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Monday, March 23, 2009

U of H, Here She Comes

March Madness consumed us this weekend, mostly because the husband continues to suffer from The Dreaded Plague (also known as influenza) and I'm still in recovery mode. The Tongginator seemed annoyed because we totally ignored her fascinated with all things basketball. In truth, she expressed more interest in the snacks we consumed. Oh, and the cheerleaders... of course.

She spent almost all of Sunday standing in between us and the television, attempting to capture our attention. We are Terrible Parents, y'all. But only when we are sick. And for two weeks each March. Oh, and during the Olympics.

It was all worth it, however, because the Tongginator learned a New Word - MASCOT. (Aren't you proud, CC? We introduced New Vocabulary. Ignore the whole TV part of it.) The Tongginator felt quite intrigued by the many mascots she glimpsed. She peppered us with questions about these cartoon-like creatures, wondering aloud why they looked the way they looked.

And y'all, we didn't always have an answer.

First off, there's Otto the Orange from Syracuse University. Perhaps it's just me, but all I can think of when I see this mascot is the Fruit of the Loom guys. Remember those lovable underwear guys who appeared in public wearing tights, singing songs that no person should ever have to listen to? Otto the Orange totally reminds me of them. So... IS it just me? Or do y'all also wait with baited breath for the Grape Twins, Leaf and Apple to follow along behind dear Otto?

photo courtesy of jankm on Flickr

Next there is Brutus the Buckeye from Ohio State. Now I know that several of y'all hail from Ohio. And I'm truly sorry I'm making fun of such a beloved mascot. But come ON... how can I not? I mean, just LOOK at him!

Seriously, have you ever seen an odder mascot? He's a NUT. What's he going to do - fall on people and knock them out? Does he expect the other team to have players with tree nut allergies? Or is he a fake buckeye, tempting the opposing team with tons and tons of candy so that they crash after a sugar high?

photo courtesy of Davey..'s on Flickr

Then there are the Dynamic Duo: Western Kentucky's Big Red and Xavier University's The Blue Blob. Do I really even NEED to comment? Please say yes. Please say yes. Well, I'm going to anyway because I can't seem to help myself.

Big Red looks like the Kool-Aid Man after gastric bypass surgery and The Blue Blob looks like my a dad's attempt at a Sesame Street character Halloween costume.

photo on left courtesy of yepyepimages on Flickr
photo on right courtesy of a friend

Finally - and I feel terrible about this - but I must include my sister's alma mater Purdue University. Because Purdue Pete is just plain scary. Truly, truly scary.

It doesn't help that I once visited my sister during a Purdue homecoming weekend oh, so long ago. The engineering honors fraternity created a mechanized float that had Purdue Pete hitting the opposing team's mascot with a sledgehammer. Each time Purdue Pete bludgeoned the poor guy, he whimpered, "Ow, stop it, Pete! That hurts." My sister lived on the parade route, y'all. And I heard that phrase about a million times in two days. I still have nightmares.

photo courtesy of gkrozel on Flickr

I asked the Tongginator which mascot she'd prefer as her college's representative. She didn't like any of the options available, telling me, "I want to have a Princess mascot. Or a colorful rainbow. Because I like those."

Looks like we'll be shelling out money to the University of Hawaii in about fifteen years... unless someone knows of a college with a future queen for a mascot.


bbmomof2boys said...

I can't believe you have issues with Otto!! Well, maybe not issues but definitely problems! Maybe its with all mascots? Poor Otto - you called him out! How's he going to defend himself? He's just an orange!! Is it oranges? Is that it? You don't like oranges because you can't find a ryhme to them?

Go SU!!


happygeek said...

I'm with T. What every sports team needs is a princess. Can't you see it? She could use her tiara to direct the wave.
I think that girl is onto something.

Dita said...

Hilarious, as always...thanks for putting a bit of spring in my step for a MONDAY!

The Source said...

Laughing too hard at the Kool Aid man post-op. You're crazy.

