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Monday, April 6, 2009

Salon Gossip, Part 1

Dear Amy's Client #2 on 4/2,

You don't know me nor are you likely to recognize me, although I did sit directly across from you for more than a half-and-hour last Thursday morning. Even if we'd actually spoken, I doubt you'd recall the conversation, as I seem to be beneath you. This is totally okay with me because I have more than my fair share of friends and loved ones.

However, I am a little concerned about how you treated Amy, our mutual hair stylist, that morning. You see, I adore Amy. She is such a kind, generous soul... who also happens to be great at her job. Plus she's real - I can talk with her about anything, covering topics from race relations to wedgies. Amy is the one who first explained that I am a member of one of THOSE families. And I always value humor and honesty. She's also been through a hard time lately, what with her recent miscarriage and subsequent separation from her husband. She really doesn't need added grief from her clients.

So... a little advice for next time... when someone cuts and styles your hair, it's typically a good idea to put down the cell phone. You know, because that person is wielding scissors - A SHARP OBJECT - very near the cell phone you seem to hold so dear. Never mind your two earlobes, your neck and the hair you appear to value so highly.

If I hadn't felt so appalled, I might have enjoyed the show, seeing as how I casually sipped my latte while observing such a Paris Hilton moment. I rarely say this about others, since I truly try to avoid judgmental thoughts, but oh, my lands I just couldn't seem to escape them. Your eye rolls, your shoulder shrugs, your condescending tone of voice... it all points to a woman with either deep-seated insecurities or a person filled to the brim with self-importance and pride.

I thought perhaps I might possibly be reacting too harshly to all I witnessed. But then... THEN I learned that you chatted on your cell phone while getting shampooed. And that, you see, is where I draw the line.

Cell Phone Lady... my dear... treat people with respect. Show consideration for others. Who knows? In this economy you may soon find yourself without a job, unable to pay for those salon appointments, worried about keeping your home and asking those "beneath you" for a paycheck.

Tonggu Momma, who knows from history class that bartenders and hair stylists very nearly thrived economically during The Great Depression


happygeek said...

There are just no words.
Cell-phone lady took them all.

Aunt LoLo said...

Hehehe....you're so funny when you're snarky!

I can't imagine talking on a phone while getting my hair done! (Then again, it's kind of a stretch for me to go get my hair done at all...but that's not the point.)

I hope you and Amy had a good laugh about it!

Jboo said...

Whoa -- who does stuff like that!! Crazy!!!


jen@odbt said...

I love chatting with my hair stylist - that's like my therapy time. Phone talking while getting shampooed?Hmm...perhaps some water should have dripped onto that ear.

Kate said...

If she could olny ever REALLY get this, right??? To see any person treated without basic respect is a HUGE pet peeve of mine...and as I make my mental list about things I want to instill in my daughter, or things I hope she accomplishes...near the top of that list...is kindness. No matter what else happens in life, if I have raised a kind, caring human being....my job as a mom has been a success.


Upstatemomof3 said...

What an awesome post!!! I cannot stand when people are talking on the phone while doing something like that. It it so rude!!!!

Angela said...

On my goodness...that was horribly rude of her. Probably a very insecure woman...goes hand in hand with pride. This was fun to read though... :-)

Dawn said...

Who would talk on the phone while getting a shampoo? That's the best part of a hair appointment - I'd pay the same price just for the shampoo! Ha!

Rude. Rude. Rude.

I think I've seen that same woman 'round these parts, too!

Be blessed!

Andrea said...

YA KNOW...You COULD copy/ email this to AMY and get her to tape it to her Station Mirror.That is what I would do.
I am from Mississippi, though...I think we are a little nastier here. ;)


Kiy said...

I agree, I think Amy would get a hoot out of this post. She sounds lovely (Amy, that is). I have always said, the hardest thing about moving isn't finding a new doctor or dentist - it's finding a great hair stylist!

I see people like that woman all the time, mainly driving. I always mumble under my breath that their time must be more important than mine. Huh. /Rolls eyes.

I can handle just about anything. Someone being rude isn't one of them.

Beach Mama said...

What if the Paris-Hilton-wanna-be lost her job and could NOT afford her beloved cell phone??? Maybe Amy should take up a collection for her so this atrocity would never happen!

