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Friday, April 3, 2009

Boring Bullets (without actual bullets)

1) I refuse to talk about my progress (or the lack thereof) in my Quest for Fitness. Yes, I HAVE exercised. A bit. Like, I walked from the hair salon to the coffee shop all the way across the strip mall yesterday. Oh, I also did some exercises last night, in between my trips to the refrigerator. I have come to learn that I possess Absolutely No Will Power. Especially when it's raining.

And it's been raining here ALL WEEK. Or mostly, anyways. Like, for maybe two or three days.

After Wednesday's picture, many of you don't believe I NEED to lose weight. I'll admit... I used to be a tall - five foot, eight inches - skinny minnie. The kind y'all hate to love. (Or is it love to hate?) Regardless, these past two years I've gone from 138 pounds to 162 pounds. I am blessed that it's evenly distributed, but that's still a gain of almost 25 pounds in two years. And if that's not scary, I don't know what is.

Must. Motivate. Self.

I think someone may need to chase after me with a knife to get me moving. Or possible point a loaded gun in my direction. Any takers? Special K? Anyone?

2) My trip to the hair salon yesterday? HYSTERICAL. I have enough blog fodder for at least two, possibly three posts. Be on the look-out next week.

3) Two very kind ladies, unaware of my But(t) Award, recently gifted me with some very sweet awards. And you know what, y'all? I've been secretly pouting these past few months (except for one particular week) because I'm contrary. I must confess that I gasp! missed this little bit of bloggy goodness. Call me a hypocrite, call me obnoxious, call me a wimp, but I'm accepting these awards, thanking the beautiful (and expecting any day now!) Lanxi of Chinese Take-Away as well as the uber-organized Emilie of Baby Loving Mama and avoiding any mention of my ahem But(t) Award. (Pam took hers down ages ago anyway. Don't think I didn't know.) Anyways, here are the bits of bloggy goodness:

Despite my Extreme Joy, I cannot pass along these gorgeous awards. My ulcer seriously can't take it. Because I love ALL y'all. I seriously do. Especially Lanxi and Emilie.

4) The Tongginator? Has embraced the Salsa in China Fashion Friday Challenge. In a BIG WAY. Case in point:

One can only assume that she covered her face in abject shame due to her improper mixing of floral fabrics on Wednesday. But, if THAT weren't enough, the Tongginator again committed a floral faux pas when she arrived home Friday afternoon sporting this:

Still, she's getting into the fashion spirit of things, most probably because of our soon-to-be-famous goddaughter Mink. I'm thinking the Tongginator wants to follow in Mink's footsteps, possibly even becoming America's Next Top Model. What do y'all think?

And no, I didn't coach her. If you knew me at all, or met the Tongginator even once, you wouldn't have to ask that.


The Source said...

She cracks me up! So much personality! I think she's got a cutting-edge fashion sense going on there, mom.

If I come up there and chase you away from the fridge, do you think it'll help me get some poundage off, too?

Can you do me a favor and send me about half of that head full of gorgeous thick hair she has?? Cause Darling Daughter has about 1/16 that much on her entire head. Of course, it's blond and curly instead of dark and shiny, but no one will notice...right?

bbmomof2boys said...

Oh come on!! Love the flowers! They look like lilacs? Hard to tell from the picture. My parents used to have a purple lilac tree right outside their back door. I loved that tree!

Yeah - its hard to tell you need to lose weight. Since I've been working from home I've gained about 15 lbs - and its killing me - yet I too can't seem to get motivated to get off my butt!

Side note - not too shabby of a job on her part - seems you are getting better in your old age! :)


happygeek said...

Love miss T's fashion friday outfit.
I did the challenge this week with the boys. It's not quite the same with boys. They picked what I would. Can't say that makes me sad.

Beverlydru said...

I came by from Linda's to say "You Go Girl!" Glad to meet a fellow challengette.

Buckeroomama said...

Gotta love a little girl with a big personality! :)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

OK, I will NOT be showing Josie these pictures... no need for her to realize she can put flowers in her hair AND leave the house! LOL!

Wow, the Tongginator has some THICK hair!!! I've noticed it before, but man it's thick!!! (Josie probably only has 1/5 of that!) And she's looking tall in these pictures - maybe it's just an illusion.

M3 said...

Whoohooooo, the fashion is divine. Love her style!

PS: Big hug on the weight gain, mine has been heading upward lately (huge surge in the last few months) and it is bugging the crap out of me.

Donna said...

She looks divine! Love that little flippy-pigtail too!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Ruth said...

Love all the flowers :-)

Jboo said...

Love a girl with her own sense of style!


The Byrd's Nest said...

I DO know that you didn't coach her and I love her sassiness! (Is that a word?)

I feel your pain on your weight...I am only 5' tall and have always weighed around 110 pounds and the last few years I have crept all the way up to 135! I have absolutely NO will power and if I tell myself I am cutting back or cutting out something I want it even more....maybe I will get a parasite or something in Mexico!! LOL....just kidding!

Gail said...

I hear ya on the weight stuff. I lost 12 lbs. in China last summer and of course have gained it all back plus a wee bit more. I have not a molecule of will power and I honestly think it's getting worse as I get older.

Love the Tongginator's fashion choices, she's got an awesome sense of style.

Have a great weekend TM!

DawnS said...

I'm learning to love the adorableness of the mixed pattern attire - yes it's true, I am truly comming to appreciate this look because dang if she doesn't look cute!

As for the weight - ugh! If I could go to China every year I might be skinny again, because I lost so much weight there. Maybe I should stick to Chinese food, or maybe it was the stress... hmmm... for now I just have to enjoy the fact that in blog land I'm skinny - really skinny y'all!!! AND so are all of you or "all y'all" as we say round these parts :)

Suzie said...

