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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Kidnap This Blog...

I'd like to introduce y'all to my dear friend Red. She was a youth ministry volunteer at a church I used to work at before the husband and I married. She sang at our wedding. We are horribly incompetent godparents to several of her children. Well, y'all, she recently made the local news. And I am partially responsible.

Behold the beginnings of her notoriety.

I started The Pink Wave fundraiser when
I was the Director of Student Ministries
at a church in Virginia
from 1997 - 1999.
We raised money for youth missions trips.

Tonggu Daddy and Red with their Appalachian
Service Project (ASP) team of teens and the
family in middle Tennessee, summer 1998.

It's been ten years since those infamous days of our young adulthood. I thought we passed them by completely, but recently Red decided to go and stir up a big mess of trouble for herself. She brought back The Pink Wave at the church where she now works. And this was the result...

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself her at the moment. (Although I'm a tad jealous cuz her sign is better.) And I'd love it if y'all would check out Appalachian Service Project. It's a WONDERFUL ministry that serves the people living within my grandmother's childhood stomping grounds.

Love ya, Red!


Georgia Peach said...

Pranks with a Purpose...I love it!

Good luck Red, I hope your birds come back. And I hope this event generates lots of new interest in the Applachian Service Project. Cheers to you!

prechrswife said...

The flamingo thing is priceless. I've seen that used before as a fundraiser. In the town where we lived before we moved here, one organization used a pink potty (literally a pink toilet) for the same purpose. I think they were fundraising for breast cancer awareness, maybe Relay for Life...can't remember for sure, but it was definitely a SW Georgia take on the whole thing.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I have never seen the pink flamingos used as a fundraiser....that is a riot....maybe I could borrow them for my yard to give our neighbors a dose of their own medicine:)

Hope that the 12 get returned to Red and her congregation!!


jen@odbt said...

Fess up TM...did you kidnap the flamingos? ;)

Hope the flamingos make their way home and great PR for the Service Project.

Colleen said...

How fun!!!!! I love this!!! : )
I am so behind on checking on my blog buddies. My parents have been here for over a week and it's been crazy

Jboo said...

Very cool idea!!


Janet said...

That was a great story. I think I might have to tell our youth leader about this....what a GREAT fundraising project!

Tonggu Grammy said...

I well remember the sneaking about as we tried to plant them in each yard. We raised ALOT of $ for ASP! Good luck, Red. You've done this before and you can do it again.

Sharie said...

Several churches in our area do this and I giggle every time I drive by a house with the flamingos in the yard:)

Hope they raise lots of $$

Michelle said...

What a fun & creative fund-raiser. I hope the 12 missing flamingos get returned to their flock!

Kristin said...

Gee, I got 40 pink flamingoes in my yard when I turned 40. It totally blew away my little ones. Very funny. Never seen it as a fundraiser though. Very clever!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Love the flamingos!

happygeek said...

I keep thinking it was a April fool's thing?
If it really happened you kinda want to give the thieves the bird.

Across the Ocean Blue said...

I will take a look see!

Debz said...

OK, THAT right there is the coolest-evah-fun-fundraiser I ever did see...I love the idea of the pink toilet too! We are still doing fundraisers for our Nain Labrador trip and I'm thinking this one would be the best and most fun ever!
I do hope that Red gets her wish that they fess up and she can take them to dinner.

Jennifer said...

I e-mailed your post to the youth pastor at our church and hope he gets inspired! This is a fun idea.