Amy should have told her that she would cut her hair when she finished her telephone conversation, or she could reschedule for a time when she wasn't quite so in demand. Okay, the cattiness is starting to surface. Rude. Rude. Rude.

Oh, if you do print out a copy of your post for Amy to display, make sure you include the comments!

a little leprechaun said...

That is frightening! Amy must be extremely talented to be able to cut around a cell phone!

It amazes me at some people's rudeness.

Have a great week!

Jennifer said...

Is there really much difference between these 2 people: "a woman with either deep-seated insecurities or a person filled to the brim with self-importance and pride."

Oh and, shouldn't she have been worried about her cell phone getting wet. I sometimes tend towards passive-aggressiveness and if I were Amy, well, it might have gotten a little wet! :)

Becky said...

Seriously? That is beyond rude. Kudos to you and Amy for not kicking her in the shins... or worse.

Sharie said...

I am a self-proclaimed cell phone addict and even I maintain some standards! HELLO I can see her now - complaining that her phone was damaged when it got wet during the shampoo - REALLY?

Georgia Peach said...

oh. for. heaven's. sake.

Shut the cell up!

prechrswife said...

No words...

discombobulated said...

Not quite sure how Amy cut her hair straight. It had to have ended up crooked on one side. I wonder how she felt being treated like that.

I was just thinking how crazy we've all become with our phones. I don't like when mine rings anymore. I'm glad for it in case of an emergency, but enough is enough.

Janet said...

Wow. Amy should have died her hair purple. That would have been fun.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

While she was being shampooed???/ You are kidding me!! I have seen a lot of disrespectable people, but this one takes the cake!


Elizabeth Channel said...

Awesome, and then to throw in that history knowledge? Perfection!

I don't see how someone can talk on a cell phone while being shampooed...aren't they afraid the phone will be ruined by a water splash?

Peanut said...

How does one talk on a cell phone while having their hair washed? THAT's talent.
I can't stand being around people who think the "help" is beneath them. Unfortunately, my mom is married to one of them. And he probably does talk on his cell phone while getting his hair washed and his nails manicured.

Briana's Mom said...

Wow - that's all I can say.

LaLa said...

Wow...how did she manage all this!! Yeah, the shampoo lady should have gotten it a little wet LOL

Colleen said...

My mom was a hair stylist and I can tell you some pretty rude stories. It's not an easy job...standing on your feet all day and trying to please others.
I am not sure I could of kept my mouth shut if I had been sitting next to cell phone lady.
I turn my cell phone off when I enter the spa.

Kayce said...

You should so post that in the window at your stylists place!! My fav cell phone bobo is at the checkout line at a store that says PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE WHILE INSIDE on the front door. HELLO!?

Debz said...

Ok well first and foremost THANK YOU for being a client who can recognise things like this, I would love to have had you around when I was working so hard at building my clientele. I remember a gentleman who owned a few business's in town who used to come in an he would read the news paper with his nose nearly in the crease with elbows out to the side.....I would ask him to kindly move his elbows while I cut around his ears and the three hairs on top that lay across his forehead acting as bangs of some sort or other ;O)....Those years nearly killed me! Now that I have a salon of my own and a full clientele I don't have much of that any more.
Other than the client who insists on answering her phone after I just polished her nails!

As for your History class....thank heavens I wasn't in business during the Great Depression....stylists actually do very well if they are in the right place or own the salon....and if your clientele leave gratuities...BONUS!

Debz said...

(Sneaky smiling grin)....so while we are on the topic of rudeness and disrespect in a salon (I wouldn't dream of posting anything like this on my blog for fear the said person seen it)....allow me to rant a minute just to get this off my chest.....How about the lady who comes in to be pampered fully looking forward to falling asleep whilst I shampoo her hair and three little ones trickle in behind her....she shuts the door behind her and say's "Sorry, my sitter backed out and I REALLY need this appointment, I've been looking forward to relaxing in that shampoo chair all day"......Oh dear...Your first clue there was trouble was her fully apoligizing for what she knew was about to take place....So I wash her hair and babysit at the same time....My remedy for this? I put a sign up on my wall that simply said "I have 100% eyesight, if you bring your unattended children only 50% of it will be on you." Worked like a charm.