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Monday, April 20, 2009

Call it Divorce

I never did tell y'all how my momma's mission trip to the Philippines turned out. In short, it was wonderful and I'm hoping Tonggu Grammy will write a guest post about it soon. So as not to steal my momma's thunder (if in fact she DOES write that guest post), I thought instead that I'd share with y'all what my momma found when she arrived home.

A boat. A thirty-foot long Sea Ray to be exact.

To be fair to the Colonel (my daddy), my momma and he decided together that he would purchase the boat while she was on her trip, but they thought it might be funny to pretend that it was a surprise to everyone, including my momma.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Can't you just hear the laughter? And can you tell where I got my sense of humor?

When my daddy called to inform me of his purchase, he also asked me for name suggestions. Still thinking my momma was coming home to find the surprise of her life, I suggested the Colonel dub the boat "Divorce."

For some strange reason, he didn't care for that idea. He's requested help from y'all. Do you have any suggestions? Anything at all?

And remember, it can't be "Divorce."


happygeek said...

That is Funn-eee.
I LOVE that your parents decided to mess with y'all.
I had enough trouble naming my kids. I can't imagine trying to name a boat.

The Source said...

Not until we know what they like...do they enjoy fishing, dancing, retirement, happy hour, gardening, traveling, grandkids...give me some clue as to what they love about life.

Cause my step-dad's boat is Serenity (and that's boring) and his brother-in-law's is Little Patients (he was a pediatrician and that's cute!)

Anonymous said...

Oh that's great! Never a dull moment in the Tonggu house, huh?

My uncle named his boat TAR Baby, in part after the Briar Rabbit story, but also after his three kid's, whose's initials are T, A, and R. Maybe your parents could do something similar with the names of their kids and/or grandkids?

Thanks for your comment at my blog! I've loved your blog for quite a while, so I was thrilled to have a comment from one of my favorite bloggers!

Aunt LoLo said...

Major Pain (get it? Colonol? Major?)
Aruba Bound
Hearthland Security

How do those strike you? LOL

a Tonggu Momma said...

Source ~ they love traveling, their grandchildren, low-key gatherings with friends and my momma suffers through once-a-week Bridge to keep her parents happy, although my dad enjoys playing cards.

My mom is also really involved with her church, but my dad is not much for organized religion. Tonggu Grammy taught for almost four decades and really loves little people - my dad says he loves little ones, too, but only if they are properly cooked.

As for my dad, he used to be a basketball coach and a military aviator. Now his business card (he's still working) actually reads "Computer Scientist." He's big into reading history books and watching old war movies. He also was a triathlete for awhile, until an injury kind of forced him to stop competing.

Johnny said...

How about:

"It Can't be Divorce"

Kiy said...

Oh gal!

my dad says he loves little ones, too, but only if they are properly cookedI about fell out of my chair! I was laughing so hard, hubs had to come in to see why. I read it to him, and HE laughed (he rarely really really laughs, so extra bonus points for you today!).

As for the name of the boat ... yikes. Although, it is going to have to be something seriously funny, almost pun-like, as your dad's sense of humor sounds fantastic!

Aunt LoLo had some great ideas - AWOL and Major Pain (or something along those lines) are my fav's.

Oh, and when he decides, you are going to share it with us - yes?

Cheers, Kiy

Sharie said...

I'm thinking "Tonggu Trouble"

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your parents seem like such a hoot....and it looks like you will all be in for a great summer of boating!!

Now for the name....hmmmm...not sure....I might need to think about this one and come back. I will let you know when something comes to mind!


Dawn said...

Our boat is named Reel Fun - as we use it mostly for ocean fishing. But, the name still "fits" when we take it to the lake with the kiddos, too.

Well, right now I'd name your dad's boat "Envy" - because it's sure to be that. Or, how 'bout "Woodwork." Cause that's where all his friends and family will be coming from once they find out about this purchase! Ha!

Considering how it was purchased, a good name might be "Surprise Party."

Seriously - I'll give it some more thought and let you know if I think of something.

Sarah said...

You are not allowed to use the word "divorce" in anymore post titles. You gave me a figgin heart attack, not how I like to start a Monday, or any other day for that matter.

Kia (good enough mama) said...

Um, I'm just going to venture a guess here and wager that The Phallic Symbol wouldn't be a good name for your rents' boat? Just a guess...

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

How about "Dead Man Walking?" ;)

Tammy said...

LOL! I got nothing for the boat name. But I would like to say I hope Tonggu Grammy does a guest post about her trip!!

Janet said...

BAAAAD Colonel. Bad!

Now, on to names....

1) The Manta (because it's a Sea Ray)

2) SSALI (Sea Sick and Lovin' It)

3) The Naughty-lis (Nautilis)

4) The Boat-Mobile (Batmobile)

5) The C.O.W. (Colonel's Ocean Waverider)

I expect to see a picture on this blog with one of those names on the side of his boat. Or else.

Michelle said...

How funny! They have such a great sense of humor.

Such pressure to think of something clever. Unfortunately, I've got nothing. I'm sure you will help them think of something perfect.

prechrswife said...

There is one boat at a house close to us named "Bill Me."

Quirky Mom said...

You mean a name other than your mother's name? How about "Best Wife Ever"?

Since he's the Colonel, and he kept the purchase a secret for a while, maybe he could name it his "Secret Recipe".

Ivy said...

What a great family you have there! How about "Major Trouble, instigator, Tonga Papa, maybe I'll think of a few more!


Dawn said...

Oh... got another one! Based on his method of purchase.

"My Seacret"

Of course, the secret has to be spelled "sea"-cret, 'cause it is a boat.

The Wade's said...

I love the suggestions for AWOL and Secret Recipe. I wish I was creative enough to come up with something.

CC said...

Bwhahahaha!!!! Love YOUR name suggestions. Cuz that is what would happen if I ever returned home to a $ suck, wait, I mean "boat".

Colleen said...

LOL you guys will have fun. We love being on our boat. I wish I could help you with a name but I am still trying to name our boat LOL

Peanut said...

Didn't it come with a tag that had its name on it? Oh, is that only teddy bears? That's how things get named in our house... this momma ain't so creative. You should've seen the trouble we had naming our children when we discovered that they didn't come with tags ;)

Debz said...

.......Um...."Till Dept Do Us Part"......LOL

Dorsey said...

I found a GREAT site for you!!!


There's TONS of boat names, and all categorized too! I took the liberty of picking out a few of my faves. hehe

1. Which craft?
2. Seize the Bay
3. Flood Insurance
4. Ship Faced
5. Tip-Sea

Mary said...

Ahhh...to own a boat...
The happiest day is the day you buy your boat. The second happiest day is the day you SELL your boat! LOL We sold our last boat about one month after we came home from China with Miss Congeniality, Livie, who SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER the 1st and last time out on the boat. Sigh... Hopefully there will be another boat in our future (probably a year+ down the road when our youngest is at least 4-5).
Our last boat was "The Meating Place", since hubby is a meat broker.
I like the idea of Major Pain and AWOL (I think AWAL is my absolute favorite!). Of course there is "R & R" and since he was military airwing perhaps "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"?! LOL "Takin' Leave" is another idea as is my dad's favorite phrase, "Covering My Six". And lastly, "Uncle Sam". Oh, the choices are endless!

Anonymous said...

Is the boat named yet?