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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Linkage

As always, I don't necessarily agree or disagree with these links, but I believe they are important to consider. For those of you new around here, I'm an adoptive momma. Each Sunday I try to post links relevant to the China- adoptive community. I read some of these linked posts while nodding my head in agreement... others stretch my mind as I seek to understand. Always, always, I consider them.

Talking About Adoption is Hard, Part 1
-- adoptive momma (China) Mary-Mia at Do They Have Salsa In China?... discovering it's difficult to find the right words sometimes (be SURE to read the comments here)

Should "Going Home Barbie" go to more homes? -- Maria DiDanieli at International Adoption News... the controversy that surrounds the Barbie that adoptive parents receive at the White Swan Hotel [HAT TIP to adult adoptee (Korea) Kim Jai Ran at Harlow's Monkey]

Becoming Mommy -- adoptive momma (China) Rebecca at beloved... a vulnerable post about her journey as a new adoptive mom

Do-Gooder Alert: Should Bristol Palin's Baby Have Been Put Up For Adoption? -- first mother Marley Greiner at The Daily Bastardette... her opinion about a recent post written by Stephen Waldman, editor of BeliefNet, in reference to Bristol Palin's recent breakup with Levi Johnson

It still haunts me -- adoptive momma (China) Carla at Life With Katie-bug... remembering her daughter's grief during their first weeks together

Being a Girl -- adult adoptee (older child, domestic) and adoptive momma (China) Meredith Teagarden at The Days of You... on growing up inside of or outside of an adoptive family's circle

Social Studies -- adoptive momma (China) Carrie at Jiaozi... talking about Asian-American stereotypes with her daughter

GMA To Follow Family In Reunion
-- adult adoptee (domestic) Peach at Neither Here Nor There... Good Morning America will follow a family returning to Samoa to reunite their child with her first family after learning that their adoption was unethical in the first place

All in the Family: Adoption Comes Home to China
-- reporter Jane Lanhee Lee Naville at The Wall Street Journal... domestic adoption is growing in popularity within China [HAT TIP to adult adoptee (Korea) Kim Jai Ran at Harlow's Monkey]

Talking Attachment by Tracey -- adoptive momma (China) Tracy at An-Ya... why she believes more people don't talk openly about attachment issues


Rebecca said...

I am praying for your family! Hope you all are feeling better soon - such a good verse to remember during this time!

Beck said...

Bristol Palin is the same age that my husband's mother was - I think that adoption is a very private decision.
Really interesting links!

mama d said...

Ooh, feel better soon!

And: Not sure if we were the only ones, of if it was because we were adopting an older boy. But, we didn't get a Barbie at the WS this past February. Bummer, too, 'cause the eBay proceeds were going to help pay for the WS!

Jboo said...

Thanks for posting these links -- I will definitely check them out!


discombobulated said...

Still faithfully posting every Sunday, even when you have the flu. Thanks and feel better. Hugs to Butterfly Girl.

Colleen said...

Love Sunday links!!! Thanks for doing this : )

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Great links - thanks for posting them!

The Source said...

Loved these links. The one about Owen and his mommy...that just about broke my heart! Those of us who've never adopted have no idea what families go through.

Diane said...

Thank you for linking to our blog An-Ya so I could track back and find yours! Love the links and I was so inspired that our blog topic this week will be our fave adoption resource sites. Have fun at your 'party'!