far - way cooler than a Presidential motorcade.

The Tongginator's grandfather would agree. Especially since Marine One tops out Air Force One any day of the week and twice on Sunday this past Saturday. (Have I mentioned before that my daddy is a Retired Marine Officer? No? Oh... well... he is.)

I realize that this doesn't seem very cool, since y'all can pretty much watch this same scene anytime you turn on CNN. Still... it felt neat to be standing right there. Especially for Mrs. Fish, who is a HUGE (I cannot emphasize that enough) Obama fan.

Proof positive - yet again - that politics doesn't matter when it comes to Great Relationships. For those of y'all who are new around here... Tonggu House is a split house politically. Tonggu Daddy and Tonggu Momma do NOT usually agree. And I'm not saying who believes what. Because that helps keep things neutral around Our Little Tongginator. But this, of course, means that someone in our household does not agree with Mrs. Fish. Regardless, we are all one big happy family! See?

Tonggu Daddy and the Tongginator with the Fish Family Five

Although... technically... I'm not in the photo. And the Tongginator and Tonggu Daddy could totally be scowling and you wouldn't know it. But they weren't. They were smiling. Because it was a photo. And did you notice the new bling? I figured the Tongginator should have a Butterfly, for obvious reasons, but I selected a panda for Tonggu Daddy because pandas definitely love to eat and sleep; plus, they are totally easy-going, unless you provoke them, and then they become rather... er... grumpy. Not that Tonggu Daddy is like that or anything. Because I would never come out and say that.

It might make him grumpy.


The Source said...

Terrific photo! And I'm glad she got to see O'Rock's helicopter fly over. That had to be really cool and exciting for her.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oooh...yeah, no matter your politics, being that close to the country's president is PRETTY cool!!

(Oh, and I love the new bling. And...has that crystal butterfly always been in your header??! I've never seen it before. LOL)

Tonggu Grammy said...

O'Rock O'Bama was probably waving at the Tongginator and of course, the Fish Family!

And TM, you HAVE been near a presidential motorcade, only you were 5 and probably don't remember. Oh, does that mean the Tongginator may not remember when she's old, er I mean older? NOT! YOU HAVE THE PHOTOS TO PROVE IT!!!!!

Johnny said...

Saw a good long documentary on Marine One and the practice and the scheduling they have to do for this one "simple" takeoff and landing.

By the way, I did "CSI" and took the photo of the Fish family sunglases and did a reflective extraction from the snapshot and was able to assemble a composite of you.

This is you right?

(and you can scrub this later)

happygeek said...

What are pandas for but to look cute and be there when we need something to provoke?

Andrea said...

How cool that you got to see Marine One! Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog.

jen@odbt said...

That is pretty cool to see Marine One. I always wonder if the many helicopters that fly over us is O'Rocks. Cute group shot too.

Debz said...

I agree no matter the politics that would be pretty cool.
I love that she calls him O'Rock.

Debz said...

ps. speakig of youe dad, did they name their boat yet? LOL

Sarah said...

Dick Cheney's motercade, or the moments before it's arrival, made me late for class once. And no "The vice president's modercade made me late" is not a legit reason to be late to class, even if it's not your fault & you had no control over it.

I will be bringing this little factoid up IF I ever meet Cheney or anyone he associates with.

Heather of the EO said...

Relationship over politics! I'm totally with you :)

Sharie said...

Those spur of the moment special additions to a trip are the best! I remember visiting Annapolis and it just happened to be the day before graduation at the Naval Academy - we got to see the Blue Angels practicing - it was AWESOME!

Buckeroomama said...

I love how T calls the President O'Rock. :)

(Thanks so much for adding my button to your blogroll!)

Doug and Terrye said...

It's a good thing that the Secret Service didn't see you snapping all those pics. of Marine One...or did they? ;)

Terrye in FL

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh that picture beats my Christmas Ornament over the face, hands down.....you are one creative lady:)

What a great thing to see.....no matter what your political views.....glad to see you all remained one happy family:)


Michelle said...

Great pictures of the O'Rock sighting. I did my internship a block from the White House and never saw a presidential motorcade, but I have seen two elsewhere. Go figure.

Gail said...

Have never been that close to greatness...and our household is split 50/50 politically too. Made for some interesting discussion before the election.

Also love how TM calls him O'Rock. Too cute!

3 Peanuts said...

So cool. Our house is politically split usually too. These days though we are agreeing more and more and Mr. O Rock is not a fave...but still this is a cool experience I am sure.

Quirky Mom said...

Totally cool! I've been within feet of Clinton and shook hands with Gore/Hilary Clinton (all at the same event) and just the other day was a few yards away from Maria Shriver (our state's first lady)... who happened to be having her photo taken with a bunch of Apple's preschool classmates. Unfortunately for Apple, it was the pre-K class that was there and the 3 year olds were safely back at school in no danger of meeting any celebrities.

anymommy said...

So cool. And yes, I've sat in that motorcade traffic. Hideous. Worse than usual DC traffic if that is at all possible.

Briana's Mom said...

I think seeing the helicopter is pretty dang cool!

Likin' the new bling! :)

lllooorrriii said...

hey, don't worry about the politics - in Norway a prime minister was married to a prominent member of the opposition party --


I remember reading that one of her campaign slogans was something like "choose as Arne...... chose (her husband) -- choose Gro".