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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Was Blue This Week

Y'all, I really struggled this week. No question about it, I was BLUE. Now I know some of you are asking yourselves, 'why is Tonggu Momma feeling so very down?' and 'how can I pray for her?' And I have to explain that I wasn't blue as in sad... I was blue as in lips and fingernails.

As in not getting enough oxygen.

I had my first-in-a-very-long-time, probably-worst-ever asthma attack on Monday morning. Looking back, I should have realized something was wrong... oh... long about last Thursday. I felt extremely fatigued, with no other symptoms, except possibly some allergy-related congestion and drainage. By Sunday night, however, it hurt every time I inhaled. I thought perhaps I had come down with bronchitis because that's a pretty common occurrence around here. The husband and Mrs. R nagged me about calling the doctor first thing Monday morning. Yeah, sure. I told them maybe.

I pretty much hate the doctor's office.

Only when I woke up on Monday, I really struggled to breathe. Which means I didn't end up needing all of that nagging the previous night. Because, ya know, while I LOATHE going to the doctor, I will drag myself there if it's something serious. And - call me crazy - but being unable to breathe is kind of high up there on my Something Serious List. So, after a quick call to the office explaining my predicament, I went to my doctor as a walk-in. And then I waited for about 20 minutes, surrounded by sick people who looked just ghastly.

Little did I know...

When they FINALLY called my name to collect my copay, the nurse gasped a little bit and asked me to remind her why I was visiting. And that's when I told her, "umm... I'm kinda having trouble breathing. I'm an asthmatic. I was doing fine when I first came in, but I think it's getting pretty bad now. I really think I need to get hooked up to a neb." They hustled me to the back and hooked me up to a nebulizer in less than three minutes.

And of course all of the ghastly sick people sitting in the waiting room glared at me. (I totally cut in line.) Only you'd think they'd understand the whole "can't breathe" thing.

The neb seemed to help a bit, only I was still blue. And by then - being Tonggu Momma - I was pretty much hyperventilating. Because - ya know - I was BLUE. So the doctor gave me a steroid shot, which seemed to work fairly well. Only I still couldn't stop hyperventilating. My blood pressure was through the roof, so they gave me an EKG to be sure I wasn't... umm... having a heart attack or something.

I wasn't. I was just FREAKING OUT. Because - ya know - I'm me. A Blue Me.

The doctor told the nurse I needed "that second shot they talked about." After I received the second Prick of Death, I started to calm a bit. I started to breathe easier. I felt better. They gave me prescriptions for more medication than I could possibly remember to take (although I am taking them) and I left.

When I saw Mrs. R later that evening, she asked how the doctor visit went. I gave her the run-down, then sat back while she peppered me with medical questions. (Have I mentioned before that Mrs. R is a health-care professional?) I didn't know any of the answers. And I totally didn't know why they gave me two steroid shots, especially since the whole two steroid shots confused Mrs. R to no end, seeing as how one should have been enough.

When the doctor's office called the next day to make sure Blue Tonggu Momma was no longer blue, I asked them why they gave me a second steroid shot, especially since my blood pressure had been so high already. And that's when the nurse told me, "That wasn't a second steroid shot. That was Ativan."

Oh. Alright then. Well... that explains why I was finally able to calm down. Ahem.


bbmomof2boys said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better! Don't like to see anyone blue.


Jules from "The Roost" said...

Oh my word girl! Thank the Lord for good medicine! ;) I do hope you are feeling better now.

Stefanie said...

Okay. That's scary stuff. Turning blue??
Glad you're better!! We'd all be blue if anything happened to you, TM! (I know, cheesy but true!)

The Gang's Momma said...

Wow. What a story. Glad you are pinking up again. :)

Dawn said...

OMGoodness! So thankful you are okay. I don't have asthma but there have been a few times this week that I could have used an Ativan shot, too. Ha!

Be blessed, friend!

Jillene said...

That is SCARY!! Thank goodness for modern medicine and that you were in the Dr.'s office when you turned blue!! Glad that you are feeling better.

Blue said...

No, no, no! *I'm* supposed to be Blue, not you, TM! You stay peach.

And don't knock a well-timed dose of Ativan.

Beach Mama said...

Bless your heart! I would be hyperventilating too! Good thing Mrs. R is there to help you. Get some rest and let Miss T take care of what ails you!

Kayce said...

Oh goodness...I'm so glad you're okay. No more blueness!!!

Buckeroomama said...

That was scary. I'm glad to know that you are feeling better!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Bless your heart!
I'm so sorry that happened. That must have been terrifying!

My older son has sports induced asthma and I'll never forget the first time I witnessed an attack. We'd left his emergency inhaler at home (what a dumb dumb mommy) and I was driving as he stuck his head out the window, trying to get air.
I could have used some Ativan myself!

Carla said...

Oh you poor thing!!! I have asthmatic kids, and found out, IN CHINA, that I have asthma as well. Not nearly as bad as you did this week turning blue and all...but wow, the whole not being able to breathe thing.