I know they're not basketball big shots, but to me one of the funniest mascots is the goat from the Naval Academy. What's scary or intimidating or even COOL about a goat??

Ada said...

I think UH canned the rainbow.

Go Canes!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I too had to blog about mascot weirdness!
Maybe it's because my high school mascot was a capitol dome. How lame is that?!
Love this post!

Aunt LoLo said...

I'm just glad MY mascot didn't make the cut. We were the Huskies. And it was great..until Nike got the contract a few years ago, and the Huskie started looking like a weasel. (I guess that's what happens when you draw a dog AROUND the Nike swoosh!)

Oh, and our mascot had real fur, four legs and ate Kibbles n' Bits for dinner. LOL

Seriously, though? That Pete dude? F.R.E.A.K.Y.

Andrea said...

Ouch about Brutus! We love the Buckeyes here. We also had a mascot weekend. Show T my blog and ask her about Gapper. Hope you all recover soon.

Go Muskies!

Kiy said...

We don't do basketball - actually, hubby doesn't get watching sport at all. Not even the Olympics (yeah, I know, un-American!). But this post made me laugh and laugh.

"Kool-Aid Man after gastric bypass surgery." Oh gal, seriously, I just about fell out of my chair laughing so hard!

Good luck to the T with that princess thing. But then, if anyone could pull off a school changing to the princess theme, it would be T.


Misty said...

this was pretty funny. i've always had a problem w/ weird mascots (corn huskers-scary? buckeyes-not so much!), but i also get tired of all the same colors. why does everyone have to be some variatin on red? sheesh.
we've been enjoying the madness, too. bear got his own basketball, which he can't even pronounce, but that's been fun, at least when i'm not doing damage control!
i think a princess mascot would be fun--here's hoping the tongginator always wants princesses, eh? :)

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I must say, I am truly, truly hurt...I..sniff, sniff, graduated from OHIO STATE!!! (I agree Brutus is a little freaky.) And I LIVE about a mile from Xavier. My husband got his graduate degree from there. AND the Blob is pretty ridiculous. Especially since they are the Xavier MUSKETEERS! HUH?? Anyway, I got quite the giggle out of this!!

Jillene said...

Prudue Pete gives me the creeps!!

prechrswife said...

I've always thought the Western Kentucky mascot was a little odd. They were in our conference when I was in college, and we would spend time looking at it and debating, "What is that thing?" My alma-mater has since changed conferences, but WKU's mascot is still funny-looking. :-)

Sharie said...

Considering my life has so little sports in it that I've actually NEVER seen ANY of these mascots I don't know that I have room for comment...all I can say is that I am dying over the Kool-Aid Man comment!

mumma to many said...

Very cute we only have Rugby mascots here!
And that is a brutal sport however both my girls love doing the haka!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

The Byrd's Nest said...

TV is AWESOME when you are sick and it doesn't make you bad parents! I feel so terrible that you are so ill.....wish I lived closer to bring you some food or something. Praying you feel better soon.

Kristy said...

This post cracked me up !! When you were talking about the Buckeye you had me rolling!!

Love, Kristy

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I agree...Purdue Pete is pretty darn scary!!

Of course she wants to be a princess mascot.....with wings:)


PS...Can't believe you all still have the nasty virus running through your house.....hang in there!!

Heather of the EO said...

Mascots (and other costumed grown men/women) totally freak my boys out. They just keep backing up and backing up when they're approached by say a large moose like they were this last weekend. I thought for sure the tears were coming, but they were very brave and just hid behind my legs. Can you imagine looking up at a huge furry animal walking on two legs? Scary!

Michelle said...

Poor Brutus. ;(

OK, even this Buckeye got a good laugh out of that one!

CC said...

Mighty proud am I. Mighty proud.

Gail said...

I laughed so hard at this post TM...probably because I so agree that Purdue Pete is scary looking and I can say that because I'm also a Purdue alum. So is dh. I think most mascots are rather strange and scary.