She is definitely stylin' with all those floral patterns!!

I hear you on the weight gain. I DO exercise and still can't seem to drop a pound. I've come to except that I will never be super model skinny on the ouside (but always in my dreams)

Carolina Mama said...

She is so cute and those flowers in her hair. It is fun to get caught up on little girls here with Tongginator.

Aunt LoLo said...

I think our daughters were separated at birth. Maybe they're cousins! LOL

And I see NOTHING wrong with a few cherry blossoms in the hair! My DC-dwelling little brother tells me the cherry blossoms are out in-force right now. Ours have yet to spring here...but I am looking at an enormous tree covered with tiny red buds right now. Any day now!

Briana's Mom said...

I need to get back on the exercise train - badly. I am so busy with Briana that I am always too drained and not interested in exercising.

I like Tongginator's floral fashion style. It fits her personality! Definitely not boring! LOL!

Emilie said...

Thanks for accepting my Kreative Blogger Award. Does this mean now that I don't need to display the Butt award on my blog???? Because I'm kind of thinking I want to. It certainly draws your attention and makes for something extra interesting to hang out on my sidebar with other not so very interesting buttons. And I'm seriously laughing hysterically at your use of uber-organized as an adjective to describe me. Seriously, I think I need to tape that to my refridgerator so that every time the dear hubby goes into the fridge he can be reminded that SOMEBODY thinks I'm organized even if he isn't one of them. Then he can be thinking nice organization thoughts about me and ignoring the leaning tower of mail sitting nearby on our microwave that is ready to finally topple over when a stack of mail that is just the right size and weight is placed on top. (I do have a few things, like toys that I am really organized with though. I'm not sure if that enough for the uber to be in front of organized though. Hmm...maybe I'll make earning that a goal?) And I love the picture of your daughter. I swear I have a picture of myself at around six years old with almost that exact same pose, except with a front view. :)

Heather of the EO said...

I totally feel ya on the exercise thing. I'm bound to improve when the weather does. It's the weather's fault, NOT MINE.

The Tongginator is such a hoot! Gotta love her! Gotta!

Dawn said...

I especially love her choice of shoes and the scrunched down socks. It's all about the details that make the ensemble, ya know! *snort*


(Notice I'm not even mentioning weight and exercise issues.)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love her mix of floral prints for Fashion Photo Friday....she is such a trendy gal:)

Hope you can find the motivation and Special K does not need to get her gun involved!!

Hsppy Friday....and I can't wait to read next weeks posts....sounds like we are in for some fun.


Myrnie said...

Congrats on your well-deserved bloggy bling. Affirmation always feels so nice :o)

Tongginator's outfit is just divine :) We once ran into a co-worker's family at Costco. Here are his 3 daughters, all dressed in matching little Christmas sweaters. And here's Ernie, wearing a knit dress, leggings, pink camo galoshes, and a tutu, with a purse slung over her shoulder. I couldn't have been prouder :)

Good luck in your fitness challenge!!!

Lisa~~ said...

I have to say that Tongginator's outfit is lovely compared to what my Maisie and her Baba put together when I wasn't around. Congrats on your awards and good luck with your fitness challenge.

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Let me just say, I'd kill someone to be uner 170!!

Janet said...

That is QUITE the outfit. QUITE. Love it. The second one isn't so bad at all.

As for the hair salon....I can't wait to hear that one....:-)

Kayce said...

I'm with ya on the weight crap! Why can't we be like we were in the high school days...eating french fries with ranch all night long and maybe a few slices of pizza with all the bread sticks you could manage. AHHHH the good ole days! I'm slowly gaining back my 40 lbs that I lost...up 22. ARGH!! I HATE my relationship with my elliptical!

Sharie said...

LOVE her attitude!! Of course I don't have to live with it:)

Kia (Good Enough Mama) said...

As for the fitness, I'd be willing to come and whack your knees with a stick. Would that help? See, it's probably the highest part of you my short self could reach...

I LOVE T's fashion sense. She looks way hawter than Paris ever will. :)

mommy24treasures said...

she is a cutie in her flower outfits, fashion no no'sor not:)
She can pull it off.

CC said...

I guess I'm way behind in the un-trends. What is the floral faux-pas? Wearing flowers in her hair?

No Mother Earth said...

Why don't you join a Running Room type thing? I find it helps to:

a) have a goal "race"
b) have paid good money in advance
c) have people to chat with who expect you there.

Colleen said...

Love the fashion!!!! Work it girl!!! I see a future model : )

Patty O. said...

I love the pictures. And I can totally relate to your lack of motivation. I have no motivation when it rains too. Or when it snows, or is partly cloudy. Sunny days are hard as well, come to think of it.... I am thinking this is the week to start watching my calories and trying to get the last bit of pregnancy weight off and then all the extra weight I gained BEFORE I got pregnant. Sigh. Maybe we should start a support group.

anymommy said...

I want a pair of those socks!! Wish I could help on the motivation...I eat ice cream when I blog. Terrible.

Dita said...

Well, thanks to you I am on the 30 x 5 or whatever ya call it. I have been doing it but quite angrily...until it's done...and then that frown is turned upside down. I have about 10 pounds on you now but I'm a shorty so it really isn't pretty.

I was hoping for your but(t)award. Apparently someone is getting soft in her old age.

Debz said...

What a little diva!
I like her topsie pokie tails!

I"ll chase ya around the block to perhaps shed a few pounds of my own! At least yours is evenly distributed...I was wearing coveralls one day and a client came up to me at the store and put her hand on my belly and asked when I was due!!! I kid you not.....that was about 3 years ago....hummmm, haven't seen her since.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Amazing! Love how the pants are pulled up to accentuate the socks. SO much more fashionable!