Georgia Peach said...

ok, that was scary. really scarry.

don't do that again, ok?

Next time...stiffled breathing equals trip to the doctor. No if's, and's, or but's.

I share your aversion to the doctor. Mostly because I don't like paying people to make me feel stupid...I can do that all on my own.

take care, friend.

Dorsey said...

Glad you're feeling less blue these days. I can imagine you were a little more than panicked. =(

jen@odbt said...

Yikes! That is definitely a panicky feeling...not being able to breathe and all AND being blue. I hope you're feeling better.

mumma to many said...

Oh my!
Now please remember doctor's are our friends!
It is my mantra however I often feel that they do poke and prod too much!:)
Hugs from NZ I wish I was able to pop a meal over to you!
Ruth in NZ

Shawnstribe said...

that sounds very scary!!!!
I am so glad you are ok!!!!
Hugs from us here and like Ruth in NZ, we would have popped over too if we could : )

Wanda said...

Oh my soul - that is just terrible. And it must have been so scary. Breathing is really vital.

I can so relate. I've never had more than a cold when it comes to lung things till about 2 months ago when a cold turned weird. I, within about an hour of feeling somewhat normal, could not breath. Well, actually, I could breath, IF I wanted to feel a knife stabbing me in the back. So, of course, I stopped breathing. It came and went for a day till another horrible attack when I was on the floor, writhing and my husband called 911. It was pneumonia!! Yuk, not fun.

Do you not have a spray that you can use when you feel symtoms? (Sorry, this is so long - I should have e-mailed you.)

Glad your feeling better.

Myrnie said...

Oh my. Don't scare us like that!

(Do you remember that song from the 90's by Eiffel 75, I think? "I'm blue, dabadee dabadi..."

Glad you're back in business!

CC said...

Oh no! Big BLUE hugs to you lady!!!!!!!

Stonefox said...

I'd say breathing is pretty high up there on the priority list! I'm glad you're better and hope you don't do that again, because you freaked ME out!

Tonggu Grammy said...

Blue is not your best color,TM. Let's aim for rosy and pink --- much better colors for the mother of a princess butterfly.

Don't you remember what the Colonel says, "the secret to living is to keep breathing as long as possible." Pay attention to your dad!

Missy said...

I just love you, TM! While I am so sorry you were BLUE, only you can write this story and make me laugh! :) Glad you are back to yourself again!

Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear you are back in the land of the breathing!! I would have been hyperventaling, too!

BTW, once again, Tonggu Grammy is cracking me up. Yes, please keep breathing as long as possible. :)

Jboo said...

Oh my word -- that was scary! You take care now and follow the Doc's orders and Mrs. R's too!


Wendy said...

Good grief girl! I'm glad you are okay! BTDT and it's pretty darn scary!

Sharie said...

I have what my dooc calls situational bronchial spasms...first brought on by working too many days at a SMOKY bowling center during a fundraissing event at my last job. I never turned blue but there was a time when I was already having trouble breathing and a guy lit a cigar next to me that I almost passed out...had to stand outside in the middle of winter sucking my inhaler - fun job!
Not getting enough air is the WORST feeling in the world physically!

By the way I knew immediately that was some good old fashion anxiety med they pushed you in that second needle:)

Sherri said...

Do you think I could get some of that second shot? Because my Mother in Law has been here for 2 days and I need it.

I have asthma, too. I have had some pretty bad attacks, but I have never turned blue before! I'm glad you are okay.

Marla said...

Oh no, how did I miss this post? Bad blogger...

Anyhoo, glad you're OK now, that sounds very scary!! You take care of yourself!

prechrswife said...

I missed this, but I'm glad you are doing better. That had to have been a scary experience.

Gail said...

Somehow I missed this one too...oh TM, I'm sorry you had to go through this, how awful...and being a former health professional...Ativan is quite the wonderful med for relaxing. I had a panic attack once and my life passed before my eyes seriously.

Janet said...

Well, all I can say is, WOO HOO for Ativan! You poor thing! That must have been SO scary! I have had that twice in my life and quite frankly, if I never have it again, I will be quite happy. I would rather have a severed artery than not be able to breathe.

The Source said...

First of all I am SO sorry I missed that you were feeling so bad! Internet Explorere has been kicking me out of all blogspot blogs this week. I haven't been anle to read!

I hate that you got so sick! Asthma STINKS! I hope you weren't driving yourself around?? Because giving you Ativan without telling you? What if you'd have gotten drowsy? I'm so glad you're breathing more easily now! Prayers in retrospect.

Briana's Mom said...

I would be freaking out too if I was blue! Glad you are feeling better!

Colleen said...

I have asthma and it can be so scary. I am so sorry you had an attack : ( I'm happy you are feeling better.

mommy24treasures said...

oh I am so glad you are ok! That sounds so scary! I am glad you went in when you did. Now I have to go google ativan!